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Importance Of Customer Feedback For Product-led Growth

Genre Customer Experience
Duration8 mins
FeaturingDavid (Dudi) Rubinstein


We are going through a massive shift in the way we buy & use the software. The market is flooded with products & software that let us meet about every need under the sun. The most exceptional product experience no longer excites your customer but is simply expected.

Consumerization, the transition towards consumer-grade UX in B2b SaaS products, is driven by tech-savvy users who demand software that is more intuitive, more beautiful, and affordable than the products that they used in the past.

The market is rising to meet and go beyond customer expectations. Consumers are more willing than ever to ditch brands that don’t meet their needs. And the best way to accurately know the customer needs? Customer Feedback! Having a scalable feedback program in your organization lets you gain amazingly helpful insights into new customer trends & market shifts.

Listening to your End-users

This is the most apparent tip anybody can give when the shift happens towards product-led growth. Your product has to provide real value to your customers if you want to expand your customer base. Interact with your customers on an ongoing basis to understand their challenges and how well your product can resolve them. This is the only way to know where your product falls short.

Constantly improve your product experience, to not lose your customers to your competitors. Addressing customer challenges at the right time helps you boost customer retention.

Product Enhancements & Feature Requests

While collecting product feedback, you will be getting requests for new features as well as for improvements to the existing features. You always have to keep in mind the development costs while considering such requests. New feature requests are excellent for the growth & expansion of your product since they reveal some new use-cases that you never thought of.

On the other side, product feedback tells you how smooth the experience is or how intuitive the UI is. They help you improve the existing product features to better suit the customer needs.

Training your Customer Success Team

Your customer success team or customer support team usually plays the most significant part in collating customer feedback. Train your team to gather feedback, even the client themselves, not knowing it. Almost every interaction that you have with your client has some information for your team to decipher.

The customer is engaging with you and giving you their opinion about the product, the experience they had & how close you are in delivering the expected value.

Always Close the Loop

What makes your feedback really valuable? Taking the right actions!

If your customers feel like they’re unheard, they are going to stop giving you feedback. Implement a scalable Voice of Customer program in the organization to ensure that every customer feedback is taken care of. Design the entire flow that each feedback has to take. Share it with the right stakeholders and close the feedback loop every single time!



David (Dudi) Rubinstein

David (Dudi) Rubinstein

Team Leader of Customer Success- EMEA, ControlUp

He has considerable experience in managing enterprise customer services and customer success. With over 10 years of experience, David Rubinstein has proven his worth in developing and scaling customer-facing teams. He has provided technical support, customer education, customer experience, and professional services to various organizations.

He specializes in customer operations, customer success, customer experience, and customer education. He is known to operate with optimism, honor, and integrity and is highly respected by internal and external teams.