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Some FAQs on Online Sponsorship Form Template

Does this sponsorship form template support white-labeling?

Yes. You can completely replace SurveySparrow branding in the form of your own event logo. Using our builder, you can customize the form to your preferences. Add a background, choose the right font, and change the button colors to suit your event brand. You can literally own this editable sponsorship form template

How can you use the QR code feature to share this form?

Having a QR code for the sponsorship form adds to its accessibility. You can excessively use the QR code while promoting your event. How? Just display the code on your event pamphlets, hoardings, and every other visual media so that anybody can donate or show interest for sponsorship only by scanning the code.

You can also have different QR codes for this sponsorship form for events. Either you can use the same form to collect sponsorship for different events, and track based on QR codes, or you can display different QR codes at different locations.

What are other related form templates at SurveySparrow?

Apart from online sponsorship form templates, we also have a collection of a few more templates that can help you to raise funds and collect feedback from the donors. These templates will help you cover more touchpoints therefore helping you to organize campaigns smoothly.

Fundraising Feedback Form– After you circulate this sponsorship form for the fundraising template, collect feedback from the sponsors and conduct better fundraising campaigns. This feedback form is conversational, and engaging, and gives you a higher completion rate.

In-Kind Donation Form – This donation form is designed specifically for collecting in-kind donations. In-kind donations do not include any financial transactions. Useful items like clothes, stationery, books, or even food when donated are called in-kind donations.

Charity Donor Feedback Form – This is a feedback form given to those donors who are making considerably small donations. This is different from the fundraising feedback form where you are collecting feedback for your entire fundraising campaign. Here you are collecting feedback on the experience of the donor while making donations.

Donation Bot – We have a chatbot for collecting donations! Embed this on your event or charity organization website and collect donations in a snap! Use our features to make this chatbot engaging and conversational!

Online Donation Form – If you don’t wish to use a bot, you can use this classic form to collect donations. Embed this on your website, either in-line or as a pop-up, and collect donations easily. It is very easy to fill and comes with multiple sharing options.

Fundrasing Order Form – For your fundraising campaigns that include selling merchandise we have this order form as well. After you collect orders, export a digital report and cut down the load of sponsor paperwork.

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