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Merchandise Order Form Template

Want to conquer the digital space but don’t have an online shop? No worries! Use this Merchandise Order Form Template from our kitty and boost your sales. Customers can easily place their orders and merchants can collect payments using our Stripe integration.

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Features of Merchandise Order Form Template

Sell faster online with this Merchandise Order Form Template

Use Cases of Merchandise Order Form Template


Product Selection

With the “Picture Choice” question type, captivate your customers by showcasing images of your merchandise directly on the order form. Replace mundane options with engaging visuals, allowing clients to visually understand and select their desired products effortlessly.

Global Accessibility

Expand your market reach globally with the “Multilingual Form” feature. Break language barriers and cater to customers worldwide by offering the merchandise order form in 50+ languages. Enable clients to place orders comfortably in their preferred language.

Streamline Orders

Customize your merchandise order form using multiple question types. Use various question types such as open-ended text fields for customization requests, phone number and email fields for contact details, and signature fields for order confirmation. This ensures a smooth and convenient ordering experience for your clients.

Bulk Ordering

Enable businesses or customers who require large quantities to easily place bulk orders through the form. Incorporate features such as quantity selectors and bulk pricing options to create a solid process for purchasing multiple items at once.

Custom Orders

Allow customers to personalize their merchandise orders by including fields for specific customization preferences, such as color choices, size variations, or engraving details. This feature will help clients seeking unique and tailored products.

Subscription-Based Ordering

Enable recurring orders for subscription-based merchandise or services. Simply integrate subscription management functionalities into the form. Clients can set up recurring orders for their favorite products, and choose delivery frequency and duration, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free ordering experience.


Why is This Form Useful for Online Business Owners?


Visual Appeal

The merchandise order form template allows you to integrate images from your catalogue directly into the form. This enhances its visual appeal, builds trust and makes it easier for customers to select products.

Multilingual Support

With built-in multilingual support for over 50 languages, the form accommodates a diverse customer base. As a result, they can place orders in their preferred language, and you can expand your market reach.

Customization Options

You can tailor the form to suit your specific needs – whether it’s incorporating different question types, customizing fields for bulk ordering or subscriptions, or adding branding elements. The result? Your form will look every inch as sleek as your brand.

Mobile Accessibility

SurveySparrow’s user-friendly UI and chat-like surveys ensure that customers can navigate the form easily. Moreover, our surveys are mobile responsive, so your customers can place their orders anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Real-Time Reporting

Collect and analyze results in real-time, providing valuable insights into customer preferences, purchasing behavior, and trends. This will help your team shape marketing and product strategies, and stay ahead of the curve.




Can I calculate the order total using this form?

You certainly can! Select the Picture Choice question type, add pictures of the items for sale, and assign a score to each item to represent its price. For example, for a t-shirt that costs $20, assign a score of 20. For a mug that costs $5, assign a score of 5, and so on. Boom, the order total is automatically displayed at checkout.

How do I show T&Cs  in the order form?

Choose the “Consent/Agreement” question type, and type away! The question is built with a check-box for agreement.

Can the merchandise form help with custom orders?

Definitely! You can add a section inside the form for custom orders. You can also enable voice transcription to allow customers to record any special requests.

How to Use the Merchandise Order Form Template

A merchandise order form template provides a pre-built structure to gather essential information from your customers, minus the hassle. Here's a guide to make the most of it.

Step 1: Choose Your Template

You can either choose from our template library or create your own custom template from scratch. The possibilities are endless - you can use conditional logic, add payment integrations, apply your business logo and use interactive elements like videos, GIFs and emojis.
Step 1: Choose Your Template

Step 2: Customize the Template

Customize all parts of the form, like logo and branding, form title, description and form fields. Display tailored product lists based on previous responses. You can also integrate a payment section with payment gateways or request offline payment methods.
Step 2: Customize the Template

Step 3: Share the Form

Once you're satisfied with your form, it's time to make it accessible to your customers. You can publish with sharing options like form embeds, a unique link, a QR Code, text message and more.
Step 3: Share the Form

Step 4: Collect & Manage Orders

Once customers submit their orders, you can access the order data through SurveySparrow's visual dashboards. Review order details, analyze order demographics, identify popular products and review customer feedback.
Step 4: Collect & Manage Orders

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