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Proactive Customer Service Techniques to Transform Your Customer Experience

Customer Experience

36 minutes

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As customer expectations rise and digital channels expand, it’s vital to stay one step ahead of the game, always!

It’s simple.

Your customers can choose you, or over you. So how is that you dodge such bullets, beat your competitors, and win customers’ hearts?

Be a part of our webinar and get all your questions answered. Here, Adrian will walk you through different business case studies and show how proactive customer service can take your customer experience to another league, entirely. He’ll also cover how employee collaboration and cooperation can truly create break-through performances.


Key Highlights

  • Demonstration of business cases
  • Customer Experience transformation across the customer lifecycle
  • How to collaborate and work together to create truly break-through improvements
  • ‘Ask the Expert ‘ Q&A session
Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe

Customer Experience Expert

Adrian is a thought leader who helps organizations of all sizes to deliver better customer service & experiences. He’s also a best-selling author, Forbes contributor, blogger, podcaster, frequent conference speaker, and panel participant.

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