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White-label your surveys

Customize surveys to reflect your brand. Configure URLs with your unique domain and pixel-perfect the appearance with CSS.

Typeform doesn't offer white-labelling feature to brand your surveys.
Typeform without white-labelled forms

Typeform’s lack of white-labeling option

Typeform only lets you tweak survey URLs with URL shorteners and when it comes to design options, you can only personalize with themes(that means no CSS).

SurveySparrow becomes the best Typeform alternative when it comes to white-labelling surveys.
SurveySparrow's white-label feature to brand surveys

SurveySparrow’s defined approach

Surveys with this slick Typeform alternative carries your domain name in the URLs. And you can even code your surveys to perfection with CSS customization abilities.

Why it

  • Let your surveys voice your brand
  • Establish trust with respondents by proving authenticity
  • Promote your brand in every way

Built-in email share

Share surveys with your audience via emails. Embed the very first question to give them a sneak peek. Get answers, trouble-free.

Typeform is yet to let users embed code into popular email platforms like Gmail.
Typeform's basic in-built email option

Typeform’s crude email share

Typeform’s email share displays the survey URL to your audience. And the option to include the first question within the email is yet to catch up to popular email platforms.

SurveySparrow helps users share email surveys easily and embed code in any email platform, making it the best Typeform Alternative.
SurveySparrow's robust built-in email share

Well-organized SurveySparrow emails

Create with configurable email survey template that allows you to customize messages, subject lines, and email address. Ensure your surveys always land in the inbox, and keep it out of spam.

Why it

  • Leverage the power of emails as it continues to be the relevant channel for communication
  • Ensures greater open rates
  • Reach out to mass audience at one go, and also engage with your audience.

Recurring Surveys

A machine can take over any tasks that need little supervision. Do the same with your periodic feedback surveys with the best Typeform alternative.

With no recurring surveys comes a lot of work and this is why a Typeform alternative like SurveySparrow must be considered.
Typeform's manual mode of sharing surveys

Typeform’s manual mode

Typeform’s old-school technique lets you personally administer periodic surveys. All the time.

Schedule and send recurring pulse surveys to your audience with SurveySparrow's recurring surveys.
Automate feedback with SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow’s automation route

Schedule and share the surveys you wish to send out regularly, automatically. Completely configurable to the T - set the date, time, day, and even the frequency.

Why it

  • Avoid performing time-consuming tasks manually when it can be automated.
  • Save your time by focusing on tasks that really need your attention.
  • Allocate your resources optimally.

Detailed Reports & Analysis Module

Data collection serves the purpose of getting actionable insights and informative reports that give the complete story.

Typeform provides only basic reports to users.
Typeform with meagre reports

Typeform’s lackluster reports

Typeform lists the survey responses neatly. That’s about it. What if you want to filter specific responses and study it? You’ll need a Typeform alternative.

SurveySparrow's detailed reports makes it the best Typeform alternative to get actionable insights.
SurveySparrow's actionable reports

SurveySparrow’s comprehensive analysis

Want to get specifics of a question? Compare responses? View the stats as pie-charts, bar graphs, and histograms? SurveySparrow has all you need for granular reports.

Why it

  • Get rich insights from survey responses
  • Take actionable measures to improve
  • Identify opportunities, overcome challenges, resolve issues.

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