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Share online surveys across various medium

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Free Survey Software puts forward crucial insights using which you can chart your next course of action.

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Overview of the Free Survey Software

Creating a survey is simple. Creating a survey that fetches you high response rates is not simple.

While crafting a survey, there are many factors to be considered, like knowledge about a domain, so that relevant questions are asked. The last few years has completely changed the way data collection is carried out thanks to the proliferation of free survey tools in the market. Collecting online survey tools that help to take simple surveys and get valuable insights. These insights are then put to use for improving the business and enhancing the growth cycle.

What are the features of Free Survey Software?

Picking out the best free survey software can be tricky, so here's how we make the task easier for you. Here are some features which are the must-have for a Free Survey Software.

Use Free Survey Software to create Conversational Surveys to engage your audience more.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Conversational Style

A free survey software that lets surveys turn into conversations is a great choice. This is due to the fact that the audience prefers a storytelling format over the plain vanilla questions any day. As a result, you can witness the increase in survey completion rates up to a staggering 40%. In addition, be pleasantly surprised when you see the higher quality in the survey responses. Instead of boring your customers, engage with them.

Diverse question types that contains both open-ended and closed-ended questions to get the right answers.
Include mixed bag of question types in surveys
Different Question Formats

Using a free survey software doesn’t mean that you are bereft of the ability to ask questions in different formats. There are surveys where you want to ask different kinds of questions ranging from multiple choice, short text answers, opinion scale and so on. In fact, a free survey software that can be considered good will have options to create your scale, ask any type of questions in diverse manner.

Create your surveys quickly using custom made survey templates.
Survey templates with thoroughly researched questions
Survey Templates Collection

The free survey software should have a collection of preloaded questions that brands would find useful. These survey templates can be readily used or given tweaks to suit the survey requirements. Having the most sought-after templates can get you started in a blink be it customer feedback, employee engagement survey software, or market research. Therefore, you can save the time that must be otherwise spent on hunting for the questions that must go in your online survey.

The data management feature of the free survey software helps to gather rich survey insights.
Analyze data at the granular level
Response Management

The best thing about creating a survey using a free survey software is the incredible effect that it can have on the business. Wondering how? By listening to the voice of customer. Customers will be delighted when you act upon their review. As a result, you can make your product fit market/customer needs efficiently. Thus, the cycle of employing free survey software and collecting data is complete when there is an action plan for improvement.

What are the advantages of using a Free Survey Software?

One of the best things about using a free survey software is when you get to experience nice features, free of cost. There are many other advantages that a free survey software boasts of when compared to the traditional method of survey taking.

1. Accuracy of the survey

When using a free survey software, the number of errors (read bias) that you find is infinitesimally small when compared against the traditional methods like paper surveys. There is little bias when the respondent can choose to answer without the supervision of anyone. The same cannot be said in case of traditional methods where the surveyor is mostly present during surveying.

2. Gauge changing views

Taking surveys using a free survey software is not one-time. The exercise should be repeated over and over again. Therefore, when you send out customer satisfaction surveys, a free survey software helps you compare the present survey results with previous ones. Consequently, you are in a unique position to see what the customers think about you and how the opinion about your organization has changed.

3. Reach and Scalability

There is indeed no limit to the number of people whom you can send your survey to, a definite advantage online surveys possess. The speed at which you can share surveys is just the time taken to draft it and click on ‘send.’ No matter how many surveys you create, it takes the same amount of time sending it to any number of people, be it one thousand or one million. In addition, you can share surveys with an audience from around the globe, in different languages.

How is SurveySparrow the best Free Survey Software?

There is a lot of free survey software that you can use for your business, but a few of them come with a multitude of features worth boasting about. Wish to know why you can count SurveySparrow in that list? Have a look.

Conversational Interface

Being the world’s first and only Dua-UI platform, users can opt for either chat-like surveys or conversational forms. With this one of a kind feature, SurveySparrow offers a whopping 40% hike in survey completion rates.

Templates Collection

Filled with thoroughly researched questions, the wide range of templates offered by SurveySparrow helps you get started with creating your perfect survey. Running an NPS survey for customers or a 360 feedback survey for your employees, you can readily use the template or fine-tune to fit your need.

Recurring Surveys

Sending out the same survey multiple times ought to be mundane. How about automating the task? With the recurring feature, you can schedule to send out online surveys more than once. All you need to do is configure the survey settings once.

Gain Crucial Insights

Data spread across spreadsheets are of no value if you are unable to gain any valuable information from it. SurveySparrow comes with a rich dashboard that helps you uncover valuable information from the survey results.

Why don’t you try SurveySparrow’s free survey software and see the kind of difference it brings to the results? The free survey software allows you to enjoy the full benefits without lightening your purse. Surveys are an essential part of your business as you get inputs directly from the customer which can be used to make changes in the business processes. The free survey software lets you collect feedback uninterrupted via online surveys or using an offline survey app. Working with the right free survey software can save you thousands of dollars by helping you gain a direction. Try SurveySparrow; you are welcome.

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