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Political Opinion Research Survey Template

Customize this political opinion research survey template and use it to understand public opinion on political campaigns, issues, and policies. Use a conversational style to get higher response rates. The template is useful for political parties, political researchers, and media outlets.

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Why use this Political Opinion Research Survey Template

Get insights into public political opinions for your research

Benefits of Political Opinion Research Survey

Multiple Sharing Options

Share your survey through direct links, SMS, WhatsApp, QR codes, email, and webpage embed. These multiple sharing options expand your survey's accessibility, reaching a broader audience effectively.

Diverse Question Types

Our survey builder supports over 20 different question types, including rating scales, yes/no, opinion scales, and open-ended questions. This variety allows for collecting detailed and comprehensive information from respondents.

Read more on what kind of survey questions you can use for your political survey

Sentiment Analysis

Enable sentiment analysis for open-ended questions to understand respondents' feelings. This feature generates a word cloud, in the survey report, giving a clear picture of the overall sentiment expressed by the participants.

Conduct Anonymous Survey

Maintain the anonymity of your respondents to encourage them to share honest opinions. Keeping respondent data confidential helps in obtaining genuine and uninfluenced responses.

Integrations to help you with a political survey

Power BI & Tableau

Connect SurveySparrow with Power BI and Tableau for data analysis. These tools will help in visualizing complex data sets and extracting meaningful insights, which is essential for understanding and responding to public opinion trends effectively.

Google Sheets

Manage your survey data efficiently with Google Sheets. Collect all the responses in a single Google Sheet and access it anytime in the integrations tab itself. The sheet facilitates easy access, organization, and sharing of data, ensuring that all team members can collaborate seamlessly and in real time.


Enhance your outreach with Mailchimp, a tool for managing email newsletters. With mailchimp integration, you can communicate directly with your respondents, update them on survey results, and engage them with tailored content based on survey findings. Stay in touch with your respondents and ensure that respond to your surveys.

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