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Online Survey Software Lifecycle

The SurveySparrow Online Survey Software, helps create interactive feedback surveys that fetch increased survey completion rates.

Create interactive online surveys & accurate responses

With our online survey software, you can share your surveys across multiple platforms for better reach and improved visibility.

Share online surveys with your audience via various channels

The survey software's reporting feature to study your survey results and get in-depth insights.

Slice and dice the survey data and gather new perspectives

Take strategic measures based on your online survey inferences to improve your business.

Set up a plan of action based on the inference uncovered

Online Survey Software - Overview

Online Survey Software have absolutely changed the way surveys are conducted. Most of us would’ve, at some point or the other in our lives taken a survey, giving feedback about a product or brand. Whether it be about the experience at a restaurant or that of using a product, online surveys can target and pick out data that are extremely useful for your business. As a matter of fact, there is so much data mining happening on customer feedback from these online surveys.

The software market today, is flooded with umpteen online survey software that can cater to the specific of businesses. Here are a few pointers that will pick the online survey software that's most ideal for you.

What are the advantages of an Online Survey Software?

Simply put, an Online survey software is so popular because they make life easy for both the survey creator and the survey taker. However, let’s look at some facts on what makes an online survey software tick!

1. Swift

Paper surveys are infamous for moving at snail’s pace. When it comes to executing such surveys, each phase takes a considerable amount of time, a cumulative of which would result in a hefty amount of time being spent. Online survey tools, on the other hand, are quicker and much more efficient. A great online survey software with an active internet connection is enough to set things in motion.

2. Ease of Use

When the majority of the people have access to the Internet, online survey software is the obvious choice over any other form like telephone interviews, intercept surveys or paper questionnaires. When smart devices surround us, participants can pick out a convenient time, fill in the survey and hit submit button!

3. Cost-effective

Online survey software saves you all the trouble and the money which other forms of survey like the paper questionnaires would cost you. Thus you would require to allocate the resources and thereby the revenue as needed. Right from sending out the survey to collecting and processing the responses, an online survey software erases all the needless expenses from the equation.

4. Easy to Analyze

Having a stack of papers with responses may not be the most pleasant sight that greets you when it comes to reviewing them and gathering insights. Just picture the amount of manual efforts that must go into analyzing and drawing conclusions! It's best not to delve into telephonic survey interviews. Online survey software solves this problem in a jiffy. Advanced analytic tools, which comes along with the online survey software, come to your aid. Thus you can quickly gather profound insights, which can potentially be overlooked.

5. Quality of Responses

An online survey software has proved to be more user-friendly yielding more honest feedback from the survey partakers. As evident, readability and presentation are major contributing factors for gaining candid feedbacks. Imposing questions puts off the survey taker, and the whole point of sending out the survey would reduce to rubbles.

6. Flexibility

An online survey software is built on many codes. This opens up a window making it possible to implement advanced logic features which are unavailable in other forms of survey. Customizing the survey for respondents, providing an option to skip a question, triggering alerts for survey provider, to name a few. This degree of freedom offered by an online survey software makes it the best pick any day!

7. Less Error-prone

Online survey software don't require the need for attention to detail while entering the right answers. This eliminates the human error which naturally creeps in the process.

What features should you look for in an Online Survey Software?

As we said already, there is a host of online survey software available in the market today. But how do you round in on one that'll tick every box in your requirement list? Well, here are some benchmark features which you must definitely look for in an online survey software.

Online survey software must offer a sleek interface to engage the audience better.
An appealing UI helps to engage the audience better
Captivating Interface

When you spend a lot of time browsing through and searching for the best online survey software, it's only wise to spend a tad bit more on having one that has an intriguing interface. Why bore your audience when you can capture their attention with an online survey software that boasts of an impressive UI! Get quality responses and higher completion rates than never before!

With SurveySparrow online survey software you can analyze data and gather rich insights.
Gain crucial inferences and conclusions
Survey Reports & Insights

Opt for data collection tools that not only collects data for you efficiently but also help you gather rich insights from it. The process of gathering data is finished only when the insights inferred help to throw perspectives on the objective. A data collection tool that can provide detailed reports, graphical representation and so on is an ideal option. Extract pertinent information and take actionable measures.

Maximize the reach of your online surveys by sharing it across diverse platforms.
Multiple survey share options
Online Survey Share Options

When you build your survey, a lot of thought goes in to draft the perfect one to fetch quality responses with high completion rates. Thus it is imperative to ensure that your surveys receive maximum reach and visibility. Grab an online survey software that has multiple survey share options like email survey, weblinks, social media and such. More the share, higher are the survey completion rates!

Create smart online surveys that ask relevant questions to audience using logic branching.
Use logic branching feature to ask what's relevant
Logic Branching

Surveys are infamous for being mundane. So one must take utmost care to provide an engaging experience so that your audience merrily answers the questions. But imagine asking a vegetarian their favorite steak? Avoid this using an online survey software that asks just the relevant questions by employing logic branching feature. Ask what's relevant, skip the rest! This provides a more personalized experience to your users.

Use custom-made survey templates with the right questions to get actionable feedback.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Templates Collection

Build surveys without frowning your brows thinking about the questions! You ask us how? Templates pre-loaded with relevant questions and prepared after thorough research. The online survey software you choose should have a collection of the most popular templates from across various domains. Be it employee satisfaction or market research, a template is all you need to get started in a blink.

Why choose SurveySparrow as your Online Survey Software

Moving on to the million dollar question- Why SurveySparrow is an excellent choice for an online survey software? Here are some points to make your decision quick and easy!

1. Dual Interface Online Survey Software

SurveySparrow provides two unique themes of survey experience for our users- Chat-like interface and conversational forms. You can pick out your preferred theme based on requirements and which suits your purpose the best.

2. Higher Rates of Completion

When survey questions are just like a conversation, the refreshing experience will leave the audience pleasantly surprised. This ensures more people take up the survey, resulting in higher number of responses. Do you want numbers? We’ll hand them to you. With SurveySparrow, we have a 40% increase in the survey completion rates!

3. Simple to Use

You needn’t spend hours on help articles to understand how to use our tool. It is simple to understand and even easier to use.

4. Question Types

Leaving no stone unturned, there are diverse question types you can choose from. With the simple star rating to the complex matrix question type, we got it all covered for you as we know asking the right questions is equally important.

5. Deep Insights

We have a rich dashboard that provides you refined information from the raw data collected. Pie charts, histograms, tabular entry helps you give profound insights from your survey.

6. Track Survey Performance

You can also find out how well your survey is performing with SurveySparrow. Share your surveys across multiple channels like web links, social media, email survey, SMS share and such. Maybe one channel gives you excellent responses while another fetches you lukewarm ones. Identify this crucial data, and you can thus steer your strategic efforts accordingly.

7. Recurring Surveys

Are you spending hours on sending and resending the same periodic surveys? SurveySparrow automates sending out such surveys using the recurring survey feature. Initial survey configuration is all you need to do- we take the rest from there!

Why don’t you take a quick tour to find out more about SurveySparrow? We are sure you’ll become a part of our family in a blink. Make the best out of your online surveys using SurveySparrow! A troublesome internet connection? Our offline survey app stands by your side even if your internet doesn't! Meanwhile, if you want to know the nitty-gritty of our software, book your appointment for a Free Online Demo from one of our experts, right away.

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