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Best Survey Tool - Overview

Asking your customers to take surveys is one of the easiest methods to collect different kinds of data from them. The kind of insights that you can get after going through the survey done by your customers is extremely valuable. It is not economical to hire a team to do the survey for you, this is where online survey tools come into picture. Finding the best survey tool that you can work with for your business needs should be considered a priority. Because there is a lot you can do with the data you receive from your customers. Using the best survey tool might even help you pivot your business model because you might discover that the requirements from your customers might be something different, make you add a new feature and analysis of data that will go a long way in improving the customer service and the business in general.

Best Survey Tool Features

In today’s time and world, gathering customer feedback is of prime importance since the data you get helps you solve a lot of business problems. While you might need to ask a lot of customers about their expectations from your product, it is imperative that you spend time on understanding the features that the best survey tool will have.

Best Survey Tool Feature : Question Display Logic & Branching.
Question Display Logic & Branching

This is a supremely important feature when you choose the best survey tool as not every question is relevant to all the customers in a survey. What is skip logic? It is a feature where it allows you to show a question based on the previous answer. Let’s say if someone’s answer for a question is ‘No’, then they won’t be shown the question that was intended for people who replied with a ‘Yes’.

Best Survey Tool Feature #2: Automation of Periodic Surveys.
Automate Routine Surveys

The ability to automatically send surveys after each customer touchpoint without having to send one manually every time, sending surveys periodically to see how customers feel about the product and automating the entire process is a feature that the best survey tool should boast of having.

Best Survey Tool Feature #3: Share your surveys easily
Easy Sharing Options

The best survey tool would always be easily shareable. There would be no difficult processes involved to send and share surveys when you are using one of the best survey tools available in the market. Not being able to share the surveys can be a huge impediment for the business in increasing the number of surveys taken.

Best Survey Tool Feature #4: Templates to get you started.

If there is one feature that the best survey tool should obviously possess, then it is a repository of email survey templates that businesses can use based on their different survey needs. Having a lot of templates makes it easier for the business because there is a set of questions already present making it easier for them to send it directly if it relates to their business & they can refer questions before they can create one.

Best Survey Tool Feature #5: Advanced Reporting System.

The best survey tool should be in a position to create reports, both simple and advanced based on the needs of the business. The reports should be able to be generated with the click of a button and it should be done over and over again. Once you have a report framework ready, all you need to do is sit back and let the best survey tool do the work while you can wait for the report to be ready to make business decisions based on it.

Finding the Best Survey tool

Choosing the best survey tool for your needs is almost half the job done because identifying them would mean that you have zeroed in on one that performs on par with your expectations. Your survey tool is an extremely important part of the marketing machinery and you should give it the respect it deserves. Work with the best survey tool available and not a subpar software which might only get shoddy work done.

Easy Onboarding

The ability to onboard clients without any hassle is a much desired feature that you wish to have in the best survey tool that you work with.

Data Security

The customers will have to input their details and it is with implicit trust in their minds that their data will not be misused that they fill the survey. As a company, you need to value the data security of your customers, in fact misusing their data is illegal anyway, but there are companies that get away with it. The best survey tool should not allow for anyone to hack into the tool and access the data of the customers.

Availability of Constant Training & Support

The best survey tool should be easy to use for people from any department, but it should also have constant support no matter the level of urgency. Before onboarding the clients, the best survey tool should train them on how to use the tool to its best abilities. The best survey tool should be able to solve all the client’s queries even before they decide to get on a call by giving them enough information through FAQs, guides and how-to articles.

Easy on the Pocket

With all that said, another important aspect when choosing the best survey tool should be its affordability. Ludicrous fees can be a huge put off even if it is one of the best tools around. Remember that there a lot of players in the market, it is wise to evaluate the qualities and affordability of each of them before you zero in on the best survey tool that works for you.

SurveySparrow- The Best Survey Tool

We have covered a lot of areas on finding the best survey tool including the features to have and what to look for in it. SurveySparrow is easily one of the best survey tools around because it has all the features that we have mentioned and many more too. From features like rater selection, rater tracking, individual reports, multi-channel selection, survey management, knowledge management, feedback management, Survey Management, Statistical Analysis, Panel Management, Offline Survey Application and many more, these make SurveySparrow as one of the best survey tools you can work with. With the starting price of just $19 with the options of smonthly payment and annual subscription options, SurveySparrow stands as a major contender for the best survey tool when you compare the rates with the other tools available. For example, SurveyMonkey charges $800 and upwards while other tools are relatively costlier and have lesser features than SurveySparrow.

With a conversational interface and competitive pricing, SurveySparrow would have impressed you, take a survey using the tool and see for yourself the charm it works on your business and the end consumer.

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