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Car Insurance Survey Template

Utilize our Car Insurance Survey Template to collect valuable feedback for improving car insurance industry services. This car insurance questionnaire gathers insights into our customers' experiences with car insurance, their preferences, and suggestions for improvement. Utilizing this template fosters a more competitive and customer-centric industry landscape, benefiting all stakeholders.

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Features of Car Insurance Survey Template

Stay competitive by collecting the right car insurer data with our Car Insurance Survey Template.

The Benefits of the Car Insurance Survey Template

QR Code Integration

Incorporate QR codes into your car insurance questionnaire invitations, making it easy for customers to access and complete the survey using their smartphones. This feature increases response rates and ensures convenient participation for on-the-go customers.

Photo Capture Capability

Enable respondents to capture and upload photos of relevant documents, such as accident reports or vehicle damages. This feature enhances claims processing accuracy and enables insurers to assess claims more effectively, leading to faster resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Capture GPS Location

Automatically capture respondents' location data when they take the survey, providing insurers valuable insights into regional trends, driving behaviors, and risk assessment. This feature enhances data analysis and enables personalized insurance offerings tailored to specific geographic regions.

Multi-language Support

SurveySparrow platform has a Google Translation option built into the survey builder that translates 130+ languages. This inclusivity accommodates diverse customer demographics and improves accessibility for non-native speakers. Enabling insurers to gather feedback from a broader audience leads to more accurate insights and better-informed decision-making.

How to Use Car Insurance Survey Questionnaire


Comprehensive customizations are possible. Yes! You can tailor the questions independently or use our AI wing feature. Customize font color, style, and themes that align with your brand. CSS customization features can create or modify the appearance and layout of a template—also, use the white labeling feature to create a custom domain that enhances authenticity.


Once you customize the template, start connecting with apps. Our platform has multiple integrations, including MailChimp integration for sending automated emails, Google Sheet integration for extensive data collection, Power BI integration for identifying trends, and Zapier. This third-party integration helps you integrate with more than 2000+ apps.


SurveySparrow has multiple sharing options, including SMS, shareable links, email, WhatsApp, QR codes, offline devices, email embed, and other social media platforms. The website embed feature allows users to access and complete the form without leaving the website. The inline and popup embed feature provides a seamless user experience.


Once you collect the data through the survey, analyze it. SurveySparrow’s advanced analytical features and executive dashboard make the analysis process simpler. This dashboard breaks the data into bars, graphs, charts, etc. You can also export the collected data into PDF for further analysis.


SurveySparrow is a one-stop solution for refining experiences through interactive surveys. Create any type of visually stunning and engaging surveys with SurveySparrow. Integrate with your favorite tools, analyze your responses, and get real-time reports.

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