Why SurveySparrow over Typeform?

Hi there! Browsing through the best Typeform alternatives? You sure are in the right place. We were just telling Shawn the same when he asked why he should make the switch. Glad you could make it as well. But before that. Typeform has been around since 2012, and they have a pivotal place of their own in the survey domain when it comes to design. And, for this, we’d love to give them a quick shoutout. :)

With that said, if you’re here to evaluate us as a Typeform alternative, or simply looking for an alternative to Typeform, let us tell you one thing. You’re already one step closer to creating & running experience management programs that win you customer hearts and not just deals. So, let’s evaluate SurveySparrow vs Typeform.

Before we get into SurveySparrow vs Typeform, here's an educative video to help you make a meaningful decision. Are you asking the right questions? The Enterprise market alone loses around 60 billion USD owing to software failures. Ask right. Choose right.

A Quick Comparison

360° AssessmentYESNO
Automated WorkflowsYESNO
Email ShareYESNO
Contact ManagementYESNO
Custom ReportsYESNO
Executive DashboardYESNO
Case ManagementYESNO
Offline SurveysYESNO


Starting price$19$35
Basic vs. Essentials1000 Responses/ Month100 Responses/ Month
Basic vs. Essentials100k Responses/ Month10k Responses/ Month

Ranked G2’s #1 Fastest-Growing Product, 2020.

Not to brag or anything. Here are the client testimonials in G2 about the SurveySparrow vs Typeform.

SurveySparrow is one of the most rapidly growing experience management platform, & is ranked #1 as the fastest growing product in G2

10 Reasons to Switch to a Typeform alternative

We’ll list them out. Alongside, you’ll know why it would be beneficial for you to opt for a Typeform alternative that can do more than just surveys.

Brand Identity matters to you

White-label, not just a survey. Customize everything to reflect your brand.

  • Configure URLs with your unique domain
  • Pixel-perfect the end-user survey appearance with CSS
  • Add your own Email ID to share surveys
  • Customize your Email Surveys; the subject, body, everything!
  • Add brand logo, color palette, font.
Why it Matters
  • People find it a bit hard to trust a 3rd party at a pivotal customer touchpoint
  • White-label & establish trust with respondents by proving authenticity
  • Make use of all opportunities for promoting your brand
SurveySparrow offers more intuitive features than Typeform.

Omni-channel data collection

Collect data from multiple channels. Capture & study in a unified manner, on your reporting module.

  • Email surveys with Recurring feature to automate
  • SMS surveys, fully configurable. Get higher open rates
  • In-built social share for Facebook & Twitter
  • Multiple, unique trackable weblinks
  • No-code Embedding. Deploy as a chatbot for website
  • Bot for Slack & MS Teams
  • Email embed on popular email marketing tools
  • Scannable QR codes for swift access
  • Mobile SDK for a seamless experience
Collect data from multiple channels to capture & study all the information in a unified manner, on your reporting module.
Why it Matters
  • Waste time & struggle with data from multi-channels
  • Analyze omnichannel performance. Use the best performing channel for your data collection process

Contacts Management & Segmentation

Sort, segment, and manage your contacts effortlessly.

  • Import an entire database even with quick CSV, Excel Contact Import
  • App-specific Import from your everyday tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Contacts, Intercom
  • Smart lists/Dynamic Contact list
  • Response history by the respondent
With SurveySparrow's thoughtfully designed contact management & segmentation capabilities, sort & manage your audience, effortlessly.
Why it Matters
  • Waste time on manually importing contacts and getting overwhelmed with a disarrayed list of contacts
  • Import easily, create & handle lists, and run your surveys through a highly targeted audience
With Typeform you get to create pretty surveys, but SurveySparrow helps you do more than just surveys.

Offline Data Collection

Collect data anywhere, anytime, even without an active internet connection.

  • Use our in-built offline survey app
  • Available on App Store & Playstore
  • Add any number of offline devices
  • Create offline surveys, theme it, configure auto-sync options
SurveySparrow lets you collect data anywhere, anytime, even without an active internet connection.
Why it Matters
  • Don’t stutter your data collection when the internet gives away
  • Download our offline survey tool, create your survey, add devices you want, and set out for remote data collection. Don’t let the internet handicap you

In-built NPS Module

Track your Net Promoter Score. Measure & improve customer loyalty.

  • Track NPS trends over the week, month, year
  • View responses each from Promoters, Passives, Detractors
  • Close the loop with response management
  • Assign agents to each unhappy client. Check the status from ticket-raise to resolution
  • Integrate easily Workflows & Alerts. Receive rule-based alerts. Keep your team posted
SurveySparrow lets you accurately measure & improve customer loyalty.
Why it Matters
  • Don’t end up investing on a separate NPS platform and then juggling feedback
  • Get everything done with one tool. Seamlessly incorporate NPS in your feedback

In-built 360 assessment module

Conduct omni-directional performance review & management. Boost employee productivity.

  • Upload an employee’s details at one go
  • Invite employees for assessments easily
  • Understand Strengths, Areas of Improvement, Hidden Strengths, & Blindspots of each employee
  • Get custom reports with a dedicated personal development plan
  • Customize your employee 360 assessment reports, just the way you want
Track your Net Promoter Score. Measure & improve customer loyalty.
Why it Matters
  • Avoid investing in a separate employee 360 platforms and then juggling feedback
  • One tool, many solutions. For both your customers and employees
SurveySparrow helps you manage experience journeys end-to-end.

Advanced Reports & Analysis

Slice & dice data. Get rich insights and make meaningful sense to your data.

  • Capture data in real-time
  • Get rich insights from real-time reports. Export easily as PDF, SPSS, CSV, Excel
  • Filter responses with our Advanced Reports Filters & create customer views
  • Cross tabulate responses with Compare feature
  • Schedule & automate reports to your inbox at any time
  • Share reports externally as links
  • Understand customers better with sentiment analysis & word cloud
Conduct omni-directional performance review & management. Boost employee productivity.
Why it Matters
  • Don’t just sit on top of responses and leave valuable data around due to a weak reporting module
  • Get the right business insights, make data-driven decisions, and grow

Users, roles, & sub-accounts

Manage your account & permissions easily. Set visibility without a hassle.

  • Manage visibility & accessibility of your surveys with roles & permissions
  • Set up multiple sub-accounts under a single parent account. For your department, team, or clients
  • Handle survey visibility using Teams & Folders
  • Centralized billing with zero hassle
Get rich insights and make meaningful sense to your data with SurveySparrow.
Why it Matters
  • Make audience management simple. Ensure a smooth checkout throughout
  • Get more work done with a single platform

Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Get in touch with us anytime you want and for anything.

  • Phone, email, or chat
  • We’re just a call away
Manage visibility & accessibility of your surveys with roles & permissions.
Why it Matters
  • Why wait in line for eternity just to get an answer?
  • Support is at the heart of our business & culture. Rest assured, we’re with you always

Data Center Of Your Choice

Improve speed & accessibility by enabling a custom data center for your project. Ensure your data is within preferred geographical limits and be compliant with GDPR or EU norms, hassle-free.

Addressing the elephant in the room. Pricing.

The Essentials plan of Typeform starts from $35 for 1000 responses, while SurveySparrow offers the same at just $19. $49 spent at SurveySparrow can get you 10,000 responses & more when you need to pay at least $59 for the same in Typeform.

The price gap gets glaringly obvious as we go up the plans. To collect 100K responses, you will be spending a whopping $900 in Typeform, but just $449 in SurveySparrow can get you the same & much more, like NPS, Custom dashboard, Automations, Workflows & even a Customer Success Manager. Let that sink in!

Quarterly SAVE UPTO 30%

All the integral features to get started with data collection


Per Month

Everything in Free +

1000 Responses per month

Unlimited Questions

Display Logic

Skip Logic


Schedule close date

Phone number validation

Share Via Email, Social, Web URL, Widget, QR Code

Google Sheets integration

Slack Integration

Facebook pixel integration

Google Analytics Integration

Data exports (CSV, PDF, XLS)

Generate Custom Charts & Reports

500 API's per day


Everything you need to set your survey project in motion. Get a feel of the tool.


Per Month

100 Responses Per Month

10 Questions Per Survey

Classic & Chat Surveys

Self notifications

Limit numbers of reponses by survey

Custom reports filter


Embedded Survey

1500+ App Integrations With Zapier

100 API's per day


Opted by businesses looking for a custom solution. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Everything in Enterprise +

300k responses/ month

Minimum 10 users

Custom Data Center

IP Whitelisting

Sub-account management

Single sign-on (SAML)

Custom API limits

Custom billing

Mutual NDA

Dedicated Customer Success Manager


Everything you need to set up an all-encompassing customer loyalty and experience program.


Per Month/Billed Annually

50k Responses /month

2 Users Included

Manual & Automated Contact Segments

Contacts submission history

Insightful Dashboard

NPS® Sentiment Analysis

NPS® Word Cloud

NPS® Trend

NPS® Survey Throttling

Custom Fields

Tags & themes

Custom Domain

Custom Alerts

Additional Questions

Integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, Intercom)


Import Historical NPS® Data

1000 API's per day


Perfect for small teams. Premium features to grow your business seamlessly.


Per Month/Billed Annually

Everything in Premium +

50k responses /month

Includes 2 users

White Label Surveys


Upload logo & Fav icon

Add Logo to Reports

Smart contact list

Signature Question

Salesforce integration

Microsoft teams integration

Constant Sum

Custom HTML + CSS

1 Free Custom SSL

Custom Survey Branding

Set domain name

Export to SPSS

24/5 Email & Chat Support & 24/5 Phone Support

1000 API's per day


Mobile SDK

360 Assessments

Simplify performance reviews. Create people development plans. Build a winning team!

Price Calculator

SurveySparrow's progressive pricing ensures most value as the avg. price per assessment decreases as your team grows. Only unique assessments are charged, users added as Evaluators/Approvers are not

Please enter a number above 10


/per year

$79 per user assessment

What’s Included?
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 360 Survey design & Customization
  • CSS Customization
  • Survey Scheduling
  • Set Auto-Close Date
  • Automated & Manual Reminders
  • Self, Peer, Manager & Custom Reviews
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Employee Friendly Feedback Reports
  • Custom Emails
  • Custom 360 Reports
  • Employee Portal
  • Webhooks
  • Download Responses as .CSV & .XLSX

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