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T-shirt Order Form: Guide to Creating Custom Forms, With Free Template and Examples

Kate Williams

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29 May 2024

7 min read

Do you know what could be a big blunder?

Your T-shirt design is a masterpiece, but your order form is a disaster!

Even if you put your heart and soul into your product, a clunky, distorted T-shirt order form can turn even the most energetic customers off.

But fret not! We are here to help! This blog will walk you through a simple form creation process using a Free Template.

While at it, we will look into its importance, as well as best practices and a few tips and strategies for survey hygiene!

Off we go!!

Let’s start with…

What is a T-shirt Order Form?

As the name suggests, a T-shirt order form is a tool or document for collecting or customizing T-shirt orders.

With it, you can gather all the required information to process the orders. This includes sizes, quantities, t-shirt colors, design preferences, and contact information.

But why do you need them? The primary purpose is to streamline the ordering process and save time on design.

From small businesses and event organizers to NGOs and sports teams, T-shirts are pretty much a necessity, right?

Only last week did we send out orders for our annual trip!

But what catches my attention is the attention to detail. It is fundamental to make your forms engaging and visually appealing. If not, the chances of your customers or potential ones leaving you for another are high!

Here is a free t-shirt order form template made with SurveySparrow. Feel free to use and customize it if you like!

Online T-Shirt Order Form Template

Wasn’t that fun?

This conversational form will keep your customers engaged!

Add new questions, remove the ones that don’t fit, and edit the existing ones with the Wing feature!

I’ll walk you through how to create a new form from scratch with SurveySparrow in a bit.

Before that, there are a few things you need to know. Bear with me for a few more minutes!

But if you want to jump ahead, feel free to do so!

Types of T-Shirt Order Forms

Not all T-shirts are the same! The type of form you choose will significantly impact your sales. Here are a few of the most used ones you might find handy!

I have also added a few sample questions in each. You can use them in the above sample template.

1. Basic T-Shirt Order From

This is the most common type of order form in apparel. A basic form includes questions about your preferred color, size, and quantity. Further, questions on design customization can also be added.

So, it’s safe to say that the questions will be straightforward and intended to gather details about your needs.

Use Cases: To Order custom t-shirts for a business or event and purchase plain t-shirts in bulk.

Sample questions to ask

Apart from the personal details such as name, address, and contact number, here are a few questions you must consider adding to your form:

  1. What kind of T-shirt style are we looking for?
    (Crewneck, V-neck, Tank Top, Racerback, Long Sleeve)
  2. What size are you rocking these days?
    (Drop-down menu with standard sizes like S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.)
  3. Which color speaks to you the most? Pick one
    (Color swatches with black, white, red, blue, etc. You can also include an “Other” option with a text box for specific color requests.) Here, you can add image fields too. Make it as engaging as possible!
  4. Are you ready to get specific? Is there anything special you want on the back of your shirt?
    (This is optional! But it’s always better to leave an open-ended question in the end)
  5. End it with a Confirmation message.
    Boom! Thank you for ordering from us! We’ll keep you posted when it arrives.

Now, this is the standard format for any t-shirt order. You can add specific details for a customized order and build on this form.

2. Custom Design T-Shirt Order Form

This allows you to personalize the t-shirt experience by collecting details about design, style, and delivery details.

For instance, when a company hosts an event, it may need a common T-shirt for the volunteers, especially those representing their organization.

Sample Questions

  1. Briefly describe the design you have in mind for the front of your shirt.
  2. Got a special message or artwork for the back?
    (Yes/No with a text box appearing if “Yes” is selected)
  3. Do you have your artwork or logo you’d like printed?
    (Yes/No with instructions on how to upload a file if “Yes” is selected)
  4. Is there a specific font style you have in mind for your text?

3. Bulk Order T-Shirt Form

This is typically used by organizations, businesses, or groups requiring huge quantities of clothing. Large orders usually come with a discount.

For instance, a sports team needs uniforms that represent their clubs. They might have specific requirements, such as the players’ names or numbers to be printed in the font Jersey M54.
It could be anything!

Questions you can ask

  1. Who are you placing this bulk order for? (Company name, organization name, etc.)
  2. What’s the estimated quantity of T-shirts you need?
  3. Is there a specific design or logo you want printed on the front?
  4. Do you want individual names or numbers to be printed on the back of your shirts?

4. School T-Shirt Order Form

Schools mostly use these forms to collect details about the preferences of students, parents, or faculty when ordering custom t-shirts.

There are multiple occasions, such as sports day, music fest, book fairs, and Grandparents Day.
All these events also pose specific requirements regarding uniforms.

Questions customized for school t-shirt orders

  1. Who are you placing this order for?
    (Student Name, Grade Level, Teacher Name, etc.)
  2. Is this for the upcoming Pep Rally or the Fall Play? (Radio buttons with options like “Pep Rally” and “Fall Play”)
  3. Are you participating in the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) fundraiser with this shirt?
    You can also add…
  4. Heads up! There might be a small fee for adding your name and number. Sound good?

5. Limited Edition T-Shirt Order Form

These order forms for Tees might be available only for a specific period, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity!

Let’s take the example of a brand taking limited edition merchandise. The form will collect information that confirms their limited availability.

Questions to ask

Here, it’s all about giving an enticing note at the end of the basic information. Make customers aware that these are limited additions. That’s the catch!

  1. This “[Design Name]” tee is a one-time release! Crewneck or V-neck is your call.
  2. To confirm, have you seen the “[Design Name]” artwork? If not, check it out again on our website [link to design].
  3. Did you see the countdown timer on our website? “[Design Name]” disappears in [number] days!
  4. Heads up! Since this is a limited edition, there’s no guarantee your size will be available later. Snag yours now! (Informational message)

You can easily add these questions to the SurveySparrow t-shirt order template.
Edit the welcome and thank you page to suit your brand’s image, and remove the questions that don’t fit the bill! 1000+ other templates can help you.

Let me walk you through the process…

How to Easily Create a T-Shirt Order Form with SurveySparrow

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Sign In & Start Fresh

  • Head over to SurveySparrow and log in with your credentials.

Don’t have one? Why don’t you start with a 14-day free trial?

Step 2: Create a New Survey

If you’re working on a pre-designed one, go to “Browse Classic Templates.”

Here’s how you do it.


Customize it to your heart’s desire!

But if you want to start from a clean slate, click “Create New Survey.” 

Read More: How to Conduct a Survey

Step 3: Integrate

Once the creation is complete, connect it with your favorite apps (Zapier, Hubspot, Zapier, Google Tag Manager, MailChimp, Intercom, Salesforce, Stripe, etc.) for a smooth workflow.

The payment integrations will help you immensely. Take my word for it!

Step 4: Share

There you go, you have your t-shirt order form ready to be shared with your customers!

Embed it onto your website and send it as personalized emails or via SMS, WhatsApp, and even a QR code.

The best part about the surveys is that they are printable! Isn’t that wonderful?

If you have any questions, contact the customer support team. They are just a chat away!

Key Elements of an Apparel Order Form

  • Shirt Size: Select the size from the menu. You can provide drop-down menus, checkboxes, or radio buttons for this.
  • Shirt Color: This is to choose a preferred color from the options provided.
  • Design Upload: Give options to attach a design file in case they have a specific one in mind.
  • Quantity: Give them options to enter the number of t-shirts you want to order.
  • Payment Information: Ensure Secure payment for the order using the payment gateway.

Pro Tip!
If you want to send a satisfaction survey to customers who bought a particular t-shirt, create a tag with SurveySparrow’s Custom Variable feature and add it to the survey URL with its “key” or value.

Best Practices to Follow

Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you!

  • Keep it simple! It is always better to use straightforward language. Avoid using technical jargon.
  • Focus on UX: Create a form with the user in mind. Think from their shoes. Would you want to order from a complex form?
  • Provide clear instructions and examples: Ensure they get all the information from the form. Create a seamless experience! Don’t make them reach out to you by leaving loopholes in your form!
  • Transparency & Confirmation: Never leave your customers hanging! State order processing times, estimated delivery dates, and potential additional fees (like personalization charges).
  • It is also important to use Conditional Logic. For instance, with SurveySparrow, you can skip the questions that don’t apply to the customers and display those that do in their responses.

Let’s wrap this up by looking at the importance of having a handy template at your disposal!

Benefits of Using an Online T-shirt Order Form

  1. It saves time and money! If you have a pre-designed template, you need not spend hours on design and layout. Just edit the existing one for each collection.
  2. It’s easy to customize. All you need to do is edit the questions and change the font or color you like.
  3. Faster processing and better organization. Integrate with workflow automation apps and payment gateways. You’re all set for the market!
  4. Reach the Global audience with multilingual support. 
  5. It improves order tracking and communication.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! A complete guide to t-shirt order forms!

We’ve covered a lot of ground, from templates to steps to best practices for designing an order form. Whether you’re an independent designer, small business owner, or seasoned entrepreneur, we hope you found something valuable in this post.

And, while at it, why don’t you try SurveySparrow before you go?

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