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With Headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts, GattiHr is a US-based recruitment firm dedicated to helping their clients with search, workforce analytics and HR tech solutions. GattiHR's retained search practise focuses exclusively on Human Resources executives, and GattiHR Industrial is a leader in retained search for manufacturing, engineering and supply chain executives. In workforce analytics, they build innovative, subscription-based solutions for climate assessment, employer branding, incentive design and talent management.

Founded in 1985, they were named under Forbes 2019 America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms. From Schindler to Thornburg, their customer base is broad and spread across all major industries.


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GattiHr were using Qualtrics for their data collection & project management needs. Their partnership with the PRAXI alliance, which is an alliance of global HR executive firms with partners across the world, requires GattiHr to conduct a global survey once a year. They survey 300,000 plus participants that include CHROs, VPs, & more from which they used to collect 5000 to 6000 responses.

In spite of being a cloud-based platform, the technical architecture of their service provider had different servers, which doubled the cost of deployment. And they had no provision for showing or downloading the combined results even though the surveys were created & managed from a single account. GattiHr had to use another tool to combine the reports manually. The survey & the designs, on the other hand, failed to stand out & engage the respondents too.

GattiHr also has a TalentBoost Cloud platform reserved for high-velocity recruitment that demands intense screening & automated processes. Handling the hiring process end-to-end, for instance from 50,000+ candidates to 2000 hires, is a huge volume of data to be handled in a short time.

They wanted to bring a change for the PRAXI Alliance surveys, & also wanted to adopt a survey platform for TalentBoost too. And this is when GattiHr decided to move on from the existing service provider.


GattiHr's hunt for scalable survey software on the internet gave them three choices. SurveyMonkey, one of the most popular survey tools around the world, SurveyGizmo(Now Alchemer), & SurveySparrow. They ended up choosing SurveySparrow because of the chat like surveys, text messaging features and customer support.

Additionally, the webhooks, API's & integrations, made the entire process convenient. SurveySparrow's platform proved to be resilient at handling the immense volume of data & the need for the third tool for a combined report, was eliminated.


The chat-like surveys were primarily used to screen candidates. It proved to be more than efficient & they were able to get rid of the high-touch phone call screening process completely. A screening phone call typically takes 10 minutes, which means a recruiter had to spend 1000 minutes for 100 applicants' screening time alone. Employing the chatbots, offered flexibility & empowered the candidates to complete it on their time.

SurveySparrow was able to adapt to their ecosystem & simplify their workflows with the right automations. This helped them cut short the hang time, faster decisions, & were able to manage their resources & their time for better purposes. The conversational UI, inclusion of survey links in the reminders, and more have become their favorite features of SurveySparrow.

GattiHr saw a higher rate of completion rates & received almost double the responses than before.

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