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The PowerMBA Sees a Significant Improvement In Capturing Leads With SurveySparrow.

ThePowerMBA - Case Study.

Cristian Pinto


About the Company

ThePowerMBA is a Spanish startup that offers online MBA programs to students at a mind-blowing price.Launched in 2017 in Europe, today its Global Program already counts with the collaboration of top entrepreneurs and executives, such as the founders of Shazam, Netflix, Waze, the author of Lean Startup, and many others, ThePowerMBA is trying to change the entire business learning approach.

Since its launch, the 15-minute class per day micro-learning approach has attracted over 25000 students to sign up for different courses. ThePowerMBA has now expanded in over 15 countries with their sole goal of flourishing into the largest B-school in the world in a couple of years. It has over 2000 students signing every month - a number no B-school can match.


Madrid, Spain


Education Management




Engineering Hours Saved

15 %

Spike In Survey Response Rates

Lead capturing

Lead Captured

Like Never Before


ThePowerMBA found the process followed to gather, track, and capture leads to be very troublesome. The amount of time involved and money spent on obtaining the leads using a third-party application was exceedingly high. Spending money and not generating expected leads turned out to be a major drawback for ThePowerMBA. That’s when they started to look out for other options out there in the market. They needed a solution to ease the mammoth task of generating leads and following up with them. They needed a cost-effective but best-in-class software that saved notable man-hours, and that’s when they bumped into SurveySparrow.


More the customers merrier the business, right? With SurveySparrow, ThePowerMBA no longer had a fear of missing out on a single lead. When it comes to lead capturing and finding technical limitations, SurveySparrow proved to be an excellent game changer for ThePowerMBA. In addition to helping them run marketing campaigns during the lockdown, SurveySparrow also offered excellent support whenever they faced hiccups.


Using SurveySparrow, ThePowerMBA has seen a significant improvement in capturing leads with a 15 percent spike - gone are those days where they had to spend in abundance to do this. They have also been able to save around 300 engineering hours.

“White-labeling and webhook integration have helped us organize their campaigns effortlessly, thus helping us save a compelling amount of time while conducting surveys"

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