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Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template

Why use our Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire?

Evaluate risks hassle-free with our Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire

With this compliance risk assessment questionnaire, handling any compliance-related issues is easy. You can easily use the questionnaire, customize it to fit your needs, share it, and collect insights in real-time. It’s as easy as that. The questionnaire helps you to develop an effective compliance risk management plan that addresses the highest priority risks and identifies actions to mitigate those risks.

Library of Question Types

A fool-proof and loophole-free compliance program is important for any business to flourish. This requires a crucial methodology right from asking the correct questions. For example, it may ask about policies and procedures, training programs, monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and risk management strategies. While the answer to these questions is important, the way you ask these questions is way more crucial. With SurveySparrow, you get access to question types more than one – starting from open-ended feedback questions to yes or no questions, multiple choice questions, and more. The open-ended, text-type questions even have an inbuilt voice transcription feature so that your respondents don’t have to type out lengthy answers and go for recording them instead.


What good are compliance assessments if they don’t comply with devices? Do you see our point here, mate? Let’s make it a bit easier for you. In order for the assessment to be easily accessible to any respondent, it needs to fit their screens in the right manner. Say hello to device compatibility, wherein respondents get an apt view of the assessment, irrespective of the device through which they view and fill it out. Be it a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone, SurveySparrow has got you covered. This offers unlimited flexibility to the employee, manager, or anyone filling out the survey to choose the device for taking the assessment. This way, they can even complete the questionnaire when they are traveling or when they’re at home. It also improves response and completion rates.


You can create and customize this risk assessment questionnaire to reflect the organization’s specific concerns. SurveySparrow lets you highly customize the questions, format, design, and more. Access a wide range of ready-made survey themes specifically designed, keeping in mind your needs. You can save time and get yourself a starting point for creating a comprehensive questionnaire. Feel free to create a theme from scratch and use them for your questionnaire. Code it to perfection by making use of CSS customization. Use end-to-end white labeling to let the questionnaire truly reflect your organization’s identity. Add your logo, use your fonts and color palettes, and nurture trust and confidence in the respondents.

Multiple Share Options

You can share your questionnaire without going through tiresome and hectic processes. With seamless questionnaire sharing in SurveySparrow town, you can distribute, share or circulate questionnaires via several channels easily. You can share your forms via SMS or email to the respondents. Create a URL and pass it to them for easy viewing and completion. You can even circulate QR codes to them that can be easily scanned to access the questionnaire hassle-free. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can also deliver the forms. You can also bring all stakeholders to a single portal and send it there easily. Work spaces like Slack and MS Teams can also ensure that the respondents receive and complete the questionnaires on time. You can even try out offline kiosks in cases where there is limited internet connectivity.

Advanced Reports

A powerful reporting module is every evaluator’s dream come true. Taking our questionnaires to the next level is our reports and analytics features developed keeping in mind your need for actionable insights. Gain access to advanced reporting tools that can be used to analyze the responses in the assessment easily and identify potential risks hassle-free. Through reports, you can easily assess the level of risk with compliance within the organization, find areas of improvement, and develop a proper plan that addresses the most significant risks. Use it as a starting point for the compliance risk management plan, and revise or update them as needed to reflect changes over time. You can use executive Dashboards to slice and dice huge chunks of data and gain a visual understanding of the responses. Journey charts will help you compare risk factors over a particular period. Generate customized and unlimited reports, and add widgets and reporting filters. Also, export the responses into various formats, such as PDF and SPSS, for further analysis and sharing with stakeholders.

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