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Importance of Customer Centricity

Genre Customer Experience
Duration8 mins
FeaturingAnika Tannebaum


“The probability of selling to an existing happy customer is around 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer.”

“62% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or business due to a bad customer service experience.”

These are some alarming statistics that tell you how significant the shift towards customer-centricity can be for your business. And it’s more than saying you put your customers first. It’s an approach, a mindset that prioritizes delivering exceptional customer experiences before & after-sales.

Customers at the Heart of Everything

Customer centricity is something that has to be integrated into the very core of the company. Train your team to stop thinking in terms of numbers & start focusing on exceptional customer service. This also means adopting policies, processes & systems that make it real for your employees.

Understanding Customer Demands

A customer stays loyal to the business that provides the best customer experience. The most important question you have to ask yourself: What makes my customers happy? How can I meet their needs? The insights you gain from the answer will help you formulate better strategies & business decisions.

Adopting the Customer-Centric Culture

Having the end-user as the focus for every business decision is not as easy as it sounds. From customer acquisition to transactions to after-sales service, customer centricity transcends across the entire customer journey. This would mean that every employee in the organization empathizes with the customer & works towards delivering the best possible experience for them.



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