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Employee Resignation Form Template

Features of this Employee Resignation Form Template

More Features of Employee Resignation Form Template

Collect resignation details and feedback of an employee using this employee resignation form template. The engaging design gives a nice experience to the respondent. And, a bunch of other features of SurveySparrow help you collect and organize data effortlessly.

Conversational UI

With gifs, emojis, pictures, videos, make the employee quitting form conversational. Collect candid feedback about your organization as they are leaving. The one question at a time style enhances the form filling experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Enable sentiment analysis to open ended questions for employee resignation form. Once you collect responses overtime, in the dashboard you’ll find a word cloud highlighting the most frequently used words. You can pinpoint the exact sentiments behind employees resigning.

Customize at your will

Use our builder to customize the resignation form template. You can add or remove questions, change colors, use css editor to code your own background. Use different question types to collect more comprehensive feedback.

Google Sheet Integration

Toggle the google sheet integration ON, and record all the responses in a google sheet automatically. Segment and study the information using features of google sheets. You can access the sheet in the integration tab itself.

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