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Email Survey: The Lord of the Mansion

An Email Survey is an easy option to collect customer feedback. It is imperative that you know what your customers think about your products/services. There are many ways to collect feedback, email surveys being one of the most result-oriented way amongst them. Email Survey is also a cost-effective method to reach your customers.

When you communicate with your customers, the medium through which you spread your message is important. While social media is still a great way to reach your customers, the open rate for an email is very high. The users who have subscribed to your email newsletter are much more inclined to fill a survey than someone who follows you on a social media platform.

Email survey is an easy option as email services today come with a plethora of functions that make it an extremely effective form of communication channel and is subsequently the number one choice for businesses.

Another reason why email surveys are pivotal is that you can combine multiple types of content in a single email. One can include a lot of information in an email survey (read multiple call-to-action buttons), which is otherwise not possible while using other formats.

An Email Survey is one of the easiest ways to collect feedback from your customers.

Why Email Survey is a Real Game-changer

Email survey stands out as the most preferred form of reaching out to the customers among the other options like telephone, in-person interviews, focus groups, postal mails and so on. Let’s see why an email survey is the finest way to gather customer insights.

  • Cost Effective:
  • The cost of conducting an email survey is meager when opposed to other methods as it only requires an account, an email service provider, and an active internet connection. On the other hand, in-person interviews involve much money; postal mails need spending on marketing collaterals and, phone calls burn a hole through your wallet!

  • Use multiple content formats:
  • One of the most significant advantages of using an email survey is that you can always give the customer options to click on external links which will provide them more information about your products and at times, even prod them to make a purchase through the link. Make the survey more entertaining and informative by educating the respondent about your products using audios, videos, and other materials.

  • Ease of use and speed:
  • An email survey is the fastest method for a respondent to complete a survey. The responses also arrive as soon as someone finishes the survey which gives you instant data that can be used to create a better product. Since email surveys also have the capability to display questions based on a customer’s choice of answers, most of the responses you get are highly targeted.

  • Gives users freedom of choice:
  • Email surveys are less persuasive and offer your customers the opportunity to ignore your survey if they don’t feel like completing it. Many customers are comfortable giving feedback in writing where they don’t have to face an individual who is noting down the responses in real-time.

  • Track responses of the survey:
  • A significant advantage that email surveys have and which others don’t is that they are highly trackable. Based on the responses, you can segment users into different groups using which you can target them appropriately in the future. There is also the provision to send reminders to customers who have not responded to the email surveys.

  • Gather testimonials and feedback:
  • A business that plans to stay afloat needs to listen to its customers, and a highly recommended way to do that is to send out email surveys and ask them where they have gone wrong and what needs to be improved. When you ask your customers open-ended questions, they are happy to add their views. Ask them for testimonials too which you can use on your website as a proof of your credibility to make more sales.

Email Survey Strategies you Must not Miss

Like most business processes, sending email surveys require a thorough of planning and foresight. The more you understand about your objectives and the needs of the end-consumer, the better will be your prospects to create a desired email survey. Here are some tips on the thought process required to develop a winning email survey strategy.

  • Know who your customer is:
  • The first step in any marketing outreach campaign is knowing who the ideal customer is. Without identifying the characteristics of a customer, your marketing campaign will be akin to shooting in the dark. If you sell financial services, then targeting school children is certainly not the best way to go about it. Understand the preferences of your customers- where they usually spend their time and on which platforms they are available. There are email service providers that offer you segmentation features that will help you narrow down your choices and target the most relevant customers.

  • Concentrate on the content:
  • Once you have identified who your target audience will be, the next step is drafting questions that are relatable and broad. Keep in mind the following while preparing your survey. What are the questions you are planning to ask in the survey? What is the information that you require from the customers, to fulfill the objective of the survey? How do you tell the customer about the importance of the survey? Use personalization and branding to appeal to your audience.

  • Method for sending the email surveys:
  • The brand should be clear about the way in which the distribution of the email surveys would be executed. Will the emails be sent manually or is the entire process automated? What will be the level of personalization in the email surveys sent? How will the respondents be segmented? What will be the follow-up step for each customer based on their different responses? How does the email service provider and CRM work together?

  • When to send an email survey:
  • Sending an email as soon as a customer interacts with you will elicit higher response rates than when you send the email survey at a later time. Timing is essential when you send email surveys to your customers. Keep in mind to send it based on your customers’ preferences.

  • The objective of the email surveys:
  • Being clear about what you expect as an outcome from the email surveys will go a long way in helping you create an effective email survey strategy. Is it to gather consumer data or to gauge the level of customer satisfaction? What is the follow-up strategy that you aim to do based on the customer’s feedback? Ask only the most relevant questions so that you get the best results from the email survey. Too many questions can distract the customer making them drop off the survey. As the brand that does the email survey, you should take proper discretion to drop the vanity questions.

Best Practices for Conducting an Email Survey

While we have elucidated in detail about the importance of conducting an email survey, there is also the job of convincing your customers to fill out the survey. Implementing proper email survey methodologies is extremely important for you to get maximum results. Let’s see some must-have strategies below:

  • Using attractive subject lines:
  • Email inboxes of your customers are bombarded with tons of emails every day from businesses like yours, and there needs to be a certain distinction and uniqueness prompting them to open the email in the first place. Subject lines like “Customer Satisfaction Survey”, “Please fill this survey” and “Spend 2 minutes to fill this survey” are a big ‘No-No’. The customers know that there is no incentive for them in such emails and won’t even bother opening.

    Offer them incentives that will make them spend those 2 minutes for you. Think of the entire process as an exercise in Marketing and therefore warranting a budget for it as well. Offer a small discount to customers who finish the survey or at least write attractive headlines. Here are a few that works like a charm:

    • Did you like the experience with us? Please take this survey
    • We would love to pick your brain
    • Here is a 20% offer on your next purchase with us if you fill this survey

    The above ones will surely have a higher open rate because you have differentiated yourself from your competitors in the subject line and there is also an incentive offered in one of them.

  • Create an attractive design for the email surveys:
  • Email surveys should have a high “clickable” ranking which makes a customer click on the link. The multitude of emails arriving in an inbox every day means that you need to make it as attractive as possible to create a sense of curiosity in the end consumer. When you spend a considerable amount of time in drafting the email content, arriving at the right questions and so on, it is wise to invest a little more time in embellishing it with a great design so that you can increase the conversion rate and get more responses. A/B test your email surveys to see the ones that perform well.

  • Create the right expectations:
  • The first mistake most brands do is that they send long emails which is a huge turn off for the majority. No one wishes to spend time reading a long email only to be directed at the end of it to take a survey. Keep it as short and sweet. Also, set the expectations clear. If the customer has to spend at least 30 minutes for the survey, then you need to be clear about it in the body of the email itself. Respect the time of your customers by informing them in advance and they will appreciate you for it.

  • Offer incentives:
  • Getting more customers to fill out the form is always a challenge, giving them the right incentives will go a long way in increasing the number of customers who fill out the survey. Do not go on an incentive-giving spree either, such that you change the behavior of the customer where they feel like filling a survey only if they receive an incentive. Short surveys don’t necessitate giving an incentive.

  • Personalize:
  • In the world of customer service, personalization is the magic mantra that works all the time. Every time you send an email to a customer which just says ‘hi’ without addressing them by their names, you would be branded as ‘cold’. Personalize the email content by displaying their name prominently on it.

  • Embed the question in the email:
  • Being redirected to a website from their email inboxes might not be something that many customers would prefer. Why not remove the problem by embedding the survey questions in the email? Even though it is not possible to include the entire survey within the email, using this technique would still provide a higher CTR.

  • Give the Unsubscribe option:
  • Although it might look counterproductive, giving them the option to unsubscribe by displaying it prominently gives the belief to the customer that opting out of the emails from the business would not be a hassle if it were to ever become a problem someday in the future.

  • Provide a deadline for the email survey:
  • Using the scarcity of product and time as a motivation, marketers around the world have made many customers take action. Giving a deadline to the user to complete the survey will create a sense of urgency in the customers. The people who postpone filling the survey to a later date would be more inclined to get it done with when faced with an emergency.

    Make your email survey do some magic with our Email Survey Best Practices.

SurveySparrow as your Email Survey Software

Now that you know the whats, hows, whens and, ifs of email surveys, it’s time to pick out a survey tool which can help you achieve everything you just read! Wish to why you must pick SurveySparrow for sending out your email surveys?

  • Dual UI
  • With a dual, conversational UI, SurveySparrow offers a refreshing survey experience contrary to the infamy surveys are known for. And you got the first and crucial factor out of your concern list- survey completion rate.

  • Templates
  • With the most sought-after templates readily available, sending email surveys to its customers is breezy. With some of the biggest names in the business as its clients, SurveySparrow has been working on improving its offering with a slew of new features and updates.

  • Easy tracking
  • Track your survey easily to find out the visits, completion rate, the average time taken to complete your email surveys and much more! The flexibility to create unique links, to share across different channels, will let you discover which medium has helped you get more responses.

  • Recurring Surveys
  • Why waste precious time and manual efforts in resending the same email surveys over and over again. Recurring feature enables you to send out email surveys, more than once, based on your preference. Configure it once and you are good to go!

  • Segment your audience
  • SurveySparrow also offers the ability to segment your audience into different custom lists so that you can target them appropriately. Send out your email surveys accordingly.

  • Analyze and realize
  • The rich dashboard comes with various analytics option using which you can draw insightful conclusions. Utilize it to make powerful, game-changing measures for your business.


    The methods to create compelling email surveys has been mentioned in detail in the article; it requires a lot of time and effort that the business should take to make it a success. As mentioned in the introduction, email surveys are easily one of the best channels to collect insights directly from your customers. After you receive the feedback from your customers, the business should also have the wherewithal and plan of action to proceed further.

    Automate the survey by using advanced options available in the tool which reduces the time spent significantly while offering you time to work on the other core areas. Remember that email surveys can significantly improve your business success by helping you refine your product and processes.

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