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Best Survey Software helps you elevate data collection & evaluation. Collect, investigate, and excel.

How to collect data with the Best Survey Software

Best Survey Software helps you design beautiful surveys that offer a refreshing survey experience.

Conceptualise and create interactive surveys & smartly collect feedback

Best Survey Software lets you distribute your surveys across various channels to ensure maximum visibility.

Send your surveys to the target audience via various sharing channels

Best Survey Software lets you slice and dice survey responses to extract valuable information.

Study and examine the survey data and gather an in-depth understanding

Best Survey Software throws light on blindspots and overlooked factors to help you lay out effective strategies.

Set up a plan of action based on the online survey results

Best Survey Software: Overview

When a business makes efforts to listen to the voice of customers, the benefits that come with it are multi-fold. A company that looks out for success and growth realizes the significance of having a data collection tool that's a treasure trove for improvement and possibilities. The tech age has changed the very manner in which the process happens. Companies these days settle for nothing less than the best survey software that provides a smooth and hassle-free survey experience.

Getting customer feedback is not something that has gained prominence in the Internet age. The traditional methods were all about handing out questionnaires in person, or interviewing them via telephones and collecting feedback from respondents individually. But with the entry of the best survey software, you can send out surveys online.

What are the features offered by the Best Survey Software?

With the emergence of websites and the arrival of sophisticated third-party tools, the entire spectrum of collecting feedback has changed. Smart companies use the best survey software that’s available in the market to understand the pulse of their customers and provide the best customer experience. So have a look at some of the must-have features that make the best survey software.

Ask what's relevant to your customers with the logic branching feature.
Logic branching feature to create smart surveys
Logic Branching

Creating complex and astute surveys is a simple task using the best survey software. This involves showing your respondents only questions that pertain to them. What’s irrelevant is hidden, or skipped. Best survey software is highly proficient in providing such an engaging and personalized experience to the users using Skip Logic. Don't bombard your audience with questions that are not related to them!

Best survey software offers multi-language support to cater to a global audience.
Online surveys available in different language
Multi-language Support

A survey software earns the title of the ‘best survey software’ when it can support different languages to cater to a global audience. The best survey software always thinks globally and acts locally. Moreover, such a feature sends out the message that the software is made thinking about users whose first language may not be English. Admittedly, only the best survey software can think far & wide like this.

Offer a personalized survey experience to each user with question piping.
Turn surveys into conversations with question piping
Question Piping

Question piping is a feature that only the best survey software can boast of having owing to its complexity. This exclusive feature of the best survey software allows to dynamically change the survey content based on information that the respondent had fed earlier in the survey. Consequently, you can personalize the survey, engage with your audience, follow-up, and even collect lead information.

Engage with your respondents using a conversational interface of the best survey software.
An appealing UI helps to engage the audience better
Captivating UI

If you want to call survey software as the best survey software, it must come with an interface that spells elegance in bold. As a result, you can turn online surveys from a boring affair into a refreshing experience. The interface offered by the best survey software helps to engage with respondents and is intuitive by nature. Capture the interest of the respondent first, interact with them, and collect their feedback easily.

How to identify the Best Survey Software?

Searching for the best survey software that will stand by your side? Should you rush through the selection and settle with a tool that comes your way? Choosing the best survey software for business involves considerable investment of time & resources. And this is completely worth the efforts. Why? Because businesses worldwide live and breathe ‘Client delight, customer satisfaction, employee engagement... and what not.’ The easiest way to accomplish this is by knowing your clients inside out. How? Online surveys sent with the best survey software!

Ensure to try the free version before you zero in on the best survey software that suits your requirements. Assess the degree to which you are comfortable working with the software when you create surveys, both simple and complex. Most of the survey tools have a free plan which comes with a time limit of either 14-days or 30-days. Consequently, you can use the software to your heart’s content or a vanilla version of it. The latter is usually no-frills, but you can still get a feel of working with the software. It is a wise move to work with the free version before you decide on the best survey software for your business.

Question Formats

The ultimate goal when a business uses one of the best online survey tools is to send across survey questions for gathering customer feedback. The best survey software has in its kitty diverse question types which can draw out answers to the point. Such question types include the star rating, scale rating, multiple choice, drop-down, image choice type and more. The more diverse it is, you can be sure to conclude it as the best survey software.

Reporting Tools

The analysis done by the best survey software must be crisp and clear. The reports the platform creates must be easy to understand and should provide a 360-degree view on the matter. For example, the CEO might want to know the exact areas that the business needs to improve while a product manager would only be curious about the changes needed to be exacted on the product. The best survey software must be able to deliver such diverse pertaining reports.

Intuitive Design & Navigation

In a rush to bag a tool that’s easy on the pocket, often the accessibility of the survey software provides is ignored. The best survey software would have an interface that appeals to your audience alike. Also, the best survey software should have the ability to guide users with minimum hassle. In addition, the tool must be easy to navigate as well. Making users run to help center over and over again isn’t the sign of the best survey software.

Why SurveySparrow is the Best Survey Software you need?

Now that we have elucidated how to choose the best survey software and the features that it should have let us also tell you why SurveySparrow is the best survey software. The number of features SurveySparrow's online survey software supports is aplenty and here is a list of them:

Multi-UI Software

SurveySparrow is entitled to be named the best survey software you must have not without reason. Being the world's first and only multi UI survey software, SurveySparrow offers conversational forms and chat-like surveys. The former offers additional several question types like Matrix type, Rank Order, Contact Form, Drop-down and more. Neat for best survey software!

Survey share options

SurveySparrow's best survey software leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your online survey receives unmatched visibility and reach. Email survey, weblinks, social media, SMS... you name it, we got it for you. Lack of reachability is one factor which adversely affects survey completion rates. However, with the best survey software by your side, this is no longer a concern!

Automated Surveys

Why invest time and effort in tasks that can be automated? Sending out the same survey repeatedly can be exhausting. But with the best survey software like SurveySparrow, you can automate sending surveys periodically.

Advanced analytics dashboard

You expect data, SurveySparrow's best survey software provides refined information. With insights that throw light on the tiniest of details, identify the blind-spots and factors which may have been overlooked. Only the best survey software is adept at doing this for you.

Integration with other tools

The best survey software must have the ability to join hands & blend in with the already existing tools the enterprise must be using. With the best survey software by your side, integrate and automate for a streamlined workflow.

Free survey templates

The best survey software has a huge repository of the most searched, popular free survey templates. SurveySparrow has just that; a collection of templates across multiple domains to help you get started in a blink. Market research survey or NPS Survey, you name it, we have it for you!

We have given you a multitude of reasons as to why SurveySparrow is the best survey software to create conversational surveys. Online surveys or with an offline survey app, get an uninterrupted survey experience. Why don't you check out our offering by signing up with us? Free forever, and you can cancel anytime you wish. Create your first survey and get the feel of using the best survey software that you always wanted.

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