Collect Feedback

Gather pertinent feedback from your audience with engaging surveys.

Drive your business to greater heights with NPS metric.
Boost your Business

Draw valuable conclusions from survey responses.

Close the Loop and perfect your brand with NPS.
Close The Loop

Take actionable measures to improve and perfect your brand.

Collect Feedback

Net Promoter Score involves asking your customers the simple question of their willingness to recommend your brand to a friend. Send out personalized, engaging Net Promoter Score surveys to your customers

Categorize your customers into as promoters, passives & detractors with NPS.
Segment Your Customers

Identify your loyal and disgruntled customers, and segment them into Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

With NPS, you can find out why your customers are loyal to your brand.
Uncover Loyalty Driving Factors

Find out why your customers prefer you. Explore scope for improvements and better your brand

With the help of NPS, you can find out who your unsatisfied customers are.
Identify Unsatisfied Customers

Actively Engage with detractors & passives and convert them into Promoters

Boost Your Business

With Net Promoter Score, collect crucial insights about your business.

NPS helps you uncover the customers who are fiercely loyal to your brand.
Spot Your Brand Advocates

Promoters score you a 9 or a perfect 10 & enthusiastically pledge loyalty to your brand.

Find out the underlying factors which create a detractor using NPS.
Identify Factors That Create a Detractor

Identify top contributors that brings in a detractor. Detractors taint your brand with no efforts, so avoid creating one!

Know the competitor NPS score & industry benchmark to know where you stand.
Find Out Competitor Score & Industry Benchmark

Does your score beat the industry benchmark? Supersede your competition with ease then

Close The Loop

With Net Promoter Score, collect crucial insights about your business.

Actively Follow-up with Customers with your customers to engage them better
Active Follow-ups

Engage your customers with regular follow-ups. Provide assistance wherever and whenever needed.

Keep adding more number into your customer loyalty pool to strengthen it.
Strengthen Your Loyal Customer Pool

Take actionable measures to keep adding more people to your loyal customer pool.

Have the majority of your customers as Promoters who are brand advocates.
Only Promoters

Ensure the majority of your customers are promoters. Collect feedback regularly & keep in check.

How it works

The relative ease of using Net Promoter Score has made it the huge success it is today. Do you wish to employ Net Promoter Score system for your business? Here’s how.