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Thousands of articles & books have been written about different survey methodologies that promise more and more responses. But not many focus on how to keep your customer surveys more insightful. Keeping your customer surveys relevant will help you collect meaningful answers. Isn’t that the ultimate objective of conducting customer surveys?

According to OpinionLab, 80 percent of the survey takers abandon the surveys halfway through. That’s a considerable number to ignore and keep sending your surveys. It’s time to make every survey you send be more impactful. Before emailing your next customer survey, ensure that it complies with the following.

You’re not forcing feedback

Imagine, you just finished a conversation with customer care, and you receive a survey to rate how helpful the support was. The survey intimation is on point. But, what if the support team had told me that my issue would be resolved only after two days? It would make sense to rate the effectiveness of the support team only after whatever promises they have given come true.

Ideally, you are asked to send a customer survey every time a customer interacts with your brand. Blindly forcing feedback is going to earn you just skewed, unbiased data.

You have an active feedback loop

The customers should be able to give feedback when they want to. Rather than making your customers take surveys at fixed interactions, let them give feedback whenever they feel like it. An active feedback loop lets your customers reach out to you at their will.

Your customers can instantly mark how happy they are with the way you’ve categorized a particular section of your website, or how seamless the payment process is. You would be missing out on all such input without an active feedback loop.

Know whether your customers want you to follow-up

You care about your NPS score. Not your customers!

Customers give feedback to you because they care about their own experience. They’re unhappy with their brand experience and want you to put in efforts to make it better. They have given you the information they wanted to. Now, it’s your turn to reflect the insights you collected and start delivering better customer experiences.

Add the question, “Do you want us to follow-up with you,” at the end of the survey to avoid annoying your customers in the future. Follow-up only if they prefer you to.

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