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Top 7 Survey Email Examples To Get More Responses

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

23 May 2024

6 min read

While surveys can be shared via multiple platforms, survey emails top the chart of best ways to share a survey. You can embed a link or the survey itself on your email to get responses from your audience. frame your email right to get your audience going!  Before getting started, you should go through some of the best survey email examples.

But first, you need to understand that the immediate question that comes to your respondent’s mind after receiving a survey email is why should they take the survey. Hence, your email should consider all the points that would convince your audience to answer your questions.

While drafting a survey email, make sure that your subject is powerful enough to make your respondent curious. At the same time, the body should be informative, personalized, and welcoming. Most importantly, your email should contain a Thanking message to make your audience feel good.

7 Types of Survey Email Examples For A Better Response Rate

Here are 7 different scenarios with engaging survey email examples attached that gives you higher response rates.

  1. Customer Feedback
  2. Brand Promotion
  3. Employee Feedback
  4. For an upcoming event
  5. Online Shopping
  6. Product Delivery
  7. For an Online Ticketing Experience

1. Customer Feedback

Subject: Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle while answering these simple questions!


Hey <Customer Name>!

Enjoying our healthy meals?!

We know how much you love staying healthy. But, are you taking enough time out to exercise as well?

Oh! You must!

And we’ll take care of your expenses!


Let us know how you feel about our food, and we will gift you 50% off on basic home workout equipment!

Click to get started! <Survey Link>

Thank You for loving us.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe

Team <Company Name>

Why would this be magical?

The above survey email example is straightforward. It’s crisp. Acknowledges the customer’s choice.

2. Brand Promotion

Subject: Hello Wanderer! It’s a Final Call!


Hello <Customer Name>

It looks like you’ve taken a break from vacationing. 🙁 🙁

And it’s not cool!

So we wanted to take you around. Just answer these simple questions. Tell us how much you love us. Win a chance to stay at Ramada International for two nights!

Ah-ah! We don’t want to trouble you much; the questions are right below. Go on. Kill ’em!

<Embedded Survey>

Keep booking your favorite hotels. Keep wandering!


<Company Name>

Why would this be magical?

This survey email example is designed to take care of your customer. You are offering a heavy incentive. Most importantly, when your survey is embedded in the mail itself reducing your respondent’s effort, it shows how much you care.

Embedding the survey in your email earns you extra brownie points. There are online platforms like SurveySparrow that enable you to embed your surveys in your emails.

This is what an embedded survey looks like. Here is a screenshot of our email embed feature.

Email Embed Feature From SurveySparrow

Learn more! Try it now for FREE!

3. Employee Feedback

Subject: We are working towards a better workplace environment. Please help us help you!


Dear <Employee Name>

We are highly thankful for all your efforts and hard work towards the organization.

We would like to hear from you and understand how we can enhance your experience of working with us.

Please help us to provide you with a workplace you wish for!

Click below to share your response.

<Survey Link>

Let’s grow together!


<HR Signature>

Why would this be magical?

The survey email example is short and personalized.

4. For An Upcoming Event

Subject: Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you….. That’s for you to decide!


Aye Aye <Customer Name>

Thank you for being our admirer for so many years!

And we love you too. So, we got a plan.

This year it is You who will decide on the performers!!

Woo-hoo!!! Say cheers to yourself!

And the surprise doesn’t end here 😀

Since you have been with us silently for all these years, you could join our team this year!

Exciting! Ain’t it?! Let’s have a quick chat to know who you want to perform and all!

Let’s get started!

<Embedded Chat Survey>

We’ll connect soon!

Till then, keep rocking!

<Event Name>

Why would this be magical?

This survey email example will be truly magical for all those event lovers. It is providing them with almost everything they had wished for. Apart from that, an embedded chat survey is like a cherry on top!

5. Online Shopping

Subject: What’s up, beautiful? We need to talk!


Hey <Customer Name>

Hope you are enjoying our products. Right?

But, we don’t want to stop right here!

We want to enhance your shopping experience with us. And that’s not possible without your feedback!

And so, we want your help to serve you better. Ready?

Oops! We forgot. Taking this survey will get you coupons worth Rs 700!

Let’s get rolling… <Survey Link>

Thank you, Darling!

Will see you around.

<Company Name>

Why would this be magical?

Here, the survey email example talks about how they would want to take better care of their customers—besides, it’s personalized and conversational.

6. Product Delivery

Subject: Your product has been delivered.  Can you spare 2 mins?


Dear <Customer Name>

We hope you are satisfied with <Product Name>!

Could you please spare a few minutes to rate our delivery system?

We promise it would not take much time!

Thanks! Let’s start…

<Embedded Survey>

We appreciate your patience.


<Company Name>

Why would this be magical?

This survey email example is very straight with clear intention. An embedded survey here would increase the chance of getting a higher response. Your customer doesn’t have to put in extra effort to go to another page and do the needful. It was necessary to embed the survey here more because the customer didn’t have any reward for taking the survey.

7. An Online Ticketing Experience

Subject: Enjoy your show! But, we would like to hear from You!


Hello <Customer Name>

We hope that you enjoy your recently booked show – <Show Name>!

But we got a favor to ask!

We would like to request you to answer these simple questions about your experience with us. We know it’s too much to ask for!

So here’s a small token of thanks from us. Get a flat 30% discount on your next booking!

Click here to start. <Survey Link>

Thank you for your love and support


Team <Company Name>

Why would this be magical?

This survey email example is crisp. But what steals the show here is the offer that is provided to the respondent.

How do Survey Email Examples affect the survey response rate?

Here’s a concise and engaging take on how survey email examples can impact survey response rates

“Ever wonder why some surveys get heaps of responses, while others are met with the sound of crickets? It often boils down to the initial email. A well-crafted survey email can be like a friendly invitation to a chat, sparking curiosity and a willingness to participate. Follow the above tips and tricks and it’s not just about asking questions; it’s about engaging your audience. Personalized touches, clear and concise language, and a compelling subject line – these are the secret ingredients. They transform a mundane survey email into an appealing call to action.

Think of it as the difference between a generic flyer and a personalized invite. The right words can turn passive readers into active participants, boosting your survey response rate dramatically.

How SurveySparrow promise a higher response rate?

SurveySparrow offers a range of features designed to boost survey response rates significantly. At the heart of their approach is the use of conversational surveys, which creates a more engaging and interactive experience for respondents. This approach has been shown to increase completion rates by up to 40%. The platform allows for the creation of various types of surveys, including NPS, 360 feedback, and offline surveys, which can be customized to fit the brand and style of any business.

The email embed feature enables you to embed your survey in the mails you send. This feature helps you to embed the first question of the survey directly in the email and allow the respondents to complete the rest of the survey on a different tab.

Interesting right? Sign up to SurveySparrow to avail this feature.

Moreover, SurveySparrow supports integration with over 1500 third-party applications, enhancing the functionality and reach of surveys. The ease of sharing surveys across multiple platforms, including email, social media, and SMS, further ensures that surveys reach a broad audience. The platform also offers tools for analyzing survey results, with an Executive Dashboard feature that allows for the visualization of survey data through various widgets and charts.

Wrapping Up

Drafting a perfect survey email could be complicated, especially when you want to get feedback from your audience without spamming their inboxes. Keeping your emails simple, straightforward, and catchy will do the trick. And, if you are using survey-building tools like SurveySparrow, you can utilize our embedded survey and chat survey features and ensure your survey gets optimum responses.


Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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