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Survey Tools Lifecycle

Craft engaging and interactive surveys to collect quality feedback.

Conceptualize and design interactive surveys & smartly collect feedback

Share surveys generously to spike the completion rates.

Maximize the reach of your surveys far & wide via multiple channels

Slice and dice the survey data to uncover crucial insights.

Extract valuable insights from survey results and gain new perspectives

Take actionable measures to boost your organization's growth.

Plan out a well thought-out course of action based on survey results

What are Survey Tools?

Product quality has always been the catalyst to customer satisfaction. Brands swore by this rule and focused on going the extra mile to deliver top quality products. But now that we know customer experience trumps product quality, there has been a shift in focus to customer feedback.

With businesses worldwide now focusing on providing the best customer experience to gain customer loyalty, it directly translates into significant benefits, like:

  • Improved brand image
  • Potential customers via personal recommendations
  • Steady and increased revenue

The best ways to know and retain your customers is by collecting their feedback. Survey tools are the go-to solution for gathering customer feedback effortlessly. From creating surveys, sharing it with the audience to assembling data and analyzing it, survey tools have revolutionized the process of data collection.

What are the benefits of having Survey Tools?

Instant Responses

When a respondent hits the submit button, the responses get recorded immediately. The time it takes to receive a response is two-thirds shorter than it does using traditional methods. Leveraging survey tools to collect feedback will fetch you real-time data, instantly.

Higher quality data

Survey tools come with a host of diverse question types to choose from. For instance MCQ, image choice, drag & drop, rank order, matrix type, and more. ! With more options that appeal to the customer, respondents are more likely to give accurate responses that guarantee quality data.

Easy Analysis

Traditional methods like paper surveys take a lot of time and resources to get the data and even more time to uncover insights from it. A survey tool, on the other hand, not only analyzes flawlessly but also does it at a quick pace.


Survey tools come with multi-device capabilities which allow your users to take the surveys at their convenience. Survey tools provide this flexibility which makes them the best solution for getting data effortlessly.

Easy to Create

Surveys made with survey tools are easy to design & create, and any novice can get started with their first survey from the moment they sign up. One can even craft surveys that match the brand’s identity and persona within moments.

Light on the wallet

Traditional methods like paper surveys and postal questionnaires burn a hole right through your wallet. Survey tools are cost-effective alternatives. You have the option to choose free survey tools in the market or pay a premium for a survey tool that’s worth its value.

Increased Response Rates

People have an aversion to taking typical surveys which makes it difficult to attain decent response rates. However, with survey tools, you can create engaging surveys that can be shared across various platforms. More the reach, higher the response rates.

What makes a great Survey Tool?

Ensure that you round in on a survey tool that checkall the criteria requirements. While no single solution may fit all businesses’ needs, here are some must-have features of any survey tool which you need to look for:

Appealing Interface works like a charm in spiking your response rates.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Appealing Interface

When you spend considerable time searching for a survey tool, ensure that your pick has an interface that’s visually appealing and refreshing. A dull interface puts off even your most loyal customers. This reflects directly as a dip in the completion rates of your survey. Build elegant surveys that not only capture the attention of your users but urges them to take and complete the survey as well.

Conditional Logic Branching to pose only relevant questions to your audience.
Conditional branching to create smart surveys
Conditional Logic Branching

Nobody likes to be bombarded with questions that are irrelevant. Similarly, your customers may not like to see impertinent questions in their feedback surveys. Keep the survey short and simple with straightforward, relevant questions. For this purpose, survey tools offer conditional logic branching— a feature which allows you to intelligently pose questions based on previous answers.

Automated Pulse Surveys to send recurrent surveys to your audience.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automated Pulse Surveys

Why expend time and effort doing manual tasks that can be easily automated. Instead of wasting time sending the same surveys periodically, you can focus on doing your actual job. A survey tool offers automation features which allow you to schedule periodic surveys. Just configure the survey settings, and you are good to go.

Analysis Module to slice and dice survey data and gain insights.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Analysis Module

The purpose of sending a feedback survey is to gather valuable insights that can help improve business. If the analysis is not carried out correctly, the whole process becomes futile. Choosing survey tools that come with a built-in dashboard can help you get an end-to-end view. Use these valuable insights to make better decisions and plan strategies that steer your brand in the right direction.

Multiple Share Options to spike the completion rates of your surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Options

One of the best ways to reach out to your target audience is by sharing the feedback surveys across multiple sharing platforms. This maximizes their visibility thereby ensuring high survey completion rates. Choose a survey tool that allows sharing surveys across various channels like social media, email surveys, web links, SMS, embedded surveys and much more! More the number of channels, better it is.

SurveySparrow: The best Survey Tool

Dual survey experience

SurveySparrow is the world’s first multi-format survey tool that offers chat-like surveys and conversational forms. With chats and conversations now more relevant than ever, with SurveySparrow’s conversational interface, you can achieve up to 40% higher survey completion rates.

Insights & Analysis

SurveySparrow’s survey tool has a rich dashboard to gather granular reports and uncover in-depth insights. Make the most from its conclusions to take actionable steps.

Recurring Surveys

If you’re looking for a survey tool that’s capable of sending out fully-automated pulse surveys regularly, then SurveySparrow is your top pick. Just configure the initial survey settings, and the rest is taken care of by the survey tool.

Skip Logic & Display Logic

Create smart surveys with SurveySparrow’s survey tool that asks only pertinent questions to the audience. Skip logic and display logic are vital features offered by the survey tool which will help you achieve this. Ask smart and get smart responses.

Free survey templates

The best online survey tool has to come with a collection of the most sought-after templates beneficial for businesses. Some of the templates that this online survey tool in its repository are Customer Satisfaction Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, Market Research Survey and so on. Get started on your first survey in a blink!

Having an excellent survey tool takes much work off your plate and helps you efficiently allocate resources. Up your data collection game and steer your business in the right direction.

Happy surveying!

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