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T-shirt Order Form: 10 Free Templates & Guide to Create Custom Forms

Kate Williams

15 February 2024

6 min read

Fed up of juggling complicated paper order forms? An online t-shirt order form template is the perfect solution to all of that chaos. Because with a well-designed t-shirt order template, you can:

  • Combine printed forms, a physical catalog, and order processing in one template.
  • Collect orders round the clock.
  • Track which items are popular – which helps you manage your stock better.
  • Dodge errors caused by manual order taking.

In the follow-up guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about:

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What is a t-shirt order form?

A t-shirt order form is a tool for businesses, organizations, or individuals to order t-shirts (usually customized). It’s a document that captures all the necessary information to process t-shirt orders – including sizes, quantities, t-shirt colors, design preferences, and contact information. This ensures a smooth order process from start from finish.

Who Can Use the T-Shirt Order Form?

T-shirt order forms are versatile and can be used by a wide range of people, including:

#1. Small Business Owners

For those running a boutique, a custom t-shirt shop, or any small business involving apparel, these forms are crucial for efficiently handling bulk or customized orders.

#2. Event Organizers

For a charity run, a school event, or a corporate team-building exercise, event organizers often use these forms to gather orders for event-specific t-shirts.

#3. Schools and Universities

Educational institutions rely on these forms to manage orders for spirit wear, uniforms, or unique event apparel.

#4. Non-Profit Organizations

Fundraisers and awareness campaigns often involve selling t-shirts, making these forms necessary.

#5. Sports Teams

Custom t-shirts are a staple for both amateur and professional sports teams, and these forms help streamline the ordering process.

#6. Graphic Designers

Freelancers or design companies offering customized t-shirt designs use these forms to capture client requirements.

Types of T-Shirt Order Forms

1. Basic T-Shirt Order Form

This simplest form captures basic information like size, quantity, and color. It’s perfect for straightforward orders.

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2. Custom Design T-Shirt Order Form

More detailed. This form includes options for custom designs, allowing customers to specify graphics, text, and design placement.

Bulk Order T-Shirt Form

This form, often designed for larger orders, includes pricing tiers based on quantity and simplifies ordering in bulk.

Event-Specific T-Shirt Order Form

Tailored for specific events, these forms may include event logos and date options, perfect for one-time events like conferences or sports tournaments.

School T-Shirt Order Form

Often used by schools, these forms include options for school logos, house colors, and year groups.

Corporate T-Shirt Order Form

These T-shirt order forms aimed at businesses often include options for corporate branding and bulk employee orders.

Fundraiser T-Shirt Order Form

Specifically designed for fundraising events, these may include information about the cause and suggested donations.

Sports Team T-Shirt Order Form

Includes options for team logos, player names, and numbers, catering specifically to sports teams.

Limited Edition T-Shirt Order Form

These forms might include deadline dates and unique edition details for exclusive or limited-run designs.

Online T-Shirt Order Form

In today’s digital age, many opt for online forms that are filled out and submitted electronically, making the process faster and more efficient.

To help you get started, we’ve created five types of free apparel order forms: t-shirts, clothing, school uniforms, team uniforms and custom merchandise.

How do I create my own t-shirt order form?

1. Open your form builder app.

2. Choose the t-shirt order form template. You can also create your form from scratch.

Tshirt order form template

3. Customize the template with the appropriate fields. You can add photos of the products here.

Related: How to create your own themes with custom CSS

4. Brand your t-shirt order form. First, navigate to the Design section.

  • Choose the ‘Create New Theme’ tile.
  • Click on ‘Open Advanced Editor’ under CSS Customization.
  • Add your CSS code to the Advanced Styling editor.
  • Click ‘Update theme’ when you’re done.

5. Set up a payment method. SurveySparrow’s native integration with Stripe lets you collect payments with credit/debit cards. You can also connect your form builder tool to dozens of other payment apps through Zapier.

6. Finally, add a success message. And you’re done!

7. Embed the order form on your website or distribute the form through email, QR code, SMS, or social media.

Here is the completed t-shirt order form example below:

Pro tip: Do you want to send a satisfaction survey to customers who bought a particular tshirt? You can create a tag with our Custom Variable feature, then add that tag to the survey URL with its “key” or value.

Example: You’re surveying customers who purchased a limited edition graphic tee. The variable will be ‘tshirt’ and the key will be ‘tshirt=gold edition’.

5 key elements of a t-shirt order form

1. Shirt Size: Make sure to include a section where customers can select the size they need. You can use drop-down menus, checkboxes, or radio buttons for this.
2. Shirt Color: Provide options for customers to choose their t-shirt color. Similar to the shirt size, you can use drop-down menus, checkboxes, or radio buttons for this.
3. Design Upload: If the customer has a specific design in mind for their shirt, provide a section for them to upload or attach the image file. Be sure to include any guidelines or restrictions for the design specifications.
4. Quantity: Let your customers choose how many t-shirts they would like to order. You can include a section where they can enter the number of t-shirts they need.
5. Payment Information: Finally, include a secure payment gateway or provide instructions for making a payment.

Additionally, you may choose to include sections for:

  • Shipping or pickup options.
  • Delivery dates and deadlines.
  • Customization options.
  • Any specific instructions or notes the customer wants to provide.

Tshirt order form: customizing fields

Why should I create a t-shirt order form online?

There are many pros to using an online t-shirt order form:

  1. You can endlessly set a template and reproduce it or just pick a t-shirt order form online. These templates can save a lot of time on design.
  2. You can quickly create a custom t-shirt order form. Form builder tools like SurveySparrow allow you to easily add images, change fonts, themes, and colors, and incorporate your branding. 
  3. Need to create unique shirt order forms for each collection? An editable t-shirt order form template helps you stay organized.
  4. You can integrate your t-shirt order form with your preferred payment channel or embed it on your website/ online store for faster processing. 
  5. You can integrate your shirt order form with your email/SMS marketing lists and spreadsheets for better order tracking and customer communication.
  6. A form builder like SurveySparrow comes with visual data dashboards. These are useful for keeping track of valuable customer information, like region-wise order volume, best-selling products, customer satisfaction ratings, etc. 
  7. With editable form templates, you can also send shirt order forms to customers in their own language

No shop? No problem.

Collect orders and payments quickly & easily with our stack of order form templates.

Apparel Order Forms

Online T-shirt Order Form Template

Clothing Order Form Template

Creating a t-shirt order form template: 5 best practices to follow

Here are five best practices for creating your own t-shirt order form template:

1. Keep it simple stupid: Make sure the form is easy to understand and fill out. Avoid using technical terms or complex language that could confuse the customer.
2. Include all necessary information, Such as the customer’s name, contact information, and the design specifications.
3. Provide clear instructions: Clearly explain how to fill out the form and provide examples if necessary. Be sure to include any special instructions or requests.
4. Use a clear format: Use a clean and organized format to make the form easy to read and navigate. You can use multi-choice, image choice, dropdown, or matrix questions to organize information effectively.
5. Pay attention to details: Make sure all the details on the form are accurate, including pricing, delivery dates, and design specifications. Additionally, you can double-check the form with your team before finalizing it to avoid any mistakes.

Interested in making use of our T-shirt order form template? Sign up with SurveySparrow today for FREE.


Wrapping Up

So there you have it, folks: a comprehensive guide to t-shirt order forms! We’ve covered a lot of ground, from templates to steps to best practices for designing a t-shirt order form. Whether you’re an independent designer, small business owner, or seasoned entrepreneur, we hope you found something valuable in this post.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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