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According to NM Incite, 30% of consumers prefer to contact customer support via social media rather than by phone or email.

Offering best-in-class customer experiences lets you acquire new customers while retaining your existing customers. Addressing customer challenges and catering to their needs on time has become imperative in today’s world to boost customer loyalty. Many studies reveal that consumers wouldn’t mind paying extra for better customer experiences that are tailored to fit their expectations. It has thus become crucial to get your customer support strategies up and running.

Building an inclusive online community for your brand via social media helps you overcome many challenges that you face with traditional customer service mediums. Having an active social media customer care program lets you make the most of customer feedback, effortlessly.

Social Customer Service Feedback Framework


The first step is to audit your organization’s social media footprint. This involves you having a precise idea about your brand’s social media accounts and activities done there. Be in the know about who handles what to avoid any ambiguity. Be always on the lookout for fraudulent or doppelganger accounts that can appear.

Report any such issues as soon as possible since such fake accounts can harm your brand’s reputation.


This step is all about integrating customer service structure into your social networks & engaging your customers the right way. It’s always advisable to start a help page in one social network and then scale up your social presence across platforms.

This helps you deliver excellent customer service and also makes it easier to grow your followers.


Train your team on the right ways to engage your customers in social media. Educate your support team on how to achieve success with social media care by adequately training them on the policies, guidelines, and the tone they have to adopt.

You must have heard of multiple instances where brands faced the heat of customer service conversations gone wrong. Avoid a script not to sound robotic instead give adequate platform training to handle every situation that can arise effectively.


When social media strategies are unified and followed across the organization, your customer support team can work more efficiently. On average, there are 13 different teams engaging customers on social media at any given time. Ultimately, It would be your customer who is going to suffer because you have scattered, disorganized social media presence.

Establish a workflow that gives clarity across the departments. It should specify which team attends which concern and also have a protocol for the teams to follow while assigning an issue across them.


The final step is about proactively delighting your customers. This lets you collectively reaching out to your customers before an issue escalates. Always listen to your customers even when it’s not directed towards your official accounts. Monitor your customer’s social media activities to identify any dissatisfaction they have and to resolve them.

Not only you will have happier, loyal customers, but also a better, positive online presence. Your negative reviews will be significantly reduced once you respond & help your customers enjoy a more pleasant experience with your products.

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