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10 Best AI Form Builders to Boost Data Collection with Engaging AI Forms

Kate Williams

9 May 2024

9 min read

Well, admit it—most of us have the attention span of a goldfish! (Let alone memory). Crafting a hooking form can be a bit of a task, especially when you have a hoard of work piled up in the corner. An AI form builder can solve this issue.

But is choosing the right tool taking a lot of time? Worry not! The research is done! I have compiled a detailed list of AI form generators that’ll help you create beautiful formats and fetch a ton of data!

Off we go!

Also, here’s a table for a quick sneak peek:

10 Best AI Form Builders

ToolBest Used ForPricing
SurveysparrowConversational AI forms, AI-powered Text Analytics$19/month
TypeformVisual Appeal, Engaging Forms$29/month
Forms.appQuickly Question Generation$10/month
PaperformOne AI Integration$24/month
FilloutQuick Forms$15/month
MakeformsSecure Builder$29/month
YayformsResponsive Forms$15/month
Involve.meFor Website$29/month
FeatheryNo-code forms and Workflow$49/month

Why don’t we get started with the tools? …

1.SurveySparrow: For Conversational AI forms and Analytics


SurveySparrow helps you break the ice with its chat-like format! Conversational forms can fetch a 40% higher response rate and are fun for both the respondent and the builder.

The platform does not leave you at creation. You can share and collect data through multiple channels. Once the responses flow in, you can visualize them on an executive dashboard for a detailed analysis.

Let’s look at what makes the platform a sought-after AI form builder!

Key Features

  • AI Form Generator: All you need to do is add a keyword or prompt and hit send. AI will create an engaging form you can customize further with the builder. Change the themes and font and add a logo to reflect your brand image.


  • Now, let’s say you wish to change the generated questions. Use the Wing feature and edit them to your heart’s desire. You can also add or delete the pre-filled fields.
  • Oh, there is also SurveySparrow’s ChatGPT plugin, which you must try out!

Let’s say you created this Food Delivery Feedback Form.

(Feel free to use this free customizable template if you like it)

Food Delivery Feedback Form Template

Once you start getting responses, it’s time to start the analysis. Breaking down rating, opinion, score-based, and open-ended questions has never been this easy! You get…

  • Cognivue (AI Text Analytics tool): With it, conduct root cause analysis, generate a sentiment score, and find hidden insights! All this is based on keyword counts and mentions.
  • This feature is also applicable to Reputation Management. Let’s say you have your restaurant listed in a few online third-party review platforms. SurveySparrow acts as a centralized hub for analyzing them.
  • The CogniVue will give you the topic shift over time, key drivers, and areas for improvement.

Other Features

  • Advanced customization options, including skip and display logic, question piping, and multiple question types.
  • There is also a vast library with more than 1000 pre-designed templates you can customize.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (1,979 Reviews)


  • You can start with a free-forever plan. 
  • For individuals, pricing starts at $4/month.
  • And, for teams, the basic plan is priced at $19/month. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing plan for teams.

Pricing PlansStarting PriceFeatures
Basic Plan$19Multiple question types and basic features
Business Plan$79Advanced features
Professional Plan$249Additional features
CX Suite$249NPS, CSAT, CES surveys- measuring customer loyalty, satisfaction, and effort scores
360 AssessmentsCustom QuoteResearch-backed question banks, advanced performance analytics, and group reports
Reputation Management$0Limited free version; $79 for full features

Why don’t you give the platform a try? You need not share your credit card details or invest already. Go ahead with the free trial and test the waters. If it fits the bill, Voila!

Let’s quickly move on to the next builder…

2. Typeform: For Visual Appeal and Engagement


I like to call Typeform the visual master!

With Formless (Typeform’s AI form builder), you can create stunning designs to engage the respondents and give you genuine responses. With AI-driven question suggestions, your form-building journey becomes a creative adventure. 

Unique Features:

  • Question Recommendations: Here, you can use the platform as your guide. AI will analyze your requirements and suggest questions that match.
  • Multi-Language Support: The builder can recognize up to 120 languages, which will help you reach a global audience.
  • You can also embed the forms on your websites in multiple formats- inline, fullscreen, popover, and banner.

G2 Rating: 4.5 / 5 (718 Reviews)

Note: You have to import the templates manually. You have to use APIs to do the same.


Formless is a part of their Pro Plan, which costs $59/month.

Next up…

3. For Advanced Question Generation


With the, you can create online forms, surveys, and quizzes without any technical expertise. All you need to do is type a keyword. The no-code AI form builder also had advanced customization options.

Key Features

  • Automatic Answer Option: You can create answer options based on the questions tiles.  This is customizable and can be edited as and when required. AI will also show you a set of alternative question tiles to choose from or get inspired by!
  • Forms For Website: All you need to do is type out the name and type of your website. AI will generate a form that is made just for you!
  • Further, Customize them with options that include colors, images, custom questions, and more.

G2 rating: 4.5/5 (476 Reviews)

A G2 user shared a review praising the intuitive interface and ease of use. They also added that the ability to export the forms in multiple formats, such as CSV or Excel, is a bonus for them.


  • A free plan that lets you create five forms per month is available.
  • The Basic Plan costs $12.5/month.

Still not the tool for you? Let’s move on to the next one.

4. Paperform: For One AI Integration


With Paperform, you can connect with One AI to make your forms ones that sell. First, create a form with the no-code builder and integrate the platform and One AI with Zapier to automate the workflow.

Key Features

  • Pre-Built Templates: With 650+  form templates, you’ll get something for your every need.
  • Built-in Analytics: Create custom reports or integrate them with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.
  • Customization: You get advanced options, including conditional logic, theming, and success pages. You can also accept payments using the AI forms.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (42 Reviews)

Customers often praise the advanced functionality of the platform.


  • A free trial is available.
  • The Essentials plan is $24/month.

Do these features add up for Paperform to be on the best AI form builders list?

5.  Fillout: For Quick Forms

fillout form

Fillout uses GPT to streamline the form-generation process. Further, you can use the no-code editor to customize them without the hassle of signing up! You also get an AI quiz builder and a survey maker.

Key Features

  • AI Designer: The tool will craft themes and designs that match your brand. All you need to do is choose an image and hit send!
  • Sharable Link: Each form will have a public link that can be copied and sent to anyone or embedded to a website.
  • Language Optimizer: You can automatically generate thoughtful questions that align with your needs.

G2 Rating: 5/5 (2 Reviews)


  • Yes, they have a free-forever plan.
  • The starter plan costs $15/month.

Next up…

6. MakeForms: For Secure Online Forms


MakeForms combines advanced customization with an intuitive interface. The platform offers a safe ground for your data and complies with HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR EU & UK, ISO 27001, PIPEDA, CCPA, and Australian DPA rules.

Key Features

  • Conditional Logic: You can provide a personalized experience to your customers by using branching options.
  • The drag-and-drop builder offers an array of Multiple Form Fields.
  • Email-Friendly Forms: You can add custom-made forms to an email and run effective campaigns!

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (17 Reviews)

According to a G2 review, setup is easy, whether it is domain creation or form building. They went on to talk about the efficiency of the support team that fixed a bug in integration then and there!


  • You can try it out for free.
  • The paid plan starts at $29/month.

Still not there? We have a few more on the list. Don’t worry!

7. Yay!Forms: For Responsive Forms


Yayform’s Responsive forms make all your forms, quizzes, and surveys look good, regardless of the device. Also, the advanced integration features help you connect with automation tools.

Key Features

  • Multiple Themes: make your forms beautiful with the themes and layouts. This boosts form completion.
  • Logic and Branching: Create a personalized experience for your audience segments by asking only the questions that matter.
  • Drag-and-Drop builder makes form editing a price of cake. You can also add hidden fields and UTM parameters.

(The platform has not been listed in G2 yet)


  • You have to pay a monthly fee of $15 for the platform.

8. For Website Forms


Create beautiful AI Forms, quizzes, and surveys with Whether you’re generating leads, registering events, or collecting data, a template is ready for you. Plus, AI-generated forms speed up the process, saving time and effort.

Key Features

  • Website Adaptation: Just by entering your URL, AI will analyze your logo, image, and brand color and create a custom filter for your website.
  • Single-Prompt Form Creation: Put your thoughts into words and see the form appear before you! You can also tweak the prompt’s content until you get your desired content.
  • AI Insights: Put away manual work and get auto-generated reports, summaries, and recommendations.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (85 Reviews)

Users appreciate the minimal learning curve. Ease of use and simplicity are’s strengths.


  • A free plan is available.
  • The basic plan starts at $29/month.

We’re not done yet!

9. Elfsight: For Personalized Forms


Elfsight simplifies the form creation process. With the platform, you can create custom-made forms that are specific to your needs. Plus, the AI generator can fill the form fields with existing content.

Key Featrues

  • Filed Types: There are multiple form fields, including short and long texts, email, file upload, and hidden fields.
  • Layout: You can choose the layout for your form from the three options- vertical, horizontal, and multistep. There is also a choice for embed type.
  • Form Customization: You can change the color, theme, font, and background of each form and create custom CSS.

G2 rating: 4.8/5 (829 Stars)

A user reviewed that they use Elfsight quick forms and social feeds. They particularly appreciate the widgets and the platform’s customer support.


  • They have a free plan.
  • The paid plan starts at $5/month.

We are down to the last tool!

10. Feathery: For No-code Forms and Workflow


With Feathery, you can create forms without technical expertise. The platform also has advanced integration capabilities and lets you create user data workflows.

Users share that with Feathery, they can build customer boarding flows effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Keyword Prompt: To create a form, you just have to enter the keyword you want to use and get started.
  • Templates: There are 50+ pre-designed templates to choose from.
  • Once the forms are created, you can migrate them with a PDF Migration Tool.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (12 Reviews)


  • Avail of the free plan.
  • For advanced features, it will cost $49/month.

Pheww! That’s about it.

But wait, there’s one more thing we need to look at…

Why Use an AI Form Builder?

The answer is simple. It is for convenience, efficiency, and accuracy.

A study proves that 68% of users abandon forms if they’re too long or complex. Optimization is key!

Knowing the benefits helps us understand our priorities, and that’s exactly what we will fix.

  • Smart Recommendations: They analyze the objectives and suggest the question types that suit your needs. This eliminated the need for any guesswork!
  • Time Efficiency: Automating the form creation process saves a ton of time, and time is money! Need I say more?
  • Enhances User Experience: The form completion rate will improve with user-friendly interfaces and visually appealing design. Especially if you choose a chat-like approach, they will feel a bit more connected to you.
  • Data Accuracy: There won’t be any more inconsistent responses. AI builders come with built-in data validation.

Wrap up!

Whether you are a business seeking user feedback, student responses, or organizing attendee information, AI form builders are a must. There is no perfect tool in the market. The one that suits all your needs is the best one for you. Go through the list, take your time, and choose your pick. There’s no hurry.

If you are confused, why don’t you give SurveySparrow a try? Perhaps it is what you have been searching for all this time. The trial doesn’t even cost you a penny! So, why wait?

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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