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How to Add a WordPress Contact Form without Plugin?


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23 May 2024

4 min read

Are you looking for an easy way to add a contact form to your WordPress site? If so, you’re in luck! This post will show you how to add a contact form to WordPress without using a plugin. We’ll also give you a few tips on choosing the right contact form for your site.

Why Use a Contact Form?

A contact form is a great way to give your visitors an easy way to get in touch with you. It can also help you keep track of incoming inquiries and messages. And best of all, it doesn’t require any coding or technical knowledge to set up!

Creating Your Contact Form

Once you’ve chosen a contact form platform, it’s time to start creating your form. You’ll first need to decide what fields you want to include in your form. For example, if you’re just looking for someone’s name and email address, all you need are those two fields.

However, if you want to gather more information, like their phone number or address, you’ll need to add additional fields.
Once you’ve added all the fields you want, it’s time to add your form to WordPress.

Fortunately, SurveySparrow makes it easy to do this with its embed code feature. Simply copy the embed code for your form and paste it into the HTML editor of your WordPress page or post. That’s it! Your contact form is now live on your site. Here is a free contact form template for you to use. Try now!

Contact Form Template

How to Add WordPress Contact Form without Plugin

Creating a survey with SurveySparrow is simple and only takes a few minutes. Just sign up for a free account and then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create a Free account on SurveySparrow to create a Survey. Before diving into Step 2, Know how SurveySparrow enhances your WordPress site’s functionality. Find out how to insert a form without relying on plugins. Want to get the details now? You can sign up here

Step 2: Choose the template that you want to use for your survey. You can either start from scratch or choose from one of the many available templates.

Step 3: Customise your survey’s look and feel by adding your logo, colors, and fonts.

wordpress contact forms

Step 4: Add the questions that you want to include in your survey. You can use text, multiple choice, rating, or open-ended questions.
Step 5: Preview your survey to see how it looks and make sure that everything is correct.
Step 6: Publish your survey and add it to your WordPress website using the embed code provided.

survey embed wordpress
Step 7: That’s it! Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the responses to come in.

Choosing the Right Contact Form

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a contact form for your WordPress site. First, consider the purpose of your form. Do you just want people to be able to send you an email? Or do you need more features, like the ability to accept payments or gather survey responses?

If you just need a basic contact form, we recommend using SurveySparrow. SurveySparrow is a user-friendly platform that lets you create beautiful surveys and forms without any coding. Plus, it’s free to get started!

Scenarios where it is a must to create a form without using a plugin

Here are the key situations where creating a WordPress contact form without a plugin might be advantageous. Let’s dive deeper into each of those benefits:

Simplicity: If you only need a basic contact form with just a few fields like name, email, and message, then creating it manually with HTML and PHP can be simpler than dealing with plugin setup and configuration. Plugins often come with additional features and options that you might not need, adding unnecessary complexity.

Customization: When you have specific design requirements or need functionalities unique to your website, plugins may not offer the flexibility you need. Building your form allows you to tailor every aspect to your exact specifications, including custom styling, field types, and validation rules.

Performance: Plugins can add extra code and scripts to your website, potentially impacting loading times and overall performance. Creating a lightweight form from scratch can help ensure your website remains fast and responsive, especially for users on slower internet connections.

Security: While using reputable plugins with good security practices is generally safe, every additional plugin introduces a potential vulnerability. If security is a top concern, building your form gives you complete control over the code and data management, potentially reducing the attack surface.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Technical Expertise: Creating a custom form requires some HTML, PHP, and potentially JavaScript knowledge. If you’re not comfortable with coding, using a plugin might be easier.
  • Maintenance and Updates: You’ll be responsible for keeping your custom form code updated and fixing any issues that arise, unlike plugins that often handle updates automatically.
  • Spam Protection: Implementing effective spam protection in a custom form requires additional effort, whereas plugins often offer built-in spam prevention features.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to create a contact form without a plugin depends on your specific needs, technical skills, and priorities. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a choice.

Wrapping up

Adding a contact form to WordPress is easy – mainly if you use SurveySparrow! With SurveySparrow, there’s no need for any plugins or coding knowledge. Plus, our platform is free to use, so why not give it a try? Sign up here today.

If you’re like most WordPress users, you probably rely on plugins to help you with various aspects of your website, including contact forms. While plugins are great, they can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. If you’re looking for an alternative to using a plugin for your form, SurveySparrow may be just what you need.

Creating a WordPress contact form without a plugin is simple with SurveySparrow! All you need is an account, and then you can follow the steps above to create your customized form in minutes—without touching a single line of code! So why not give it a try? It’s your turn.


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