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Top 9 Workforce Engagement Software

Kate Williams

8 July 2021

8 min read

You need a talented workforce to succeed as a business.

The quality of your output, after all, will depend on your employees’ ability and commitment to the company. That is why popular wisdom is that it’s well worth investing in workforce engagement in the Workplace.

After all, only if employees are engaged will they care about the company. And if they care, they will do good work. It’s a good thing; there is plenty of excellent workforce engagement software to make that all possible. 

 It is clear that we all understand the importance of employee experience management. Unfortunately, though, this is a problem that we talk about often, but rarely do something about.

It’s time to change that. There are great solutions available now to help improve employee satisfaction. Below, we take a look at some of the best employee engagement software that you can use to get your employees engaged!

The 8 Best Workforce Engagement Software To Improve Employee Experience

Workforce engagement software nowadays do a whole host of things. All the options presented in the list below have different features. It is not unusual for companies to use multiple such tools to solve different problems. After all, a tool that lets you conduct employee opinion surveys will look very different from one that facilitates collaboration and creativity. 

Deciding which tool to commit to is not easy in such a cluttered market. Before you take a call, though, here are some of the best employee engagement software you should consider.

Workforce Engagement Software #1. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an online survey software that lets you roll out employee engagement surveys and constantly check your employee pulse. We, at SurveySparrow, believe that happy employees equal happy customers. And we thrive hard to bring our users a unique and engaging experience to improve internal communication of organizations around the globe. This employee engagement software lets you build long-term employer employee relationships, eventually helping your employers grow and prosper along with your company.

Here’s a list of features offered by SurveySparrow and why it is regarded as one of the best workforce engagement software out there:

  • Helps you send online surveys and NPS surveys that are all-device ready
  • Conduct performance appraisals and drive productivity with 360 degree feedback software
  • 360 degree feedback software lets you customize your employee reports, emails, and track assessment
  • Roll out employee engagement surveys and employee satisfaction surveys to check employee pulse
  • Complete customization of your employee surveys using custom CSS and engaging survey templates
  • Benchmark your NPS score using our NPS benchmark calculator and see how your NPS scores fare against global giants
  • In-depth insight and vibrant dashboard
  • Add chatbot for websites using SurveySparrow’s chatbot
  • Automate your workflows and schedule your follow up emails.
  • White-labeled surveys to make your employee surveys all about your brand
  • Perform customer experience management & employee experience management with ease
  • Integrate with numerous applications
  • Multiple survey share options

Find your ideal workforce engagement software in SurveySparrow? Check it out right away:

Workforce Engagement Software #2. 15Five

15Five is an innovative solution for improving your organization’s internal communications and keep in touch with your employees. The software surveys your employees every week to keep managers updated about employee experiences. The idea is that the online surveys take 15 minutes per week for employees to fill out, and five minutes a week for managers to review. By doing weekly employee opinion surveys, 15Five eliminates the yearly performance reviews and gives you a hands-on approach to workforce engagement. 

One of the most crucial parts of employee engagement is for them to feel like part of the company’s mission. As a workforce engagement tool, 15Five keeps your company’s objectives and key results (OKRs) in front, so employees are reminded about them frequently. Managers can also easily turn the weekly surveys into 1-on-1 meetings using 15Five. This helps them take action where needed immediately and easily. 

15Five also makes it very easy for managers and peers to praise the work of employees, going a long way in improving employee experience. Overall, the best part about 15Five as a workforce engagement tool is the weekly approach. It keeps managers and employees in touch and helps improve employee satisfaction. 

Workforce Engagement Software #3. OfficeVibe

OfficeVibe is a pretty straightforward employee engagement software. While many such tools focus on doing an array of things, OfficeVibe focuses on two things. It takes great employee opinion surveys and helps managers understand the results and act on them. 

OfficeVibe facilitates communication between employees and managers for better employee engagement. Teams are given regular employee opinion surveys, which test employees on 10 key metrics. Managers can then review survey reports and respond to the feedback using OfficeVibe’s in-app messaging. OfficeVibe lets teams work together and grow for a better and more engaged workplace. 

For managers, OfficeVibe compliments survey results with advice on how to improve on particular metrics. They offer the resources to managers that they seem to need the most. For 1-on-1 meetings, OfficeVibe focuses on a collaborative approach. Employees and managers can both add talking points for the meeting, so concerns from both sides are addressed. OfficeVibe also integrates with Slack and e-mail, providing a seamless workforce engagement experience. 

What makes OfficeVibe stand apart is its singular focus on employee-manager relationships. These are often ignored and become the reason employee engagement stays low. Use OfficeVibe to facilitate internal communication and improve workforce engagement. 

Workforce Engagement Software #4. Impraise

Impraise is a employee engagement software that calls itself the ‘people enabling platform’. While the name may suggest that the tool delivers praise, it does a lot more. Impraise is a well-rounded employee engagement platform that can help you with a range of people-related issues. 

Impraise uses goal tracking as well as objectives and key results (OKR) to keep employees aligned with the company’s goals. It also helps employee performance management by regularly tracking performance and facilitating 1-on-1 coaching. Employees can even ask for feedback on their work from managers or people outside the team. 

Performance reviews using Impraise focus less on competitive metrics, and more on how to help employees grow. For remote teams, the workforce engagement tool offers regular pulse surveys and helps schedules frequent conversations. Employees can use Impraise to work together as a team and keep track of their progress in a remote environment. 

Impraise believes strongly that growing your people leads to growing your business. The value reflects in the final product as well. Impraise is a great well-rounded tool that offers everything from OKRs to employee opinion surveys. Use Impraise to improve workforce engagement in the Workplace.  

Workforce Engagement Software #5. TINYpulse

TINYpulse is the standard employee engagement software with a slight twist. Every week, TINYpulse sends one question to your employees which they need to answer. The answers are anonymous, but this weekly exercise leads to better internal communications. It also helps managers keep track of your employees’ concerns. 

TINYpulse is a tool that claims to help you retain your top performers. It does this using the classic toolkit for workforce engagement at the Workplace. TINYpulse provides employee surveys, performance management reports, and channels for employee feedback. The thing that makes TINYpulse stand out is its focus on employee recognition. 

TINYpulse uses software-based nudges to help you appreciate good work by your employees, and do so frequently. With its ‘Cheers for Peers’ program, TINYpulse facilitates employees appreciating each other’s work, and helps create a positive work environment. This goes a long way in increasing employee satisfaction and facilitating a healthy workplace. 

TINYpulse is a tool that cares about the people in your company. If you’re struggling to maintain a collaborative work environment or facilitate internal communication, it might just do wonders for you. 

Workforce Engagement Software #6. Peakon

Peakon is another employee engagement software that treats data as its backbone. Peakon’s analytics help you see at a glance how your employees are feeling. You can then use these insights to make changes and improve employee satisfaction. Peakon focuses on facilitating real-time conversations between employees and managers to create a better workplace. 

Peakon takes performance feedback seriously and regularly collects reviews from peers and managers to let you know how you’re doing in real-time. Performance benchmarks are tailored to every employee’s requirements. This is a more efficient strategy for employee growth than broad-brushed approaches. With Peakon’s employee retention tools, you can forecast which employees are not engaged and might leave, just looking at the numbers. 

Peakon offers two unique areas of engagement. First, it provides a much-needed focus on leadership development. Peakon aids skill development for leaders and also helps you identify which employees show good leadership skills. Secondly, Peakon also provides data-driven insights on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, helping your business stay sensitive to this increasingly relevant vertical. 

At first sight, Peakon can look like just another workforce engagement tool. You will discover, though, that a lot is going on once you get inside it. 

Workforce Engagement Software #7. Workplace

Workplace by Facebook is the odd one out in this list. It is not specifically a workforce engagement tool. Workplace does, however, facilitate employee engagement in a roundabout way. Employee satisfaction at work is not just about metrics and feedback. It is also about communication between employees. People who feel part of a community at work are more motivated and less likely to leave. 

This is something Workplace helps facilitate, with its familiar news feed from Facebook and work-specific tools. Companies can use Workplace to improve internal communications, and hence employee engagement. Company news can easily be announced on the platform. More importantly, though, employees can get together on Workplace to discuss topics and ideas that are only loosely related to their work. This can foster creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community, all components of great work culture. 

One of the best things about Workplace is familiarity. We know Facebook, so we intuitively know how to utilize features like Groups, Rooms, and Chat for work. This, after all, is the vision behind Workplace. But Facebook has also added work-specific features to Workplace. It has a knowledge library to help employees stay informed about the latest policies. If used correctly, Workplace can be a powerful workforce engagement tool.

Workforce Engagement Software #8. Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics is a global enterprise focused on providing a broad range of business solutions. It has different verticals, and employee engagement comes under Qualtrics XM. The popular workplace engagement tool developed by Qualtrics is focused on understanding and addressing employee concerns. Qualtrics XM packs a range of tools that can help improve employee satisfaction. Qualtrics - Workforce engagement software

Qualtrics XM has a wide range of features to improve employee engagement. This employee engagement software can conduct employee pulse surveys and has intelligent analytics features that help you understand the data. For performance development, Qualtrics also has training and skill development programs. Qualtrics XM also has 360-degree feedback, which has anonymity built into it, so you don’t have to worry. 

With a broad range of features and a multi-national network of support, Qualtrics is great for enterprises looking for a workforce engagement tool. A strong infrastructure ensures you get the industry’s best practices and can improve your employee experience in no time. 

Workforce Engagement Software #9. CultureAmp

As the name suggests, CultureAmp is an employee experience management tool that helps you tune your whole workplace culture. CultureAmp is a product built on the belief that workplace culture is crucial for thriving businesses. It helps improve workforce engagement by providing you with data-driven insights. 

The main verticals that CultureAmp focuses on are – employee retention, digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, rapid growth, and mergers and acquisitions. These are the most challenging areas of employee experience management. You can use CultureAmp as a workforce engagement tool to help your employees stay involved. 

There are a few ways in which CultureAmp as a product facilitates employee engagement. For data-driven insights, CultureAmp uses engagement surveys, onboarding surveys, as well as diversity reports. To improve employee performance, CultureAmp can help facilitate 360-degree peer feedback, goal tracking, and performance reviews. This employee engagement software is also loaded with behavioral change tools, which help employees improve their skills and get 1-on-1 mentorship. 

As a platform, CultureAmp also offers deep analytics to help you get actionable insights. Being a popular workforce engagement tool, CultureAmp also offers integrations with a host of other workplace tools to help collate your data in one place. 

Wrapping Up…

Those were eight great workforce engagement software that are worthy of your consideration. There are a lot of common features in all the options, but they also come with their unique areas of focus. In an ecosystem where employee engagement has become so easy to facilitate, there is no excuse for not doing so. 

Any workplace engagement tool has to begin first with getting to know how a company’s employees are doing. This is why great employee surveys are such an important part of employee engagement programs. You can use SurveySparrow to build beautiful, powerful surveys that your employees want to fill. The word going around is that surveys conducted on SurveySparrow receive 40% more responses. More responses lead to better data, which leads to effective solutions. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. This is even more true now with employee engagement. There are plenty of great tools on the market to help with workforce engagement at the Workplace. But it all starts when you decide to take the initiative. 

Employee engagement remains a problem that’s frequently talked about but rarely addressed. You can change that with our selection of the best workforce engagement software in the industry. Use these tools to improve employee satisfaction and create a healthy, productive work culture. 


Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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