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What is Employee Engagement Platform?

Employee engagement is a workplace approach that determines if the working environment in an organization allows the employees to give their best effort each day, be passionate about the work, and create a positive impact on the overall growth of the organization. An employee engagement platform is a software that helps organizations measure engagement and plan the ‘people strategy’ efficiently. The best employee engagement platforms come with a continuous feedback system and powerful reporting modules that point towards key factors that drive employee engagement, the areas that require attention, and the factors that has scope for improvement.


Craft conversational employee engagement surveys effortlessly


Deploy surveys across different platforms to boost reach & visibility of surveys


Gain inestimable insights from employee engagement survey data


Plan and chart a well-structured course of action for improvement

SurveySparrow as your Employee Engagement Platform

Since keeping your workforce engaged has become crucial like never before, make sure you round-in on the best employee engagement tools to maintain a good health for your organization. SurveySparrow’s digital employee engagement platform comes with best-in-class features to carve out a dexterous workforce flourishing in a thriving work culture. Here’s how:

Create customized, engaging, anonymous surveys

Create highly customizable surveys that are conversational in nature and get better response rates. SurveySparrow’s employee engagement platform helps you share anonymous surveys, that brings in more honest responses. Customize your surveys with custom params & variables, and pipe it for personalizing it for each employee. Make surveys smart by asking only relevant questions using skip & display logic.

Collect employee engagement data using personalized, conversational surveys.
Conversational employee engagement surveys

Gain insights using reporting module

Understand the level of engagement amongst your employees using the insightful reporting module of the employee engagement software. Apply advanced filters to get a deeper understanding and cross-tabulate responses to understand what works and why. Take analysis offline with PDF-ready & SPSS-ready reports. Automate and receive survey responses & reports in your inbox at your preferred time.

Slice and dice the employee engagement data to gain rich insights and improve your program.
Analyze data using the reporting module

Set-up & automate the feedback process

Collect feedback from employees routinely using the recurring survey feature of SurveySparrow’s employee engagement tool. Configure when and how frequently you wish to survey your employees, ideally once in a quarter, for best results. It’s necessary to know employee engagement isn’t a one-time deal. Make it a part of your work culture.

Automate your employee engagement surveys with the recurring feature.
Automate employee engagement surveys using recurring feature

Manage multiple sub-accounts for different teams

Set-up and manage multiple accounts for each department of your organization, all under a single account. All the stakeholders involved can access the sub-accounts. Under each sub-account, you can steer & manage the visibility of the surveys and thereby control who can access what surveys using teams and folders. Enjoy a hassle-free checkout with a centralized billing process.

Manage multiple sub-accounts and teams efficiently.
Centralized billing, multiple sub-accounts and teams

Login using your organization’s credentials with SSO

With the single sign-on feature, you can login to your employee engagement platform with your organizational credentials. This ensures a smooth check-in and check-out while using the tool. Single sign-on or SSO also avoids the juggle with various login credentials for your everyday applications. Truly make the employee engagement platform a part of your organization.

Automate your employee engagement surveys with the recurring feature.
Single sign-on helps you to login using organization's credentials
Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate with any
day-to-day app of yours

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


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Employee Engagement Platform: Things to consider

A higher percentage of disengaged employees translate into a considerable dip in the overall productivity and leads to erosion of employee retention. So it is imperative that you think of these six things when it comes to bagging your employee engagement tool.


Collect insights and enact

An employee engagement platform significantly reduces your efforts of collecting employee feedback & data. However, keep in mind that all that data is mere numbers and facts until you take actions based on it. Does an employee have a rocky relationship with his Manager? Nip it right in the bud. Employees feel their growth has stagnated? Allow them to explore new territories with training sessions and workshops.


Incorporate the platform with ease

Ensure the employee engagement software you pick matches the needs and requirements of your organization. A good way to go about this is to opt for highly customizable tools. The one-size-fits-all platform is a myth. Ensure that it can be integrated with your existing ecosystem i.e., the applications and tools your business uses every day like your HRM software.


Identify the key pain-points

The reporting and analysis capability of the employee engagement tool cannot be compromised. Merely collecting data is insufficient, the tool must be able to draw valuable insights from it. This will help you plan the next course of action as needed.


Pick an easy-to-use tool

Round-in on an employee engagement platform is easy to use and offers an easy onboarding. If the platform makes you reach out for support for even the smallest query, it isn’t worth your time.


Implement it continuously

If you think employee engagement is a one-time process, stop right there. It’s a continuous process that must be implemented throughout to reap the benefits promised. Set up a continuous feedback loop using your employee engagement platform using automated employee pulse surveys.

Employee Engagement Platform: The complete solution

Here are the eight key benefits of using employee engagement surveys.

An engaged employee knows their goals & objectives clearly and has a far-vision about developing one's career along with that of the organization. They are go-getters who are great team players and are continuously motivated to improve on the feedback given. When the majority of the employees are engaged, imagine the impact it has on the organization. An effective employee engagement platform helps you set-up and execute a perfect employee engagement program that ultimately results in better work culture, a skilled workforce, happier employees with greater productivity, and very high employee retention.

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