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How Crucial are Employee Engagement Platforms for Organizations

Employee engagement is a workplace approach that determines if the working condition in the organization allows the employees to give their best efforts each day, be passionate about the work & workplace, and create a positive impact. An engaged employee knows their goals & objectives clearly and has a far-vision about developing one's career along with that of the organization. They are go-getters who are great team players and continuously motivated to improve on the feedback given. When the majority of the employees are engaged, imagine the impact it has on the organization. An effective employee engagement platform helps you set-up and execute a perfect employee engagement program that ultimately results in:

  • The growth of the organization
  • Adept & highly skilled workforce
  • Higher employee retention
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Great working environment

Employee Engagement Methodologies in Vogue

Richard Branson has eloquently put forth,

“Happy employees equal happy customers. Similarly, an unhappy employee can ruin the brand experience for not just one, but numerous customers.”

With active employee engagement, employees find the drive and commitment to do the best for the organization. They don’t sit back & waste time but instead turn their ideas & goals into reality. However, how qualitative metrics like passion, drive, and commitment be measured? It’s not exactly like the number of employees in a company. But with modern-day tools, it is possible to gather data on these metrics and convert them into actionable data. So here are the most popular methodologies you can use to collect data using employee engagement platforms.

Online Surveys

The very fundamentals of data collection have changed with the entry of online survey software. These survey tools are adept in collecting data and gathering insights from it. More and more organizations are taking up online surveys to collect employee engagement data. Employee engagement platforms deploy employee pulse surveys, using which organizations can collect quick feedback from their employees at regular intervals. This helps them to keep up with the pulse of their employees and resolve any issue right at the beginning. Annual Surveys are also a great way to uncover grievances & troubles employees face and gauge their satisfaction.

Takeaway: Employee engagement platforms make it easier than ever to collect data, analyze it, and take measures for improvement.


Employee Net Promoter Score, or the eNPS, is a metric that helps you swiftly gauge the employee loyalty. Just like NPS is used to measure customer advocacy for a brand, eNPS helps your organization gather how loyal and committed your employees. Since NPS surveys are short & crisp, you can expect high completion rates for surveys and collect quality data as well. Benchmark your score with industry standards, and you can thus find out where your company stands regarding employee engagement.

Takeaway: Quick & efficient, eNPS helps to high-quality employee engagement data with high response rates.

Focus Groups

Though time-consuming, focus groups help companies carry out a more in-depth assessment of employee engagement. Rather than just finding out if employees are engaged & happy, these methods help to find out why they feel involved. What are the factors that contribute to their engagement? When you know answers to these questions, improving your employee engagement is easier.

Takeaway: Time-consuming, but you can gather more profound insights.


One-on-one interviews help to spend quality time with employees to find out their views and opinions about the workplace and their work. These interviews are instrumental in finding the dynamics an employee has with the workplace. Exit Interviews are instrumental in finding out the factors that lead to an employee leaving the organization. These are the metrics which must be improved immediately; be it a bossy manager, salary, absence of work-life balance and so on.

Takeaway: Helps to know your employees inside out, but it a time-consuming process.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful method for indirectly gathering data about employee engagement. Platforms like Glassdoor gives honest reviews about an organization. Closely monitor these channels to find out a wealth of data on employee sentiments that may otherwise be difficult to collect.

Takeaway: Gather rich data indirectly from social media and platforms that might be difficult to gather otherwise.

Looking For An Employee Engagement Platform? 6 Things To Consider

Here are six things to consider while you are rounding in on an employee engagement platform.

Get accurate data using engaging surveys.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spike the completion rates
Draft Interactive Surveys

The employee engagement platform you pick must let you build engaging employee engagement surveys that are visually appealing and relevant. With a sleek interface to boast of, the platform must make feedback collection a simple process. With diverse question types to choose from, conditional branching logic to ask what’s relevant & skip the rest, and features to personalize the surveys, make collecting employee engagement data less of an ordeal.

Deploy diverse channels to share your surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Survey Share Channels

The employee engagement platform must allow you to share your surveys across different channels so that employees can pick a channel that's most convenient to them. Be it email surveys, social media, web links, or SMS option, more the channels your employee engagement platform offers, the better it is. Another feature to look for is Multi-device capability. If your surveys are mobile responsive, employees can take them anywhere, anytime as they wish.

Gather profound insights using employee engagement platform.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Analyze Data, Gain Insights

The whole process of creating surveys, sharing it, and collecting data is pointless if you are unable to gather rich insights from it. Make sure the employee engagement platform you round-in has a powerful reporting module that furnishes detailed reports and helps you gather in-depth insights and perspectives. Once you get a clear idea, the next step is to take actionable measures based on it. Communicate with your employees, resolve issues quickly, and let your employees know their voice is heard.

Share automated pulse surveys to collect feedback periodically.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Recurring Surveys

Employee engagement is not a one-time task. It has to be executed continuously and meticulously to become a success. However, routinely sending the same surveys over and over again makes little to no sense. It is here that you can make use of an employee engagement platform to do the task for you. Pick a platform that can send automated pulse surveys to all your employees at the preferred time & day of the month. Sit back and relax while your tool does all the task for you.

Segment your employees into various categories using employee engagement platform.
Segment your employees into various groups for ease & clarity
Audience Management

Picture sending Manager surveys to your Directors; that’s a big No-No any day. In an organization, there are different departments each with varying levels of hierarchy involved. In such a case, an employee engagement tool that offers audience management feature would prove to be extremely beneficial. You can group your employees into various departments or based on hierarchy and get better visibility. Send the right surveys to the right audience.

SurveySparrow as Your Employee Engagement Platform

Conversational, Sleek Interface

SurveySparrow’s employee engagement platform comes with not just one but two user interfaces. You can opt either chat-like surveys or conversational forms for your end-user view. Go conversational and be pleasingly astounded to see the increased survey response rates.

Recurring Surveys

The recurring survey feature offered by SurveySparrow helps you to send pulse surveys that are fully-automated to your employees periodically. Spend your time and focus on important matters and allocate your resources meaningfully while the employee engagement platform takes care of the routine tasks.

Share Surveys Easily

There’s a natural reluctance people have towards taking surveys. So the miserable numbers that come for the response rates are not surprising. A great way to secure high response rates is to circulate surveys via multiple channels. Be it email survey, SMS share, web links, or social media, ensure that your employees can take it using any channel they wish!

Multi-device Capability

Ensure that you provide ultimate flexibility to your employees by choosing an employee engagement platform that offers multi-device capability. In this manner, your employees can take the survey according to their convenience. Be it on their desktop in the office, a tablet or mobile in the subway, make your surveys available anywhere, anytime!

Reporting System

SurveySparrow’s employee engagement tool comes with a rich reporting system that offers accurate reports & insights on the engagement data collected. You can gain an in-depth understanding of using graphs, pie-charts, histograms, etc., while question-level break-down aids you slice & dice information at a granular level.

Integration Options

SurveySparrow’s employee engagement platform comes powered with Zapier Integration & webhooks to help you connect with other third-party applications to create an automated, channelized workflow.

If you are searching high & low for an employee engagement platform that helps you execute a great employee engagement program, you are at the right place. Browse through our free survey templates for conducting surveys on market research, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and so on! Signup and get started, right away!

Happy Surveying!

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