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Free Survey Tool : Overview

Free survey tool is gaining impressive momentum these days, and it comes as no surprise. With almost anything you use transforming and becoming a part of the digital world, gone are the days of printing questionnaires and taking a survey from one person to the next. Free survey tools have been immensely successful in changing surveys from becoming notoriously boring to an engaging experience and simplifying the effort-intensive act of feedback collection.

Now many businesses worldwide, from an incubating startup to a full-fledged MNC, employ free survey tool to gain real-time customer feedback. Enterprises swear by placing their customers at the top of the priority ladder; possessing a free survey tool has become a necessity more than an option. Today free survey tools come with a plethora of noteworthy features. You can add texts, images, videos, and what not even with a free survey tool, making it indeed the champion of feedback collection.

Free Survey Tool: Must-have Features

In this time and age, collecting data from the customers is a vital marketing strategy adopted by eleven out of ten businesses. Therefore the choice of a free survey tool must be made carefully. There are plenty of free online survey tools available in the market, but you must select the one which would best suit your business requirements. That being said, there are still some benchmark features which segregates a great free survey tool from a good one.

Free Survey Tool Feature #1: Skip Logic & Conditional Branching
Conditional branching to create smart surveys
Get Smart with Skip Logic & Conditional Branching

Imagine asking a vegetarian their favorite steak? A big No-No. There are instances when you must not ask certain questions to your audience merely because it's irrelevant. There are quite a few free survey tools that help you achieve this. With features like Skip logic and conditional branching, it is possible to create a smart survey that hides specific questions based on a respondent’s previous answers.

Free Survey Tool Feature #2: Conversational Surveys
Surveys that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Sleek Interface

Most free survey tools come with a mediocre interface. However, a great free survey tool has an interface that’s sleek and offers a refreshing survey experience to its users. Why bore your audience with a survey tool that has a depressing interface! Be sure you pick a free survey tool that’s simple to use and is a visual treat. You would be pleasantly surprised seeing the increasing response rates for the surveys you send out.

Free Survey Tool Feature #3: Powerful Reporting Options
Reporting system that yields rich insights
Powerful Reporting Options

Data spread across paper or excel sheets are as good as nothing if you cannot gather useful insights from the results. A free survey tool must be capable of providing rich insights from the responses. Pumped with a rich dashboard and information recorded in the forms of histograms, bar graphs, pie-charts; such a free survey tool is what you must grab in a blink. Thus identify business blind-spots and gain new perspectives.

Free Survey Tool Feature #4: Automated Recurring Surveys.
Automated pulse surveys sent periodically
Automated Surveys

Bag a free survey tool that does the work for you wherever possible. Especially when it comes to automating things that will save truckloads of human effort & time. A great free survey tool will help you send out automated pulse surveys periodically. All you need to do is configure the survey settings initially- the time, date, day when your surveys must be sent. The rest is taken care of by the free survey tool.

Advantages of Free Survey Tool

Although it is true that a free survey tool may not promise you all the features its paid counterparts offer, there are quite a few advantages which you can utilize. This is any day better than printing truckloads of paper questionnaires and hiring someone to make people fill it up. So without a doubt, you can say a free survey tool is a breath of fresh air compared to its predecessors.

Get, Set, Go

A free survey tool gets you started the moment you sign up. Nothing about a free survey tool is complex, and you can instantly begin to create your first survey. Besides, the existence of ready-to-use templates has made the process further simpler. Use the template, or tweak it to fit your requirements.

Fast & Responsive

With a free survey tool in hand, there’s no more waiting around to collect feedback and responses. The reach of online surveys is unmatched, and so is the instant, real-time feedback collection it provides. Create the survey, hit the share button, and you get the responses instantly. Things get that simple with a free survey tool.

Easy Feedback Collection

With a free survey tool, you can bid farewell to all the time spent on waiting for responses. When a user completes the survey and hits the submit button, the free survey tool instantly brings it to you. The ability to collect and monitor responses real-time is an advantage which only an online free survey tool can offer. The data collected is stored securely by the free survey tool in a database, so you can rest assured when it comes to data security.

Better Visibility

An online free survey tool helps you connect with audiences online anywhere around the world. This helps you to share surveys with a broader circle of audience and gather more responses as a result. Email survey, Weblinks, social platforms- you name it, a free survey tool offers it.


An important feature a free survey tool has in its kitty would be the flexibility it provides to the users. The respondent can take their sweet time and convenience to answer the survey. Be it a Sunday afternoon, or hopping between cabs, the free survey tool is available anywhere, anytime! An internet connection with crawling speed? Switch to offline surveys to get an uninterrupted survey experience!

Interactive & Engaging

Free survey tool enables users to structure a survey that chirps interaction and engagement. Images, videos, GIFs, music; the free survey tool has held hands with the entire multimedia realm. The aversion people display as they hear ’Please complete this survey’ is easily changed by an excellent free survey tool.

SurveySparrow as Your Free Survey Tool

Now you know all the must-knows about a free survey tool, it’s the time to choose a free survey tool that suits your requirements best. Since you have read through till this point, let us show you why picking SurveySparrow as your free survey tool would make an entry in your list of ‘Wise Investments.’

Dual UI

Being the world’s first and only multi-format survey platform, SurveySparrow provides an interface that spells sleek in bold. Conversational forms, or chat-like surveys you can switch your interface with a simple swipe. That’s one point under a great free survey tool list.

Advanced Reporting

With a rich dashboard that guarantees you the best survey insights, SurveySparrow’s free survey tool lays forth data in a well-structured manner. Histograms, bar-graphs, pie charts help you gather in a bird’s view.

Sharing Surveys

Sharing surveys using SurveySparrow’s free survey tool is a simple walk in the park. Email, unique weblinks, social platforms; you name it we have it. SurveySparrow’s free survey tool lets you create multiple unique weblinks which you can share across any medium. This can be tracked, and you can analyze which channel has brought more responses.

Recurring Surveys

SurveySparrow’s free survey tool offers the recurring survey feature which helps you send out routine surveys periodically. Configure once the survey settings and the free survey tool takes it from there.


With thoroughly researched and thoughtfully prepared question, SurveySparrow has a huge stock of the most sought-after templates to suit any business need. Be it customer feedback, employee satisfaction, event feedback or market research surveys, SurveySparrow has templates from across various domains. Take your pick and give it your spin!

Conversational surveys have revolutionized the process of feedback collection. Improving customer experience, brand enhancement, you name it, surveys help you achieve it with ease. Ensure to pick out a free survey tool that stands by your side at all crucial touchpoints. Interface, easy of use, collection of pre-made templates are few of the features a great survey tool boasts about. SurveySparrow’s free survey tool is one which you needn’t think twice about grabbing.

Happy Surveying!

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