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Online Form Creator helps you build smart web forms for collecting feedback and generate leads.

Design & create highly engaging web forms that are a visual treat

The web forms created with Online Form Creator captures data from customers in a blink.

Collect valuable information from your prospective clients

Online Form Creator helps you uncover valuable insights from the procured data.

With detailed analysis, tap crucial information from collected data

With the insights furnished by Online Form Creator, strategize your next step.

Set out your immediate course of action based on insights uncovered.

Online Form Creator: Overview

An Online Form Creator helps you build highly functional & appealing web forms that find multi-faceted purposes in business. The best part about using an online form creator is that you can create visually-pleasing and engaging web forms without venturing out to write a single line of code. Gone are the days where a stack of feedback forms awaited to be sorted, segregated and analyzed. Online Survey tools have taken the forefront when it comes to feedback collection in today’s age. Not only have they streamlined the feedback collection process, but also have enabled easy & extensive market research. That said, Online Form Creators play a pivotal role in today's data collection ecosystem.

Why you Must Employ Online Form Creators

An Online Form Creator is easy to work with and can effortlessly create highly responsive forms which can capture data for your use. The data is collected in a systematic manner yielding rich insights from the survey results. Let’s have a look at what makes online form creators tick!

Easy to Build

A web form using an online form creator is easy to build and helps you secure data efficiently which is vital for a business. With an online form creator, it is simple to create web forms that suit any business requirements; couple this with the flexibility to add any number of fields and diversify using images, audios, videos and such. It sure makes the survey experience a refreshing one spiking the completion rates.

Tailor-made Forms

An Online Form Creator comes with the immense scope for customization to suit any requirements. With an online form creator, it is easy to build engaging web forms which pose only relevant questions to the end user and renders a personalized experience to each user. This directly results in accurate answers and precise feedback making their way into your forms.

Increases Conversion Rates

Web forms made with an online form creator are capable of fetching you not only accurate responses but capture leads from your website as well. The online form creator builds forms which can furnish you with the immediate details of the prospect, and your sales team can take it from there. This will amplify the effect of your marketing campaigns thereby enhancing the rates at which the prospects turn into clients.

Consistent Branding

An online form creator lets you play around with the design of your web forms. This is not just for the aesthetic appeal alone; you can create web forms that compliment your brand. This will familiarize your audience with your brand’s styling, logo, colors and so on. Embedding the image of the brand in the minds of your customers is essential when it comes to brand boosting. An online form creator helps you do just that!

How to Choose an Online Form Creator Tool

Picking an online form creator will depend significantly on your business requirements; all businesses do not require the same kind of features and support with their Online Form Creator. It all boils down to how extensive you want your market research survey or feedback survey to be. However, there are still some benchmark features which any online form creator must offer to its customers. Let’s see what they are:

Online Form Creator Feature #1: Build Engaging Web Forms.
Easily Create Engaging Web Forms

An Online Form Creator must be simple to use, easy to navigate and get you started with your very first form from the moment you signup. If the process to build a form is complicated and cumbersome, a lot of time needs to be spent on just creating it. Pick out an online form creator which helps you design engaging conversational forms that are visually appealing and whose design complements your brands’.

Online Form Creator Feature #2: Conditional Logic Branching.
Conditional Logic

It is imperative that you keep in mind to respect your users’ time. Drafting a long form with irrelevant questions will do more damage and not any good. So make sure you draft a web form using an online form creator that poses only relevant questions to your audience based on their previous answers. So pick out an online form creator which offers logic branching feature that’ll help you draft smart forms that ask and fetches only relevant information.

Online Form Creator Feature #3: Detailed Reports.
Detailed Reports

The web forms you create using an online form creator have the capability to fetch and present you with much-needed information about your clients, their feedback, views on the scope for improvement of your brand and more. The online form creator must come with a rich dashboard that can provide you with sharp insights which can be used to steer your company strategies.

Online Form Creator Feature #4: App Integrations.
Third-party Integrations

A business requires multiple tools or application to function efficiently. From collecting feedback, address queries, follow-ups; the list is endless. So the ability of the online form creator to coexist with the existing applications and synchronize efficiently must be taken into significant consideration. So make sure to pick out an online form creator that lets you integrate, automate and innovate.

SurveySparrow as Your Online Form Creator

Now that you know the whats, hows relating to an online form creator, let's see why SurveySparrow is the best online form creator you must pick to build your web forms.

Dual UI

SurveySparrow is the world’s first and only online form creator that has a dual user interface. Be it chat-like surveys or conversational forms, the online form creator helps you create highly engaging forms which furnish you with precise data and feedback. Customize your forms to complement your brand.

Advanced Reporting System

With a rich dashboard and reporting system, SurveySparrow’s online form creator provides you rich insights from the collected data. Track responses and gather 360-degree view via histograms, bar graphs, pie charts and so on.

Embedded Forms

Web forms serve a multitude of purposes like collecting website feedback from users, capturing leads, landing pages for your marketing campaigns and more. Surveysparrow’s online form creator helps you embed your forms into your website. You can configure how your web form must be styled and triggered; automatic pop-up, invoked by the user, or embedded inline.

App Integrations

SurveySparrow’s online form creator blends in any ecosystem you place it in. With webhooks and Zapier Integration, you see all your favorite tools working hand-in-hand. Purchasing an online form creator without such capabilities will spell trouble for you in the long run.

With a great online form creator by your side, you can save much time and efforts which would otherwise be spent on building a form with codes. When the merits offered by web forms is multifold, the investment in the right online form creator to build your forms is worth it. Make sure to zero-in on an online form creator that checks all the boxes in your requirement list. And, you have probably landed in the right spot already! Signup and give SurveySparrow’s online form creator a try!

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