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Failing to attract and retain customers? Understand what you are missing.

Customer Experience

58 minutes

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Customers can make or break your company. Yes, you know it, we know it and so does the entire world. But why is it so difficult for businesses to attract new customers and retain the existing ones? Maybe you are missing something really crucial.

According to Gartner's statistics, 80% of your company's revenue comes from just 20% of your existing customers. So is your brand not appealing or is it the features not interesting anymore, or is it the pricing that is turning away your customers both new and old?

Join our webinar as we speak with Gordon Tredgold about some of the crucial elements that can add stickiness to your brand and keep your customer numbers growing.


Key Highlights

  • Primary reasons why businesses fail & how to avoid them.
  • Adopting the FAST approach to drive customer success with industry-specific use cases
  • Free e-book on FAST for every attendee
  • 'Ask the Expert ' Q&A session
  • Contest & prizes for successful participants
Gordon Tredgold

Gordon Tredgold

CEO, Leadership Principles LLC

Gordon is a business, IT transformation expert, and an International Keynote Speaker recognized by Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker.

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