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Cisco reveals that by 2019, 82 percent of all the internet traffic will comprise of videos. And it’s time to use such a powerful platform for something better than brand exposure. Videos help you give a face & personality for all your interactions with customers. Regardless of what your product or service, customer trust plays a significant role in the purchase decision. Videos help in showing customers what your business is all about.

The more engaging and interactive your videos are, the more your consumers are going to feel as though they know and trust your business.

Establish a human connection

Many times customers make the call to the support team to interact and resolve issues with a real person. Something reassures them from connecting & communicating with humans rather than following the automated robotic instructions. When the customers listen to a video where the person tells their name and talks about their video, it makes a lot of difference.

Seeing a dedicated person sitting there to help them go a long way in building customer trust.

Simplify technical content

Almost half of the calls made to customer support is from confused users to clarify the already provided instructions. A video of a person explaining each step along with the screencast can avoid a lot of vagueness and unwanted confusions altogether. It is a fantastic practice to simplify highly technical content and thereby reduce customer churn.

It is an age of immediacy, and videos are a lot faster method to guide your customers, rather than depending on text alone.

Diffuse Tense Situations

“Keeping your customers happy, all the time!” is an unrealistic goal for any business in the world. You’re going to disappoint your customers from time to time. The goal should be to keep the friction as low as possible and to handle customer crisis promptly. Breaking any bad news to the customers in such a way that they don’t churn is tricky and very hard to achieve.

Videos are, again, a fantastic way to ensure that the customers are clear about your message & the intent.

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