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A popular, but often misunderstood term when it comes to delivering great customer experience would be, ‘Customer Obsession.’ Many businesses and brands claim to be customer-obsessed but rarely are. Being customer-centric is no longer enough to stand out in the highly competitive market of today. So what exactly does being customer-obsessed mean? This would mean that every conversation, decision, and strategy is directed keeping your customer at the core. 

And what makes a company or its culture customer-obsessed? Passion! The most valuable contributor for delivering great customer experience is the passion for being your customer’s superhero. 

The unending passion to be your customer’s first choice shapes and imbibes an organizational culture that promotes the same.

How to create a customer-obsessed culture?

Help employees identify their passion

It is only when your employees are passionate at work; they can become ‘engaged employees.’ Studies reveal that around 80% of employees are not as engaged as you would want them to be. Identifying your employees’ passion and catering to the same will gain you engaging employees. And engaged employees are found to be more positive and productive at work. Happy employees would effortlessly align their goals with that of the company, that is customer-obsession.

Discover your employees’ passion while hiring them

Identifying the goals and passion of your employees while you hire them would help you pick the right candidate. Rather than hiring an employee, and then pressuring them to change their career objectives, hire people whom you find to be streamlined with your brand’s goals. This will help save time, effort, and gain customer-obsessed employees.

Create an environment that caters passion for better customer experiences

It would be impossible for your employees to stay engaged and customer-obsessed if your organizational culture turns product-centric. It is your responsibility to ensure that your business is ready to foster a customer-obsessed culture. It would mean that you might have to rethink many significant decisions or take potential risks that can impact your brand. But, it is also imperative to show your employees that you really believe in keeping the customer at the core of your business. This helps them to sustain their customer-friendly attitude too.

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