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Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management(CRM) solution that helps build strong bonds between companies & customers. Its in-built CRM platform gives a wide-angle view of every customer across all departments in your business- Sales, Marketing, Commerce & Service.

Salesforce Survey Integration: Use Cases

With Salesforce survey integration, capture & enrich leads, collect valuable insights from customers, and facilitate effective marketing strategies to boost sales and revenue. Conquer every touchpoint of the customer lifecycle, and empower your business with Salesforce integration with SurveySparrow.

Enrich leads to improve data quality

Map survey responses to fields in Salesforce, and enrich your lead information with actionable feedback received from potential customers. Take the necessary measures to transform those leads into customers and enrich your overall customer relationship management process, using Salesforce survey integration.

Measure NPS & CSAT & automate it

Gauge your customers for feedback at the right time with Salesforce survey integration. Use the NPS Automate Schedule feature to send NPS surveys to your customers at regular intervals. Use recurring surveys to keep a consistent check on customer pulse. Collect valuable feedback, and understand key insights to improve your business, with Salesforce integration with SurveySparrow. Integrate & Automate everything.

Import Salesforce contacts swiftly

Import your contacts directly from Salesforce with just a few clicks. Send surveys to your contacts, map their responses to contact fields, and update contact information on the go, with Salesforce survey integration.

Analyze sales process & boost revenue

Analyze survey responses from customers & leads to understand sales opportunities better, and steer your strategies for boosting revenues and referrals. Improve your NPS and CSAT numbers efficiently and nurture with regular follow-ups using Salesforce survey integration!

How to set up your Salesforce Survey Integration


Connect your SurveySparrow account with Salesforce.

Step 1: After creating your survey, navigate to Integrate > Integrations.

Step 2: Select Salesforce from the Integrations list.

Step 3: You can now map the Salesforce fields to your survey questions or variables. By doing this, you can directly add details like name, email, phone number, etc. into your Salesforce account.

Step 4: Click on New Mapping.

Step 5: You can either update an existing entry or create a new one.

Step 6: Click on Save when you’re done.

Step 7: When a respondent completes a survey, the respective field values get added directly to your Salesforce account.

Step 8: Share your survey and test the connection.