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30+ Volunteer Survey Questions,Tips, & Free Survey Questionnaire


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5 June 2024

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We all would love some little help wherever we go. Be it an exhibition stall, a voting camp, or a healthcare setup, it’ warms our minds to see that one volunteer who’s ready to help whenever you need assistance. Isn’t it?

Well, if you are part of a non-profit organization or a coordinating community, you would probably know how important a role volunteers play. However, how do you ensure these amazing people feel as much appreciated as they are?

Yes, it’s a little puzzling to ask!

Knowing how comfortable the volunteers are in carrying out their duties will help you understand how long they wish to stay with your organization.  You can start by asking the right questions to solve the satisfaction puzzle. And I have got the right solution for you to get this one ready!

A set of very well-designed volunteer surveys can provide all the insights you need to improve your program. So, today, we will look at some crucial volunteer survey questions to help you find, involve, and keep volunteers who share your enthusiasm for the cause.

So, let’s get started.

30+ Volunteer Survey Questions to Ask

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Questions

  1. How satisfied are you with the overall experience with our organization?
  2. Do you feel that your volunteer work is meaningful and making a difference?
  3. How would you rate the training and orientation received from the organization?
  4. How would you rate your comfort with the team members that you work with?
  5. Do you feel appreciated and recognized for your volunteer efforts?
  6. What suggestions do you have for improving the volunteer experience?
  7. Do you feel the organization values your contributions?
  8. How satisfied are you with the communication from the volunteer coordinators?
  9. What aspects of your volunteer experience do you think could be improved?

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Template

Volunteer Recruitment Survey Questions

  1. How did you get to know about our volunteer opportunity?
  2. Why become a volunteer?
  3. What motivated you to join our community/service?
  4. Which volunteer opportunities appeal to you the most?
  5. What knowledge or experiences are you hoping to obtain from working as a volunteer with us?
  6. Which day, week, or period works best for you to volunteer?

Volunteer Engagement Survey Questions

  1. How often do you assist us as a volunteer?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you identify with our organization’s work and ideals?
  3. Do you feel a sense of kinship with our organization?
  4. Do the other members of the organization make you feel important?
  5. What is one aspect of our organization that you find satisfactory?
  6. How well do you feel your opinions and suggestions are valued by our organization?
  7. Are there any barriers or challenges that prevent you from volunteering more frequently?
  8. What additional opportunities or events would you like to see for volunteers?
  9. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the services provided by the organization?
  10. How likely are you to recommend our volunteer program to others?

Volunteer Retention Survey Questions

  1. Please tell us what factors help you continue volunteering with us.
  2. Have you ever considered stopping your volunteer work with us? If so, why?
  3. What should we do to encourage you to work with us more?
  4. How satisfied are you with the appreciation and acknowledgment you get from the organization?
  5. In your opinion, what additional resources or support would you require to be a better volunteer?

Volunteer Survey Questions: Tips & Best Practices

Before you roll out a Volunteer survey, you must understand its key objective. You should have answers to specific questions.

  • What’s the purpose of the survey?
  • Why you’re sending the survey out?
  • Which question will help you get the correct feedback from the audience?
  • What’s something you will have to expect when you choose multiple questions?

Always start by understanding the purpose of the survey so that you can contemplate the responses and take necessary actions based on them to improve your organization and the volunteers who will work for you.

You should also try to keep your survey as focused as possible by keeping the questions clear and intact. Avoid leading or biased questions so that volunteers are not confused. Also, ensure that your survey is to the point to increase response rates.

One of the major factors I have found is that the survey user interface matters a lot. If your survey is as conversational as possible, the volunteers will want to take it with utmost interest. Online survey platforms like SurveySparrow boast a super cool user interface with conversational surveys that will increase your responses by 40%.

Additionally, you can consider the points below to improve your survey.

  1. Make clear and short questions.
  2. Consider an anonymous option for truthful replies
  3. Use rating scale questions
  4. Personalize your surveys to make them feel important to the respondent
  5. Choose the right audience for whom you will administer your survey
  6. Test out the survey first before you release it
  7. Launch your survey at the right time.

Following these best practices, you can create a well-designed volunteer survey that collects meaningful and actionable feedback to enhance your organization’s volunteer program.

If you are looking for a survey tool to create beautiful surveys that will exactly serve your purpose, I suggest you take a look at SurveySparrow. With SurveySparrow, you can easily create surveys without sinking your teeth into codes. It is a no-code form for beginners and users of any type.

Oh, hold on!

SurveySparrow also has 1000+ pre-made templates for every occasion; for instance, you can find more than 5 templates solely dedicated to volunteer surveys. Likewise, there are numerous free templates available for your needs!

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Why Should You Send Volunteer Surveys?

Volunteer surveys can give you reliable and insightful feedback on how your program is performing and how well your volunteers align with your organization’s principles.

Here are particular reasons why you should send volunteer surveys: to better understand how they affect the overall growth of the organization or the community.

4 Benefits of Using Volunteer Surveys

1. Get Real-Time Insights

Volunteer surveys give you direct feedback from the people who are the backbone of your organization. This real time feedback is crucial for understanding your organization’s impact on each project and how successful your organization is in executing each one. This way, as an organization, you’ll be able to make informed decisions, find hidden areas of improvement, and act promptly on them.

2. Boost Your Engagement & Retention Rates

An organization needs to retain its employees at all costs. But how do you do it? Get to know what they feel. To do that, what’s the best you can do? Roll out Volunteer satisfaction surveys and collect overall feedback. This way, it’s easier to know what your audience looks for, take suggestions from their feedback, work on it, and resolve the issues soon. As a result,  volunteers would feel valued and stay longer and happier, boosting your retention rates.

Guess what? Happy volunteers bring more happy volunteers through word of mouth. Trust me, it works.

3. Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Identifying and understanding volunteers’ needs matters a lot.

Running frequent surveys can help you better understand your employees’ needs, desires, and preferences. Taking feedback to heart quickly sets the stage for ongoing development inside your company. This method genuinely teaches volunteers the value of their voice and reinforces their sense of empowerment and devotion.

4. Benchmark and Track Progress

Consistent data collection allows you to establish benchmarks, identify trends, and quantify changes in volunteer satisfaction over time, enabling data-driven program optimization.

Wrapping Up!

An effective volunteer survey is key to understanding volunteer experiences and improving your program. By using these 30+ volunteer survey questions and following our tips, you can gather valuable feedback to enhance volunteer satisfaction and engagement.

Here’s to building a stronger, more committed volunteer community with the right questions and approach.

If anything surveys, feel free to reach out to me!




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