Free Online Survey Tool is an efficient tool that collects feedback and data for your organization.

Free Online Survey Tool

Free Online Survey Tool that fits all your business requirement like a perfect puzzle!

How to collect data with a Free Online Survey Tool

Free Online Survey Tool helps you craft online surveys that can fetch you precise feedback.

Craft smart & engaging online surveys for effortless feedback collection

Free Online Survey Tool helps you to easily circulate online surveys across various platforms.

Maximize the reach & visibility of your online surveys far and wide

Free Online Survey Tool gives insight into business blindspots and areas that require immediate attention.

Draw valuable conclusions & identify blind-spots from survey responses

Free Online Survey Tool brings you survey results which you can employ to lay out a plan of action for improvement.

Plan out a structured course of action based on survey results

What is a Free Online Survey Tool?

Free Online Survey Tool's entry into the market has changed the very fundamentals of collecting customer feedback. There was a time when companies relied on paper questionnaires and postal mails to obtain feedback from their customers and assess their opinions about products & services. The surveyor handed out the print-outs to customers directly for filling, or simply mailed it to them. The latter takes considerable time to obtain the responses. In both cases, though, the survey completion rates don’t show impressive numbers.

However, now, companies have happily bid adieu to printing heaps of questionnaires and manually doing all the tasks. All it took was an active internet connection, a great free online survey tool, and email addresses to collect feedback. All this minus the effort-intensive activities. Moreover, a free online survey tool ensures that your surveys get more than the reach & visibility, assuring impressive completion rates. When it comes to data collection, a free online survey tool knocks the ball right out of the park by being easy on the pocket and simple to use.

What are some noteworthy features of Free Online Survey Tool?

A business needs to know the pulse of its customers to develop new products and improve the existing ones. In order to achieve this, you must have the best data collection tool by your side. Therefore, picking the right online survey tool is a process that must be done carefully. To help you out, here are some of the features that your free online survey tool should offer.

The audience management feature of the free online survey tool helps to group audience into various categories.
Segment your audience into different groups
Audience Management

Imagine sending out surveys made for employees to managers? That's something you must steer clear off. Pick out a free online survey tool that allows you to group customers based on various criteria like demographics, responses, and so on. This helps you to quickly send out specific surveys to a particular group and get precise responses in return. Therefore, the free online survey tool should be able to segment your audience using the audience management feature.

The free online survey tool must come with a collection of survey templates.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Free Survey Templates

The free online survey tool that you pick must have a survey template collection that's pre-loaded with questions that businesses can use readily. Consequently, a repository of survey templates can help you get started on your perfect online survey the moment you sign-up with the free online survey tool. You can use the survey template as such or alter the questions to suit the business's needs. This feature of free online survey tools helps to save much time & efforts that otherwise goes in researching and drafting questions.

Free Online Survey Tool Feature #3: Response Management
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Response Management

The purpose of conducting a survey is served when you take actions based on the results the survey yields. Else, the time invested in the free online survey tool for creating and sending surveys turns out to be futile. The free online survey tool must be able to handle data, filter out the essentials and bring to the table refined information that is vital for business improvement.

Free Online Survey Tool Feature #4: Recurring Surveys
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automate Surveys

Why spend hours toiling hard on tasks that a free online survey tool can automate and take care of? The free online survey tool that you opt should be able to automatically send email surveys to customers at each customer touchpoints. Just configure the survey settings and sit back and relax. The free online survey tool schedules and shares recurring surveys. With very little efforts from your end, you get everything required for creating a business boom using a free online survey tool.

What are the advantages offered by a Free Online Survey Tool?

Free online survey tool comes with a host of benefits that makes it an excellent investment for your business. Here we illustrate the many advantages of using a free online survey tool.


Free online survey tool is a cost-effective method of surveying that brings results without emptying your purse. The is a definite triumph over the traditional techniques that eats time, requires immense efforts, and capital too.

Effective resource allocation

A free online survey tool helps you allocate your assets and resources efficiently. Wondering how? By automating tasks that take up time and labor. For instance, automating the process of sharing the same survey periodically with a particular audience.

Instant data capture

Free online survey tool helps capture data instantaneously. When the respondent enters the answers, the tool takes the data and feeds it into the database which the survey taker can use. In contrast to postal survey mail, you needn’t wait around the clock for a response to come in.

Easy to design

With a free online survey tool, you can easily design surveys according to different purposes. This flexibility isn’t available when you use paper questionnaires to collect data. A redesign or a typo means reprinting the entire survey again. Consequently, it takes up a lot of capital and time. In contrast, it is easy to create and design surveys using a free online survey tool using its many features.

Convenient option

A free online survey tool is a convenient alternative to both the survey takers and survey creators. While it is immensely simple to create and share surveys with a free online survey tool, it is convenient for respondents to pick a channel of their choice to answer the survey.

Less error-prone

While using a free online survey tool, the scope of error is marginal. The questions appear one after the other and respondents can take their time to give their answers.

Implement complex logic

The logic branching feature offered by a free online survey tool helps to create surveys that are clever. Based on the respondent’s previous answer, the feature only displays relevant questions and hides the rest.

How is SurveySparrow the best Free Online Survey Tool?

Since there are a lot of free online survey tools that are available in the market these days, it is not a simple task rounding in on a great free online survey tool that fits your business needs like a puzzle. Remember that a survey tool is an integral part of your marketing machinery. Therefore, finding the right fit is essential to execute various data collection activities. Here are some tips on choosing your free online survey tool:

Provide Constant Support

No matter the level of ease with which the free online survey tool lets you create surveys, it must provide constant support should there be any issues that might crop up while using the tool. Therefore, a free online survey tool provider should endeavor to educate the customers about the various ways in which one can use the product while also helping them get started with a demo session.

Tool Interface

Having a sleek interface which attracts the users is important because they tend to drop off for various reasons. This is why capturing the interest of the users with a captivating interface is essential when using a free online survey tool. The ability to create surveys that the respondents will find easy to reply to is a feature which the free online survey tool must provide.

Diverse Question Formats

Imagine if a customer can only use limited question types when using a free online survey tool; like the ‘short answer’ type question, the basic yes/no format and such. On the other hand, imagine a free online survey tool that provides diverse question types like scale rating, image choice type questions, multiple choice questions and so on. It's obvious which one you would prefer, isn’t it!

Now you know what must be kept in mind while picking out a free online survey tool for your business. Therefore, take a minute to read and find out why SurveySparrow is the finest free online survey tool you must bag at once.

Dual UI Platform

SurveySparrow’s free online survey tool is the world’s first and only multi-interface platform where you have a choice between chat-like surveys and conversational forms. With conversational surveys, you can expect a whopping 40% completion rates for the surveys you send out.

Recurring Surveys

SurveySparrow is one free online survey tool which strives to take work off your plate wherever possible. With recurring surveys, you can automate sending out periodic pulse surveys to your audience. The only work needed from your side is to configure the initial survey settings; the rest is fully automated by SurveySparrow's free online survey tool.

Reminder Emails

What if your respondent leaves the survey midway or worse, doesn’t take it at all? SurveySparrow’s free online survey tool has got you covered with the reminder email feature. Respondents as categorized as partial responders & non-responders and reminder emails are sent to them after the period you choose. This feature offered by the free online survey tool helps you achieve higher completion rates for your surveys.

Gather Rich Insights

Merely sending out surveys and getting responses isn’t sufficient. The whole point of conducting the survey is meaningful only when you can gain insights from the survey responses. Get you a free online survey tool that has a rich dashboard which can furnish you with detailed reports and analysis. SurveySparrow’s free online survey tool does just that!


Wish to integrate all your favorite apps to create a seamless workflow? We fit anywhere you plug us! With Zapier Integration and webhooks, you can integrate SurveySparrow's free online survey tool with any third-party application and coordinate & conduct activities.

Templates Collection

SurveySparrow has a vast assemblage of the most popular templates from across multiple domains. Be it customer feedback, employee satisfaction, event feedback or market research surveys, SurveySparrow's free online survey tool has thoroughly researched templates for it all. Browse around, take your pick, tweak it and use it!

Collect feedback effortlessly with SurveySparrow, be it online via social channels or offline using an offline survey app. We leave no stone unturned to provide you with uninterrupted survey experience.

Businesses worldwide have taken up customer experience and engagement quite seriously. And rightly, so. Every successful brand has a customer-success tale to talk about which has turned the tables around. Therefore, possessing a free online survey tool is more of a necessity than an option if you care about your business. Make sure to grab a free online survey tool that stands by your side strong and provides a flawless survey experience!

Happy Surveying!

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