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What an ex-rockbander can teach about Rockstar Customer Experience.

Customer Experience

30 minutes

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We can all agree to this- Customer Experience, the best kind, is an art. So why pass the chance when you can learn it from a Master?

Join us and take your Customer Experience to the Rockstar level.

In this webinar, Customer Experience Rockstar & Amazon Prime Host (This Week In CX), James Dodkins shares stories, ideas, frameworks and mindsets that will turn your customers into brand ambassadors.


Key Highlights

  • 4 Principles for a Rockstar in Customer Experience
  • Framework to turn your customer experience to a whole new level
  • How to create super-fans for your brand
  • ‘Ask the Expert ‘ Q&A session
James Dodkins

James Dodkins

Founder, Rockstar CX

James is one of the world's leading customer-centric experts, Host of Amazon Prime’s ‘This Week In CX’, International Keynote Speaker, and the author of the no. 1 bestseller- ‘136 Ideas For Rockstar Employee Engagement’.

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