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GPT-3: Artificial Intelligence at its Finest


28 November 2023

5 min read

Just when we thought that no-code platforms are the future, here comes this astounding-sure-to-knock-your-mind-off-the-rocks model that’ll probably keep you glued to your seats. We aren’t surprised though. This is exactly what happens when Elon Musk and Sam Altman collaborate. Yes you guessed it right, we’re talking about OpenAI’s new model – GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer -3). When OpenAI tweeted this a couple of weeks back, the tech world went nuts.

If you got a slight hint of what GPT-3 is, we believe you’re already thinking of the possible things you could do with this model. For those who’re still blinking eyes as to how is this even possible, well, read on. 

What is GPT-3?

OpenAI’s new GPT-3 model is a language algorithm that basically uses AI and all that machine learning stuff out there to convert words or data in other forms to produce an original output – be it codes, images, or whatever you’d like to generate. It all comes down to what you want and how you make use of this algorithm. Simply put, it can create wonders. It isn’t specifically designed to do a particular task. GPT-3, if used in a way it’s intended to use, can turn the tables, shift rocks and blow your mind – more than the season 3 of Dark did. 

Using GPT-3, you can generate codes just by writing some words. It’s like your Google Assistant. Except, this isn’t. It is a state-of-the-art language model that comprises of 175 billion parameters.

We know it’s a bit too technical, but bear with us. There’s no easy way to put it. It just means the GPT-3 model has gazillions and gazillions of data just to understand one simple thing – how humans communicate. The previous GPT model had around 1.5 billion parameters. Now, if the new one comes with 175 billion, we’ll leave it to you to do the math.

Why the buzz? 

Why wouldn’t there be buzz? We’d say the hype around it is way less than what was expected. Sure, Covid-19, OnePlus Nord, and Kanye West are to blame for stealing the limelight. Just kidding. The reason why the tech community is going crazy over GPT-3 is because of how advanced the model is compared to its predecessor. The GPT-2 model didn’t strike chords with the machine learning enthusiasts because of its ability to generate fake news, which is why it wasn’t made available to the public initially. But the latest model is OpenAI’s all-time largest trained one and the GPT-3 demos on twitter prove the same. 

Researchers, while training the model, claim that the larger the model is, the greater the efficient use of the in-context information. The latest advancements in the machine learning department have made it easy for GPT-3 to process data in seconds and generate results that you thought weren’t possible. It is designed in such a way that its algorithms find patterns and train themselves to generate results. If this isn’t interesting enough for you, we honestly don’t know what will ever be. 

What can you do with GPT-3?

Now that you guys have a slight idea as to what GPT-3 is, you’d be eager to know what it can do. Let’s just say you want to generate a form. Normally you’ll have to write an HTML code, apply styling to it, create a button, etcetera, etcetera. We know the drill, and we feel you. Let’s see how you can create the same form using GPT-3. 

You just tell the model, “Create a form to collect information from the user with attributes ‘name’,’email id,’ DOB with a green color contact us button at the end.’ Well, that’s pretty much all you’ve got to do. GPT-3 generates the HTML code for the form. No, we aren’t kidding. We are as speechless as you are. This is one of the possible use cases of this model. Would GPT-3 kill coding/programmers? Well that’s something only time will tell. Superintelligence is around the corner, believe it or not and is sure to automate pretty much everything. 

Let’s see what else GPT-3 can do..

  • Type in a story, and let GPT-3 figure out the moral, summary, and maybe who the villain is? 
  • Predict the next word in a sequence
  • Convert a complex paragraph into a simple, readable format
  • Generate mathematical equations by typing in sentences 
  • Rephrase emails less aggressively
  • Generate poetry based on a content 

Now you guys tell us. Isn’t it worth the hype it triggered? OpenAI, soon after GPT-3’s release, provided some selected members with an API, and since then, social media and tech communities and forums have been flooded with all the possible stuff you could do using GPT-3. Testers and researchers around the globe are exploring the horizons it can cross. As of now, OpenAI is providing access to its API through invitations for its beta version. The paid version of GPT-3 is due for its release in a couple of months, and from what we heard, the waiting list for the same is pretty long. 

What’s in it for us?

Now… would you believe if we told you that this blog post was written by the GPT-3 model? Just kidding. It would be able to write a stellar blog though. While browsing through the possible use cases and insane models created using the API on twitter, we couldn’t stop thinking about the achievable things this model can produce and how it can be used for the betterment of humanity. Some consider it the biggest thing since bitcoin. Well, the possibilities are limitless. 

What if you could provide some data of yours and it predicts your future? Got you there, didn’t we? Well, as mentioned earlier, the apps you can build upon this model literally have the power to move rocks. The problem however lies in how this tech can be misused. While experts around the world storm the internet with their opinions and apps, responsible use of Artificial Intelligence is something worth waiting for. If the model escapes its caged existence, then that’s something we’ll have to worry about. But there’s always a dawn after a dusk. 

Machine learning is set to rule the world, and with somes GPT-3 demos, the word ‘impossible’ might soon be taken out from the techtionary(the tech-dictionary). While experts around the world pour in their appreciation, some folks point out scenarios where GPT-3 can be misused. Of course, it can be. Imagine a school kid using GPT-3 to print essays just by entering the title. Well, that’s not an area you should lay your focus on right now. Come on guys! Someone invests billions of dollars into what could possibly be the biggest leap in Artificial Intelligence, and you can’t stop complaining about some tech-savvy kid. That said, the GPT-3 model is a knight in shining armor to the AI world, and it’s turning the tables and shooting for the stars as we speak.


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