Features of Marketing Performance Review Template

More Features of Marketing Performance Review Template

Compare your marketing team’s performance in qualitative or quantitative alignment with organizational goals, processes, and execution. Use SurveySparrow to assist your employees in determining the best path for improvement and setting goals.

Embed the form

Embed a marketing performance evaluation form on your management portal to make it available to your employees. There are two options: inline embed and pop-up. All you have to do is generate the code, copy it, and paste it.

Bucket of Question Types

Choose your questions from the question-type library to meet your specific requirements. The choice can be based on your anticipated responses to make it easier for your employee.

Display/Skip Logic

Ask only pertinent questions. Add display and skip logic to this marketing evaluation form template. Based on previous responses from your respondents, you can specify whether a question should be shown or hidden. The method speeds up the form-filling process.

Device Friendly

Allow your employees to complete this employee review form with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This form appears correctly on all screen sizes. As a result, it is available at all times and from anywhere.

Share with Ease

Finding ways to share your forms with your employees is no longer difficult. Send your forms with personalized messages using multiple sharing options, unique web links, and a QR code.

Executive Dashboard

Performance tracking is essential for a mid-year review. Utilize business metrics and KPIs to watch and analyze for better decision-making.

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