Form Builder Tool

Form Builder Tool is the ticket to a smooth feedback collection & data compilation

The key to an effortless feedback collection is by creating interactive feedback forms.

Build highly engaging, conversational feedback forms

Ensure your feedback forms reaches the target audience via various platforms.

Spread your feedback forms far & wide via various platforms

Tap rich insights and conclusions from the data gathered using your feedback forms.

Slice and dice the data to gain in-depth insights & perspectives

Take actionable measures based on insights drawn from the feedback.

Set up a well-devised plan of action based on the insights drawn

Form Builder Tool: The Right Investment?

The feedback collection routine has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent times. With the online survey software, collecting the opinions of users for any product or service has become very simplified; web forms replaced paper questionnaires, email surveys replaced postal surveys! With a great form builder tool by your side, finding out the thoughts your audience have on your product/service is an absolute cakewalk. Web forms enact multiple roles like customer feedback forms, contact forms in landing pages for your website and such. Thus you can be sure that a form builder tool takes a big chunk of work off your plate and can tremendously help your business grow.

What a Form Builder Tool can do for Your Business

A form builder tool can be your wingman in executing and managing tasks so that with very little sweat from your side, you can reap high benefits. Let’s see what a form builder tool brings to your business.

Improve Lead Generation

Collecting leads and converting them into customers is the life-support system for any business. Web forms, created with form builder tools, are an efficient means of obtaining information about your leads. Embedding web forms in landing pages of your website can immensely catalyze spiking the lead generation rates. In this manner, a user can fill up some details in the form, and you can follow-up and engage with them.

Reflect your Brand Persona

A form builder tool that offers abundant design flexibility helps you to create elegant web forms that reflect the personality of your brand. Be it the brand icon, color palette, or font style, create forms that embed the personage of your brand in the minds of the audience.

Not a Designer Jedi or Coding Ninja?

Web forms are simple HTML versions of a paper form. While traditionally a designer and coder came together to build web forms, a form builder tool can do this task by itself. You needn’t seek out designers or coders or even be on. All you need to do is bag an excellent form builder tool.

Resource Management

Gathering data and collecting feedback is not a simple process. Often, the process grabs hold of valuable resources like capital, time, manual efforts, and so on. In the long run, it would do very little good for your business. However, a form builder tool can assist and take over effort-intensive activities and help you focus on more important matters. Effectively you can not only manage your assets but save them as well.

Features to Look out for in a Form Builder Tool

When there are various tools available in the market, it’s often confusing to pick one that best suits your requirements. Nevertheless, here are some benchmark features which any form builder tool must possess.

Build personalized forms using form builder tool for high response rates and accurate feedback.
Engaging feedback forms for accurate responses
Personalized Forms

A form builder tool must assist in designing and creating forms that are engaging, visually-appealing, and offers a personalized experience to users. Data gathering is no easy task. Period. However, personalizing feedback forms for users drives the audience to give frank opinions. The form builder that offers features like smart logic, question piping, etc., can get this job done in no time! Get high response rates for your feedback forms.

Automate Feedback Forms to automatically send feedback surveys periodically.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automate Feedback Forms

Listening intently to the voice of your customers is very crucial and not a one-time process. Thus send out periodic feedback surveys seeking customer feedback to improve and make your brand the best. A form builder tool can automate sending the pulse surveys so that you don’t waste time doing the same tasks repeatedly. Save time, avoid unnecessary efforts and execute perfect resource management thus.

Share your forms via multiple channels using form builder tool.
Share your forms across multiple platforms
Share Forms Easily

Merely drafting web forms isn’t sufficient. The forms must reach the target audience to achieve the results you desire. Thus a form builder tool that offers versatile sharing options must be your pick any day. Be it email surveys, embedding forms in a website, via web links, and such, share your forms across multiple platforms so that they receive maximum reach and visibility and identify which channel brings better responses.

Templates Collection to pick and choose the best one that suits your requirements.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Templates Collection

A form builder tool must have an assorted collection of the most sought-after templates. Loaded with suitable questions, these can kick-start your feedback process swiftly. In this manner, you can save time and efforts which must be spent otherwise on examining the questions. Pick the template of your choice from the collection offered by the form builder tool or modify it to fit your requirements perfectly.

SurveySparrow as your Form Builder Tool

SurveySparrow is all about taking the mundanity out of surveys. When you converse with your audience, what you get in hand are honest answers. As a form builder tool, have a look at what SurveySparrow has to offer your business.

Conversational Forms

SurveySparrow’s form builder tool comes with dual UI; chat-like surveys and conversational forms. Engage with your audience instead of interrogating by picking open-ended, diverse question types like star rating, MCQs, opinion scale and more. Get more data at one go by opting for complex question types like Matrix form, drag & drop, rank order and more!

Go conversational!

Share Options

SurveySparrow leaves no stone unturned to ensure the feedback forms you create reaches the target audience. The form builder tool offers multiple platforms to share your forms like:

  • Email Surveys
  • Web links
  • Embedded Forms
  • Social Media
  • SMS
  • Recurring Surveys

    The recurring feature offered by SurveySparrow’s form builder tool helps to send out periodic surveys automatically. Configure the survey settings once by fixing the time, date, day of sending out the surveys. The form builder tool takes it from there.

    Robust Reporting Module

    SurveySparrow’s form builder tool comes with a powerful dashboard that can analyze data at the granular level. Slice & dice the collected data to gather in-depth insights and gain new perspectives. This comes in handy when you doing academic studies and market research. Track your survey’s performance in detail- the completion rates, the average time to complete, number of visits and more. Identify the various business challenges and solve them efficiently.

    Having the best form builder tool can step-up your feedback collection and data gathering to a whole new level. So make sure you bag the best form builder tool that suits your business requirements like a perfect puzzle!

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