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The quarterly business review (QBR) is an essential process for any business that aims to measure its performance, identify areas of improvement, and plan for the future. To make the most of this process, gathering feedback and insights from stakeholders such as employees, customers, partners, and investors is crucial

Conversational UI

The conversational features encourage stakeholders to share their thoughts and opinions freely. This approach makes the review experience more engaging, leading to better responses. By using conversational features, businesses can gain valuable insights to leverage to improve their performance in the upcoming quarters.

Also, stakeholders can answer questions in their own words or skip questions irrelevant to them, leading to more personalized and meaningful quarterly reviews. This approach ensures that businesses obtain the feedback they need to identify areas of improvement and plan accordingly.

Use the voice transcription feature to transcribe spoken responses to a text instantly. This feature saves respondents time and effort with every long-form answer, resulting in more accurate insights about their opinions and sentiments.



Customizing the branding of your qbr template with white-label features allows you to stay true to your company’s voice and personality. This helps reinforce your brand image and maintain consistent communication with your stakeholders. When your questionnaire looks and feels like it comes from your company, it increases the likelihood that respondents will engage with it and provide valuable feedback.

The custom domain feature allows you to remove branding and promote your brand. This allows you to create a seamless brand experience for your respondents and increases the likelihood of a higher response rate.

Customize every detail of your questionnaire’s theme. You can match your survey’s fonts, labels, icons, and other elements to your brand image. This customization level helps create a cohesive brand experience for your respondents, essential for maintaining brand loyalty.

Secure SSL connections ensure your data is encrypted. While sharing your qbr template with stakeholders, it is ensured that data is protected. Our security features make it an ideal tool for organizations that must collect sensitive data during their quarterly business review process.


Automated Reminders

Setting automated reminders can greatly enhance the survey completion rate when using an online survey tool like SurveySparrow to conduct the QBR. As the reference suggests, participants may need to remember to take or leave the survey halfway. Automated reminders can be sent to participants who still need to complete the survey, encouraging them to finish it.

The reminder feature allows you to schedule reminder emails to be sent out to your respondents to complete the quarterly business review. You can set the days after which the reminders will be sent out, ensuring participants have enough time to complete the survey.

You can categorize the respondents into partial and non-respondents and set reminders accordingly. This is useful because you can customize the message in the reminder emails depending on whether the participant has completed part of the survey or not started at all.

Automated reminders are also a huge time saver, eliminating the need for manual follow-up emails. This leaves you more time to analyze the results and make data-driven decisions based on the outcomes.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard provides valuable insights and metrics for conducting a Quarterly Business Review. The dashboard reporting feature enables you to bring at-a-glance visibility to your survey data by pulling data from multiple surveys into one place, making it easier to analyze and collaborate.

With the ability to closely watch and analyze critical business metrics over any period in one click, you can identify trends and patterns that can help inform business decisions. The Journey charts feature provides ongoing improvement by displaying data over time, enabling you to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Generating high-level custom dashboards by picking and dropping data saves time and avoids the hassle of accessing multiple surveys. Multiple dashboards can be built on the same survey data to uncover patterns and predict trends, enabling you to present complex data in the clearest way possible.

Collaboration is easy, allowing teams from the C-suite to the front line to work together on the insights and design actions that drive growth.

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