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Top 13 Tools For Product Managers

Kate Williams

1 October 2023

9 min read

If management is an art, then product managers are the Picasso of it! 

Why are we saying this? Well, a product manager has to manage many aspects as a daily routine. They are responsible for allocating resources, meeting deadlines, evaluating tasks, and managing a team. Product management is all about efficiency and multitasking. And product manager tools are your armor. Your biggest asset as a product manager. 

Gone are those days when product managers used to rely on spreadsheets and basic project management software. Now they need a product management tool that can deliver something extra useful. Something that they can fall back on to optimize their hundreds of tasks. 

If you’re a product manager, you’ll need a tool that can help you in planning, organizing tasks, and gathering data. In short, it will help you to save time! Thankfully, there’s a wide range of product manager tools available that are designed especially for product managers.

Here’s a list of the product manager tools to check out in 2023.

We’ve listed all these tools based on the following aspects:

  • Project Management 
  • Customer management 
  • Customer feedback 
  • Task Management
  • Quality Management
  • User Experience
  • Collaboration and Productivity
  • Analytics

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list of top 13 tools for product managers… 

Top 13 Product Managers Tools You Must Check-Out 

Here are the top product manager tools that you should in your wardrobe.

Product Manager Tool #1. SurveySparrow

A product manager has to hold a clear idea about the customers and competitors of a product. But, it’s not easy to ask for feedback about your products from the customers. You may get surprised, but 21% of products fail to meet the needs of the customers. Hopefully, product manager tools like SurveySparrow are there to serve you. 

SurveySparrow is a great customer management software that allows you to create online surveys to get feedback. This product manager tool will give your customers a platform to share their honest opinion through this conversational survey tool. 

It’s essential to gauge your customer’s onboarding experience. As a product manager if you want to improve your customer experience, then SurveySparrow’s CEM or Customer experience management software is the best pick for your business. With this CEM, you can engage with your customers to provide them with an effortless experience. 

Here’s a sample survey created using SurveySparrow and you can see for yourself how efficient the tool is:

SurveySparrow is not only a survey tool. It’s one of the best project management software you can count on. Simply integrate SurveySparrow with project management software like Asana, Trello, Slack, IAuditor, and Easy Projects. Even you can automate your business process with the help of the API, webhooks, and workflows.  

Key features of SurveySparrow you must check out: 

Conversational Surveys

Days of boring surveys are history now. Customers love giving responses to beautiful and attractive surveys. This is where SurveySparrow comes to the picture. It has multi[le conversational themes and surveys questions to conduct the most engaging surveys effortlessly. 

Dashboards & Reports

The reporting module feature of SurveySparrow helps to collect data efficiently. You can track your surveys easily with these features. Moreover, you can add multiple filters based on question answer, share methods, and respondent details. 

Data Security

 More than 60% of surveyed people reported that they are a victim of some kind of hack, scam, or information theft. In 2018, the rates of social media fraud attacks were 43%.

The numbers are alarming, but you don’t have to worry because SurveySparrow provides encrypted surveys to create secured surveys. You can custom domain, build a safe connection with the help of SSL.

Automation & Workflows

Say goodbye to hard work with SurveySparrow’s automation feature. With this project management software, you can automate the survey-taking process. The automation feature of this tool offers you a seamless workflow.

Rich Insights

With the help of a pie chart, histograms, a product manager, can get crystal clear ideas about the customers’ expectations. You can use these data to improve your business or your product. 

NPS or Net Promoter Score

With the NPS or Net Promoter Score, you can easily measure customer loyalty and brand advocacy. Modern customers don’t trust vague advertisements anymore. If your brand and products serve them with care, they’ll be loyal till the end. Loyal customers will talk on behalf of your business for the long-term in your NPS surveys


SurveysSparrow is considered one of the best project management tools for 2020 because of its affordability. This pocket-friendly tool offers you a seven-day free trial to check out all the features. Overall, the pricing of SurveySparrow software is way more competitive than its peers’ tools! 

SurveySparrow also offers a Forever Free plan with limited features, as well as a free trial for users to test out the product. Sign up below:

Product Manager Tool #2. Basecamp

Used and trusted by loads of businesses, Basecamp helps you to streamline and collaborate tasks effectively. With this project and task management software, you can collaborate with your business team efficiently. 

The designated discussion area feature of Basecamp lets you leave comments and with the search tool, you can easily locate conversations and files. However, this tool lacks customization power, and you may find the pricing a little higher than the other product manager tools. 

Here are some primary features of Basecamp: 

  • Calendar
  • Interactive Gantt Charts
  • Project Templates
  • Add Recurring Tasks
  • Task History
  • To-Do List
  • Create Teams/Groups
  • Document Management
  • Forums
  • Messaging or Instant Messaging
  • RSS Feed
  • Social Collaboration Platform
  • Track Project Hours

Product Manager Tool #3. Zoho Projects

Considered as one of the best project management software in this list, Zoho Projects is an effective task management software. It allows you to plan every project, measure the progress of your task through reporting tools and visual charts, etc. 

On top of that, you can integrate Zoho Projects with other tools like DropBox, Google Apps, etc.

Some key features of this product manager tool:

  • Task Management
  • Social Project Management
  • Charts and Reports
  • Time Tracking
  • Issue Tracking and Workflow
  • Gantt Charts
  • Project Administration
  • Task Automation

Product Manager Tool #4.Chisel

Chisel has rapidly become one of managers’ most beloved product management tools worldwide. It offers a single platform to bring clarity and focus to every stage of the product development process.

With Chisel’s integrated approach, teams can:

  1. Capture customer and employee ideas seamlessly
  2. Link ideas to initiatives on customizable roadmaps
  3. Sync features and tickets between Chisel and Jira
  4. Gain insights through interactive dashboards and reports
  5. Gather feedback via integrations with Slack, Teams, and more
  6. Import existing data like opportunities or backlogs
  7. Export roadmap updates to collaboration tools
  8. Streamline planning with intuitive workflows and WIPs

What sets this tool apart is how it drives alignment through visibility. The fully digital workspace gives leadership a bird’s eye view while empowering contributors. Teams stay engaged with dynamic functions like Team Radar to feel heard. The software simplifies even complex workflows so product managers can optimize how their products reach ever-evolving customer needs. As a comprehensive one-stop platform, Chisel makes each day’s challenges much more conquerable.

Product Manager Tool #5. GanttPRO 

GanttPRO is a perfect project and Portfolio management software. In this software, you can work with your team easily and keep track of all the team activities through the Gantt chart. From portfolio management to team collaborations, this is one of the best product manager tools; you can count on to manage all your tasks. 

Here are some key features of GnattPRO:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Task Management
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Export, Import, and Sharing

Product Manager Tool #6. Trello

Trello is a highly effective product management software that is quite popular among its users. It is based on a kanban card management system; that’s why it can deliver project visualization in a single view. 

This flexible software uses boards, cards, and lists to make your project visualization journey more enjoyable. For instance, you can place your team conversations or to-do-lists on these Trello boards to manage your work and boost productivity.

Here are some key features of Trello:

  • Easy, Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • Easy Organization with Tags, and Comments
  • File Attachment
  • Data Filters
  • Deadline Alerts and Notifications
  • Activity Logs
  • Developer API
  • Customer Support
  • Easy Upload 
  • Deadline Alerts and Notifications
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Activity Logs

Product Manager Tool #7. Wrike

With the Wrike product manager tool, you can streamline your work process and collaborate with your team effectively. The best part about this tool is its ability to provide a single collaboration space to help team members connect perfectly. 

Features of Wrike product management tools:

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Gantt Charts
  • Kanban Board
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Budget Management
  • Resource Management.
  • Robust Visualizations
  • Analytical Dashboards.

Product Manager Tool #8. Asana

If your goal is to keep your work well-organized, then the Asana project management software has some great offerings. This software has lots of features to add custom fields. With the help of this task management tool, you can manage your tasks, dashboard, and projects, like a pro!

Moreover, you can integrate this tool with other product manager tools like SurveySparrow and Google Drive, DropBox, MailChimp, etc. 

Here are some notable features of Asana:

  • Automatic Inbox Update
  • Customize Programs
  • Task Tracking
  • Upload Attachments
  • Communicate with Your Team

Product Manager Tool #9. Smartsheet

Smartsheet made it to our list of top product manager tools because of its amazing features. With this project management software, you can manage your every task without a hassle. From sharing files to work efficiently with your team, Smartsheet can be a saviour for the product managers. 

Here are some awesome features of Smartsheet you must look out for:

  • Dashboard
  • Gnatt view & Calendar view
  • Create Task Lists
  • Event Schedule
  • Get Customer Information
  • Reminders
  • Attach Files
  • Resource Management

Product Manager Tool #10. Nifty

With Nifty, you can easily reduce the cycle of product development and enhance team productivity. This software helps you to handle all tasks via both list and kanban view. You can integrate Nifty’s built-in calendar with Google. Also, you can integrate this product manager tool with Github to make unique collaboration. 

Here are some key features of Nifty:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Collaboration
  • Agile Project Management Tools
  • Business project Management
  • Team Communication
  • Workflow Management
  • Budgeting
  • Project Planning
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Task Management
  • Third Party Integration

Product Manager Tool #11. is slowly getting all the popularity it deserves. The software helps you to create projects, track tasks, and streamline workflows effectively. This task management software also has customizable dashboards that make it easy for teams to tailor the platform to their needs. This tool has a lot to deliver when it comes to giving you an amazing work experience. 

Here are some key features of 

  • Rich Dashboards
  • Customizable Templates
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Assigned Date and Time

Product Manager Tool #12. Airtable

Airtable is a project management solution that allows a cloud collaboration service. You can target data organization and collaborate with your business team effectively with Airtable software. 

Airtable is similar to a spreadsheet, but it has more features like checkbox, drop-down list, etc. with this quality management software, you can measure the product quality score effortlessly. Even you can integrate this project management tool with other services like Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox. 

Some Key Features of Airtable:

  • Customized Fields
  • Customized Views
  • Calendar Management
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Social media integration
  • Third-party integration
  • Data Synchronization
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Upload Spreadsheet
  • Templates
  • Save and Share Views
  • Email integration

Product Manager Tool #13. Workfront

If you are searching for product manager tools, then Workfront is one of the best options you should try. From marketing campaigns to website design, you plan anything and everything with Workfront. 

Here are some features of this project management software:

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Workflow Management
  • Project Budgeting

We are done with the list of top product manager tools to gather product insights, customer feedback, project planning, and much more. 

But, before you blindly pick one tool from these lists, read our pro tip or guide to get a more precise idea about what to choose. So, read on…

What’s the Need for Tools in a Product Manager’s Life? 

If I have to describe a product manager’s role, I’d say a product manager is a man behind the success of every product out there. They handle all the work right from recognizing a user’s need to aligning the team to meet the needs. Product managers have to work with sales, marketing, tech, business, customer, and design teams to make a product successful. 

Yeah, that’s so much to do! Because of all these responsibilities, the role of a product manager is not a walk in the park. 

You have to understand your customers’ expectations, manage people, communicate, to ensure your product is being accepted and appreciated by all. 

And, to get all these things done, you’ll need a tool that works like a magic wand! You’ll need a tool that can do market research, team, task management, project management, etc. So, let’s take a quick tour of our top 13 product manager tools list. And decide which one is the best for you. 

Things to Do Before Getting Onboard with the Product Manager Tools

If you haven’t used any product manager tools before then selecting a new one could be a daunting task. From the right features to budget when you’re choosing a tool for your work projects, there’s a lot to consider.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!  

Top aspects of product manager tools to to look out


  • Perfect and reliable product manager tools will have the power to share every work process in real-time. In short real-time reporting and efficient project planning are two must-have features you should look for in a tool. Product manager tools with these features will help you to assign, plan, and schedule tasks properly.
  • Every work needs visualization to track the work process without any issue. A product manager can’t measure the success of a product without analyzing, reporting, and tracking. And, the project reporting must be visual to understand the important information easily.
  • Never underestimate the power of free trials. Don’t trust me, trust BigContacts (A Contact Management System) example to understand its importance. BigContacts made the free trial offer more prominent in their pricing page. And it resulted in 76% increased visits to the “Free Trial Sign Up” page. Nobody wants to invest money in things without knowing what they do. 

Free trials help to build your confidence in the product. So, if your product manager tool offers a free trial, then go for it. With the free version, you’ll be able to confirm whether the features are suitable for your work or not. 

  • Ensure your tools have the ability to share and organize project files, documents easily.
  • Product managers are like a one-man army. They have to handle a lot of work at a time. So make sure to purchase product manager tools with highly effective integration features. Integration tools will boost your work productivity by saving you from running into different tools.

With these essential aspects in mind, we created this list of top 13 product managers tools for you. So, go on pick one from this list and work like a boss from next time! 

Wrapping it up..

Just imagine for a second, how your work-life can change once you start to use a Product management tool. You don’t have to worry about productivity, your customers will be satisfied, and most importantly you’ll save a lot of time and money for your company.

But, always remember one size doesn’t fit for all. So, make sure to select a tool based on your business size, team members, and work.  

We really hope this list will give you an idea to select the right tool without a hassle. However, did we miss something useful on this list? Or do you have any product management tool recommendations for us? Then feel free to share with us in the comment. 

Till then, adios folks! 

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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