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Boost survey completion rates & CTRs for your email surveys using the best Email Survey Tools

Craft engaging email surveys using email survey tools.

Create visually striking email surveys that brings great response rates

Share email surveys to your target audience using email survey tools.

Share email surveys to target audience and collect feedback

Gain rich insights from the email survey data.

Gain inestimable insights & new perspectives from email survey data

Follow-up and improve audience engagement with email survey tools.

Follow-up with your audience and engage with them better

Are Email Survey Tools Crucial For Business

Emails are, undoubtedly, one of the best means of communication invented. The very nature of emails helps the sender to add a personal touch while staying professional; precisely why email surveys top the deck when it comes to surveying methodologies. As a result, having an email survey tool that takes care of your email surveys is a significant investment. Emails comprise of a dominant part of communication across the globe, owing to the plethora of advantages which can enhance the survey experience you provide. Sending out email surveys help to:

  • Collect feedback about a product/service
  • Gauge Customer Satisfaction & Experience
  • Improve Products/ Services
  • Find out how customers use your product
  • Improve engagement with your audience
  • Spearhead marketing campaigns
  • Conduct market research

Thus an email survey tool brings out the best of email surveys effortlessly. Wish to know how? Read on and find out.

Benefits of Email Survey Tools

Employing an email survey tool to handle email surveys takes immense work off your plate and brings excellent ROI. Here are the benefits offered by email survey tools.

Combines Multi-format Data

Email survey tools combine data of diverse formats like image, audio, and video to bring out email surveys that are visually striking and captivates the interest of your audience. As a result, emails get high open rates, and surveys receive quality responses.

Multi-device Compatibility

Email survey tools help to build surveys that are multi-device compatible. This helps the audience to take the survey anywhere, anytime, according to their convenience.

Engaging & Personal

Many people prefer to give feedback via emails as opposed to online reviews and social media polls. An email survey tool is adept in creating email surveys that are engaging and personal. Hence, you can not only collect feedback but also improve engagement with your audience.

Convenient & Flexible

Email surveys are quick to draft, easy to build, and even simpler to share. One the email survey tool rounds in on all the contact, hit the send button to share it with a mass audience.

Features of Top-Notch Email Survey Tools

Are you on a search for a great email survey tool to collect relevant feedback and data from audiences? Here are some must-have features for any email survey tool.

Share automated pulse surveys with your audience using email survey tools.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automated Pulse Surveys

Very often, sending email surveys isn’t a one-time process; especially when you are collecting opinions of customers or feedback from employees. Therefore, the email survey tool you pick must offer the feature to share automated email surveys. Once you configure when and how recurrently the surveys must be sent, the tool can take it from there. Thus, save time and efforts, thus. Why spend precious time and valuable resources on tasks that can be merely automated!

Create winning email surveys that are personalized using email using email survey tools.
Craft personalized email surveys with high CTRs
Craft Personalized Email Surveys

While creating email surveys, the subject and content of the email are of paramount importance. Subject lines capture the attention of the emails while great content engages the audience. The email survey tool you pick must help to draft email surveys with features to personalize the subject and body of the email. When the survey itself is stellar, you can expect greater open rates, response rates, and click-through rates.

Share Thank you and reminder emails to audience to enhance engagements.
Send Thank you and reminder emails to audience
Reminder & Thank You Emails

The email survey tool that offers reminder emails and thank you emails is a great choice any day. People are busy; hence they tend to forget things. Sending reminder emails to respondents can serve as gentle prompts to help them to take the surveys. Besides, this spikes up the survey completion rates as well. When respondents take out their time to give you feedback, thank them by sharing Thank you emails. This enhances user engagements too.

Sort your audience into various groups using email survey tools.
Segment your audience into various groups
Audience Management

If the email survey tool comes with the feature of grouping audience based on different criteria, it’s a wise pick any day. This is for the reason that audience management comes handy while sharing email surveys since it helps to sort respondents easily. As a result, you get better visibility which allows sending the right survey to the right audience. You can avoid any mix-ups and save your emails from finding a spot in the ‘Spam’ folder.

Use templates offered by the email survey tool and get started with your surveys.
Employ templates with thoroughly researched questions
Free Templates Collection

Why spend time researching on the questions that you must place in your surveys when the email survey tool can do it for you. A tool that comes with a collection of the most popular templates will help you get started in a matter of minutes. Be it event feedback, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, market research, or customer feedback, use the templates to fetch the appropriate input from the right audience.

SurveySparrow As Your Email Survey Tool

If you were looking for an email survey tool, you have landed at the right stop. SurveySparrow’s email survey tool helps you create email surveys that brings you phenomenal success!

Personalized Emails

Drafting email surveys that are engaging and personalized is a simple walk in the park with SurveySparrow’s Email Survey Tool. SurveySparrow comes with features that help to customize your emails- the subject & the body of the email using custom parameters and variables.

So out of “Please give us feedback” and “How was your experience staying at Hotel X, John?”, which do you think will fetch higher response rates, open rates, and CTR? The latter, obviously. Customize your email surveys and make them personalized with SurveySparrow.

Reminder Emails

SurveySparrow’s email survey tool helps to share reminder emails to your audience in case they forget to take & finish the survey. You can send reminder emails to both partial responders & non-responders, thereby urging them gently to complete the survey. Above all, you can set when these surveys must be shared- after a day or two, or a week!

Recurring Surveys

You can say goodbye to the repetitive chore of sharing the same survey over and over again with SurveySparrow’s recurring survey feature. All you need to do is set when and how recurrently must the surveys be shared, and the email survey software takes it from there.

Thank You Emails

SurveySparrow's online survey software comes with Thank you email feature which sends emails once respondents complete the survey. Show that you appreciate the effort put forth by respondents by sharing personalized thank you emails.

Free Templates Collection

SurveySparrow’s email survey tool comes with a rich collection of the most popular templates. After thorough investigation & analysis, these templates have precise questions to fetch relevant feedback & data. Get started with your surveys without any delay!

An excellent email survey tool helps to model winning email surveys that not only brings you valuable feedback & data but help you engage with your audience. Get started with SurveySparrow, the best email survey tool!

Happy Surveying!

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