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Free Online Survey Software that helps you craft engaging surveys in a jiffy.

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Free online survey software ensures that your surveys receive maximum reach and visibility.

Spread your surveys far and wide via various platforms

Free Online Survey Software helps uncover crucial information from your survey results.

Extract valuable insights from survey results

Free Online Survey Software helps you throw light on areas that need improvement; execute your course of action.

Chart out well-laid out plan of action based on survey results

What is a Free Online Survey Software?

Free Online Survey Software has revolutionized the very process of collecting feedback. From paper questionnaires, telephonic interviews, to one-to-one interaction, it’s now the time of free online survey software. Switching from these offline modes and entering the online realm comes with unmatched benefits that can help businesses worldwide.

The universal attention an online survey software enjoys solely attributes to the fact that businesses, however big or small, heavily rely on customer feedback. A single tweet is enough to taint the most prominent brands out there. Thus it is a no-brainer that companies are ever-willing to go that extra mile to keep their customers happy. And the easiest way to accomplish this? Bag a great free online survey software to gather light on their opinions.

What are the features to look for in a Free Online Survey Software?

Gathering customer feedback is a vital process in business since it helps to improve your brand. Using a free online survey software is the best way to make that happen. Before you choose the tool that you want to work with, here are some of the features that you need to look for in a free online survey software:

Gain new perspectives and arrive at important conclusions with the reporting module of the free online survey software.
Advanced reporting module to gain rich insights
Report & Analysis

A free online survey software should be able to create both simple & complex reports that can unearth valuable data. Creating reports must be simple and done with just a click of a button. The free online survey software must help you gain rich insights from the survey results. Consequently, you can improve the decision-making process and steer your business in the right direction. Align your product with customer expectation easily.

Skip all that's irrelevant and ask only important questions using conditional logic branching.
Pose only relevant questions
Conditional Branching

A free online survey software should have the ability to do conditional logic branching. What does it mean? The feature to show only the relevant questions to respondents based on their previous answers. If a customer replies ‘No’ to a question, the questions that follow must pertain to that ‘No’ alone. Conditional branching feature offered by the free online survey software skips the irrelevant questions for the particular respondent thus saving valuable time.

Group your audience into various categories with the audience management feature.
Segment your audience into various groups for ease & clarity
Audience Management

The ability to segment customers into groups by the free online survey software can go a long way in reaching out to the right people. Segmenting customers based on their age, job location, title, other demographics, certain keywords, and the likes can increase the conversion rates as the surveys are sent to the correct people. Audience Management is a valuable feature to have in free online survey software.

Start your feedback collection swiftly using the custom made survey templates.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Free Survey Templates

The free online survey software that you choose should have a vast repository of survey templates with preloaded questions that cover popular use-cases. Not only does it help the business to send online surveys without much planning & efforts, but it also gives the brand an example of how surveys are to be prepared. In fact, the free online survey software that comes with the ability to edit from the set of pre-loaded questions is a great pick.

How to Choose a Free Online Survey Software?

Choosing the best free online survey software for business is an important step. Therefore, it is wise to devote some time, research, and get the best free online survey software. Consequently, you can avoid switching tools when major roadblocks hit you. So before you venture out, list your requirements. What do you aim to do with the free online survey software? Who would be the target audience? How useful is the tool regarding the interface, features, support, and so on?

The first feature that you need to look for in any free online survey software should be its ability to create highly actionable reports. Remember, the entire exercise of surveys is to listen to the voice of customer and work on measures to improve. This is precisely why it is advisable to work on a few free online survey tools before you zero in on the right one for you. There are a few aspects which are a must-have for any free online survey software. Have a look at them here:

Survey Interface

It is evident that the free online survey software you pick must have an attractive interface and doesn’t put off the audience. Often overlooked, having a free online survey software with a sleek interface has a positive impact on the results. Above all, it directly translates into higher completion rates and cleaner responses.

Training & Support

How do you choose a free online survey software when you have two tools with similar features? There is only one answer to it. Find the free online survey software which has a separate training module and is known for impeccable customer support. No matter how much training is given to the employees working with the brand, there are times when they hit a roadblock. This may be due to a lack of technical expertise. Therefore, taking the services of free online survey software that has dedicated support is a must.

Data Security

Remember that your customers give away their data with the assurance that it will not be misused in any way. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to safeguard the customer data and ensure it doesn’t land in the wrong hands. Look for free online survey software that has airtight security and doesn’t compromise the data in any manner.

What makes SurveySparrow the best Free Online Survey Software?

There is a lot of free online survey software in the market, and most of them have features that are extremely useful for the business. However, here are a few pointers which will make you switch to SurveySparrow as you free online survey software.

Dual UI Platform

When you sign-up with SurveySparrow, you are bagging a free online survey software that’s the world’s first multi-format survey platform. Conversational forms, or chat-like surveys, SurveySparrow provides an interface that spells sleek. All you need to do is swipe a button to switch the end-user view for your online surveys. Neat for a free online survey software, isn't it?

Top-notch Reporting System

With SurveySparrow, you have in hand a free online survey software that boasts of a rich dashboard. Employing which, you can effortlessly gain crucial insights from your survey responses. SurveySparrow’s free online survey software has a strong reporting system that furnishes histograms, bar graphs, pie charts, etc., to give you a 360-degree perspective.

Survey Templates

SurveySparrow's free online survey software offers a host of the most popular survey templates that cover various business domains. Be it customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement, post-event survey or market research , take your pick and create your survey in a blink.

Recurring Surveys

Picture a free online survey software capable of sending out fully-automated pulse surveys periodically? Wouldn’t you want to have one such free online survey software in your kitty? With SurveySparrow, that’s precisely what you get. Just configure the initial survey settings, and the rest is taken care of.

Skip Logic & Display Logic

Create smart surveys with SurveySparrow’s free online survey software that asks only the relevant questions to the audience. In this manner, you can avoid asking Slytherin student feedback about Professor McGonagall. Skip logic and display logic are vital features offered by the free online survey software which will help you achieve this. Ask smart to get smart responses.

Sign up with the free online survey software that SurveySparrow offers and see for yourself the difference it makes. Create your first survey, share it generously across various online channels like email surveys, social media, web links, and so on or offline viz offline survey app, gather insights from survey results and chart out an actionable plan. Innovate and impact!

Happy surveying!

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