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Credit Card Application Form Template

Managing the credit card application process can be long-drawn & exhausting. Why don’t you make it easy for your clients with this simple credit card application form template? Conversational, engaging, and get the job done. Use this template to collect credit card requests from your customers, now.

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Features of this credit card application form template

Streamline credit card applications with our free template


How to use this template?


Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions that issue credit cards can use SurveySparrow to create online forms from scratch or customize this template.

Here are the steps to use this template


Step 1: Signup for SurveySparrow

After checking out the preview of this template, you can sign up to use this template. Once you sign up, the template opens in our form builder.


Step 2: Customize

Make customizations to the template as per your needs. You can drag and drop the questions, or even edit them. You collect information like email ID, phone number, weblink, videos, or files, using different question types.

To make your form look better, you can either use in-built themes, or create your own by choosing the background image, button color, and font. Use the Unsplash library for the images!

The builder also has a CSS editor for you to code your background as well!

Also, you can use our latest AI features to get more ideas for building a perfect credit card application form!


Step 3: Integrations

After customizing your form, connect it with third-party apps. In the integrations tab, you can see different apps you can connect to.

Mailchimp is an integration that can help manage your credit card applicants. You can ask within the form if they would like to subscribe to your newsletter and weekly or monthly updates. With Mailchimp, managing newsletters becomes a breeze!

Another integration that can help you is Google Sheets.

With this, you can instantly collect all the applications in a single sheet. You can segment them based on demographics, preferences, and the type of banking facilities they have opted for. The details can help you offer more personalized banking services to your credit card applicants.

If you wish to collect application processing fees, then you can enable Stripe integration as well.


Step 4: Share the form

Now your application form is ready for sharing.

Our omnichannel platform offers SMS, WhatsApp, QR code, web page embed, email, mobile SDK, and Social sharing options.

For each type of sharing, you’ll get a widget through which you can track the number of applications filled.


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Benefits of using SurveySparrow for managing credit card applications


Conversational UI

Forms created with our platform have a conversational design. You can add emojis, gifs, videos, and interactive texts to give an engaging experience to your applicants. The unique user interface also helps improve your branding by standing out of the crowd. While your competitors are using boring PDF forms, you can create conversational forms with SurveySparrow.

Collect Documents & Pictures

With the file upload question type, you can collect identity proofs, income proofs, address proofs, credit history, and other related documents within the form itself.

For collecting pictures, you can use file upload or photo capture question types. The applicants can take a photo through their selfie camera and instantly upload it. This helps make the application process quick!

Collect Consent & Signature

Collect consent from the applicants to confirm that the information they are providing is true to their knowledge. Asking for consent transparently helps you to build trust as a brand. It is also a fundamental component under legal compliance guidelines like GDPR and CCPA.


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