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What is an Online Form Creator?

An online form creator is a modern data collection methodology that employs web forms to gain actionable and useful digital data. With the invent of online survey software, webforms have become popular data collection tools that help businesses to know their customers better. You can use form creators for a multitude of use-cases, which are illustrated in the sections that follow.

Thus with a free online form creator,


Create smart webforms that poses relevant questions


Design & make webforms stunning to get higher responses


Share your web forms across multiple channels


Get valuable data & gain rich insights from the responses

Defining a form creator,

An online form creator is a tool which helps you create online web forms that are media-rich, error-free, and which collects pertinent data quickly.

Online form creators have replaced their traditional counterparts like door-to-door, person-to-person interviews, and paper surveys. However, the print-ready feature makes it possible for you to export the web form and conduct feedback collection offline as well.

SurveySparrow as your Online Form Creator

Are you on the lookout for the best form creator? Here's how SurveySparrow can be the form creator you were searching for.

Customer feedback for businesses

Form creators are handy data collection tools as they help a business to get one step closer to their customers. Be it restaurant feedback, online shopping feedback, or guest satisfaction in resorts, and online form creators collect and bring actionable data for you.

Create engaging, personalized webforms and understand your customers better.
Collect feedback from your customers & improve business.

Employee feedback for organizations

An online form creator can help you bring valuable feedback from employees. Conduct routine employee organizational health checks and enrich your work culture. Not just feedback, efficiently handle maternity leave applications, vacation request forms, incident reports, and more with a form creator.

Share engaging feedback forms with your employees and improve the work culture.
Tap employee pulse with engaging feedback forms

Event registration & feedback

Form creators are perfect for collecting feedback from the delegates who attended your event. Share post-event surveys to uncover the problem-points and improve it to host a better event in the future. Not just post-event, you can also employ an online form creator to manage the registration process of your event.

Collect event registration details and feedback from your attendees.
Manage event registration and collect post-event feedback from attendees.

Healthcare feedback & appointments

To improve the services you provide at your healthcare institution, an online form creator plays a pivotal role in bringing patient feedback. Not just patients, you can also improve the working environment for doctors & staff at your medical institution. Tired of a stack of appointments at your desk? Embed appointment web form on your website to collect details and manage your appointments.

Collect patient feedback & manage appointments.
Manage patient appointments and collect their feedback.

Payments & Application forms

Easily accept payments through your webforms and securely handle online transactions with SurveySparrow's online form creator. With Stripe Payment Integration, all the data is encrypted, and you no longer need to worry about data leak and frauds. Finding it hard to find tenants? Build & use rental application form with a PDF form creator.

Handle Online transactions and applications with online form creator.
Accept payments securely and handle applications

Website feedback & Lead capture

Embed lead capture webforms and feedback chatbots in your website with the best online form creator. Grab every lead and address with embedded forms in all your relevant landing pages. Deploy survey bots to address every contact query a visitor has, to provide 24*7 support, and to collect useful feedback from them.

Collect visitor feedback about your website and collect lead information.
Collect insightful data about your website & capture every lead.

Quizzes & Trivia

An online form creator is not all serious. Whip up fun quizzes that are engaging and test the knowledge prowess of your users. The Score feature helps you to evaluate each question and display the respective score at the end of the survey. You can customize multiple thank you pages to show it based on the score. Here are vocabulary quiz and geography quiz for you!

Quizzes and fun Trivia forms to engage with your particpants.
Run engaging quizzes and score your particpants easily.

How to choose the best online form creator?

Though the choice may vary based on requirements, there are must-have features that any form creator must offer you. Here are some of the key aspects you must consider.


Build personalized, engaging forms

SurveySparrow's online form creator helps you build customizable web forms that are conversational. This enables you to get an increased 40% completion rates. Since personalizing the webform is crucial, you can make use of question piping & variables, and create smart surveys that are truly conversational. Engage with your respondents using video surveys; embed videos as BG for your webforms.


Style forms & reflect branding

Make webforms that reflect your brand persona. With SurveySparrow, you can add a theme for your forms from the Themes library, or you can create one of your own. Customize everything- color palette, font, and buttons. Add an image, video, or even gradient as the background for webforms. Add CSS styling to customize it exactly as you need with the online form creator.


Customize & logic-branch forms

The best form creators provide the conditional logic branching feature to ask only relevant questions to your respondents and skip the rest. With SurveySparrow, you can employ display logic and skip logic, thus, to build smart surveys. Use the same survey for multiple products of yours with the custom params feature.


Easy Embed & share options

To collect website leads or in-app feedback, an online form creator helps you embed the web form with a simple copy & paste of an auto-generated code snippet. With SurveySparrow's form creator, you can also email your webforms to customers and get their feedback or send them a scannable QR code. Share webforms using multiple unique weblinks or fully-configured social shares or SMS share forms for quick surveys.


Analyze data & schedule reports

Choose a form builder that comes with a robust reporting module and converts data into information. SurveySparrow's online form creator captures data real-time and creates insightful reports instantly. Schedule these reports to your inbox at any preferred time; you needn't even log in to find out the responses & performance. Cross-tabulate responses with Compare feature and sift out relevant data with Advanced reports filters.


Integrate with any application

Pick an online form creator that you can integrate with any business tool you use in everyday life. You can connect using Zapier, API, webhooks for native integrations. Get updated in Slack channel for a new response, gift respondents an incentive with Rybbon integration, manage your user base with Hubspot Integration or accept payments via Stripe integration.

What are the benefits of an Online Form Creator?

Though the choice may vary based on requirements, there are must-have features that any form creator must offer you. Here are some of the key aspects you must consider.

No coding requried

Since online form creators don't require any programming, anyone can get started with their first web form in minutes. It can be edited anytime and customized to the dot. Thus, you can save resources and eliminate any dependencies.

Saves time & efforts

Online form creators are user-friendly tools that saves you much time when it comes to form creation & use. While a tiny mistake in paper forms will lead to costly reprinting, you can make all the edits you want on your form creator with a click.

Worth the value paid

Even the best online form creators are affordable and worth every penny of yours. There are many free tools available as well in the market; however, some of the premium features may come under a paid plan.

Consistent branding & marketing

An online form creator lets you play around with the design of your web forms. This is not just for the aesthetic appeal alone; you can create web forms that compliment your brand. This will familiarize your audience with your brand's styling, logo, colors, and so on. Embedding the image of the brand in the minds of your customers is essential when it comes to brand boosting. An online form creator helps you do just that!

Efficient real-time data capture

With traditional methods like paper surveys and postal questionnaires, a lot of time and efforts must be invested to get consistent results. In contrast, creating web forms with a form creator and capturing data is effortless. The information is captured real-time by the form creator and analyzed with a robust reporting module. Slice & dice data and gather new insights.

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