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Top 5 Game Changing Student Feedback Tools for Teachers


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23 May 2024

8 min read

First and foremost, high five! Being here demonstrates that you are lovely and want to improve your students’ learning.

Yes, Teaching, like us, is constantly growing!

These days, gathering input is more than simply those tiny slips. It is about providing a more advanced environment in which students may genuinely open up.

Why? Because their voices hold the key to improving teaching techniques and providing a more enjoyable learning experience for everybody

This blog will introduce you to the top 5 student feedback tools available. I shall simplify each tool so you can find the perfect fit for your classroom.

Okay, so before we get into the tools,  if you need a customizable student feedback form trusted by academicians globally, feel free to use this survey. It allows you to tailor it precisely to your needs. You can sign up using your email and start using it for free.

Free Student Feedback Form From SurveySparrow

Now, it’s all about tools! Let’s go!

Also, the basics!

SurveySparrow: Best for conversational student feedback surveys

student experience surveys

SurveySparrow revolutionizes how educational institutions gather feedback by providing a conversational user experience that greatly increases student engagement and response rates. Because of its straightforward design, users may construct personalized, dynamic surveys available across numerous devices. This flexibility ensures more engagement.

SurveySparrow goes beyond simple surveys by offering powerful analytics. This lets educators uncover patterns and pinpoint areas for improvement. With features like automated surveys, reminders, and diverse question formats, SurveySparrow provides a deeper look into student experiences and needs, making it an essential tool for managing feedback in the educational setting.

I will explain why SurveySparrow’s student feedback form is trusted by millions of teachers worldwide.

Key Features of SurveySparrow

1. Focus on Engagement and Response Rates

The issue with traditional surveys is that they are typically uninteresting, and students do not find them fascinating, impacting the response’s overall legitimacy. The more people participate in a survey, the more likely they are to give positive responses. With SurveySparrow’s chat-like interface, students will feel like they are having a one-on-one conversation, encouraging honest responses and engaging them in a better conversational experience.

student feedback tools

2. Ease of Use

Educators can rapidly construct personalized surveys with various question styles, including multiple-choice and open-ended responses. The platform provides simple tools for creating surveys easily linked to emails, websites, or posted directly on social media.

student feedback tools

3. Real-Time Feedback and Analytics

Collecting and analyzing responses is crucial when it comes to taking student feedback. With real-time analytics, SurveySparrow enables educators to collect and analyze responses instantly.

SurveySparrow’s report-savvy dashboard and sentiment analysis features let you gather rich data and insights from the responses received. This will help you make course material and overall classroom dynamics. Which results in enhancing teaching strategies.

SurveySparrow: Student feedback tools

4. Customization and Integration

You have many options for customizing your survey, including survey questions, templates, themes, designs, and more extensive customization options to align with your school’s branding and the specific needs of different classes.

Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with many tools that schools already use, such as learning management systems (LMS) and other educational software, making it a versatile addition to any educational toolkit.

5. Multilingual Support

Don’t worry about language barriers; SurveySparrow is a global product that supports multiple languages. This feature extends support to the students’ preferred language, encouraging a more diverse space for their feedback!

multilingual surveys-SurveySparrow

6. Security

The platform prioritizes the security of student data and strictly adheres to data protection standards like GDPR, ensuring that all survey data is handled securely and responsibly.

Pricing: SurveySparrow offers a forever free plan; the pricing starts from $19 for advanced plans.

Zonka Feedback: Ideal for engaging survey experience

Zonka Feedback
Source: Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback  is a comprehensive student feedback platform that enhances the educational process by allowing for precise, tailored feedback approaches. It is intended to fulfill the needs of modern educational contexts, with seamless integration into existing systems and support for several feedback channels to ensure complete accessibility and engagement.

This feedback system aims to provide real-time analytics so that educational institutions can adjust quickly and make data-driven decisions that raise student engagement and teaching effectiveness.

Key Features of Zonka Feedback

  1. The software allows for extensive customization of surveys, including various question types and design themes, which can be tailored to specific educational needs.
  2. Feedback Collection through Multiple Channels allows feedback collection via email, SMS, and offline techniques, making it accessible and user-friendly for all users.
  3.  Zonka Feedback includes real-time analytics and reporting features that provide immediate insights into student and faculty feedback, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  4. The platform’s Integration Capabilities can work with various tools and systems to improve its functionality and automate feedback collection and analysis processes.
  5. The platform provides a sophisticated student feedback platform that greatly improves the educational process by allowing for precise, personalized feedback methods. It is designed to meet the needs of modern educational contexts, with seamless interaction with existing systems and support for several feedback channels to ensure complete accessibility and engagement..

Pricing: A 15-day free trial is available. Professional and other plans start from $99. Get in touch with the team to know more.

Kahoot: Gamifying feedback and learning

Source: Kahoot

 Kahoot, an educational platform is better known for its engaging games, which enhance the learning experience.. It follows a comparatively newer teaching practice that includes interactive quizzes, discussions, and surveys, promoting active learning through a fun and inclusive environment. Kahoot emphasizes real-time engagement and offers analytics to help educators assess student progress and understanding.

Key Features of Kahoot

  1. Kahoot has challenged conventional learning methods and teaching practices by introducing learning games, engaging activities, and interactive quizzes that facilitate student interaction.
  2. With Kahoot’s learning techniques, real-time interactions during lives take place, resulting in a fun and attentive classroom environment.
  3. The analytical capabilities provide educators with detailed feedback on student performance, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses in understanding key concepts.
  4. : Kahoot is designed to work seamlessly across various devices, ensuring students can participate from anywhere, whether in a classroom or remotely.

Pricing: A basic free plan is available.  The teacher’s plan starts from $3.99. Get in touch with the team to know more.

Formative: Live monitoring of student progress

Formative assessment form
Source: Formative

Formative helps educators create assignments on the go rather than putting a lot of work into it; with Formative, it’s easier for teachers to create assignments that students can complete in real-time. With instant feedback, they can also quickly adjust the teaching strategies that will help them better understand student progress. The platform supports various response types and integrates well with educational standards, making it a powerful tool for formative assessment.

Key Features of Formative

  1. The real-time feedback feature allows teachers to see student responses immediately as they submit them, ensuring on-the-spot guidance.
  2. Students can communicate their comprehension in various ways to accommodate diverse learning styles, including standard quizzes, drawing tools, and short replies.
  3. The progress tracking feature efficiently tracks the student features over time, providing valuable insights that help with curriculum planning and assessment.
  4. Curriculum Alignment: Formative supports curriculum alignment t with educational standards, ensuring that assessments and assignments are relevant and contribute effectively to learning objectives.

Pricing: They have a basic free plan starting from $15.

Turnitin: Plagiarism detection and effective feedback capabilities.

Turnitin Feedback Studio
Source: Turnitin

Turnitin is widely recognized as an essential tool for enhancing educational integrity and improving student feedback mechanisms. It offers advanced plagiarism detection, enabling educators and students to ensure academic honesty. The platform also provides powerful feedback and grading tools that directly facilitate detailed, actionable comments on submissions.

Furthermore, its comprehensive originality reports help students refine their writing skills by highlighting areas that need proper citations or paraphrasing. Integrated seamlessly with numerous learning management systems, Turnitin streamlines the educational workflow, making it invaluable in academic settings.

Key Features of Turnitin

  1. Plagiarism Detection: Turnitin excels in identifying potential plagiarism by comparing submissions against an extensive database of academic works, web content, and previously submitted papers.
  2. Feedback and Grading Tools: Offers tools that allow educators to provide detailed feedback and grades directly on student submissions, streamlining the review process.
  3. Originality Reports: Generates comprehensive reports highlighting similarities to existing sources, helping students understand proper citation and paraphrasing techniques.
  4. Integrations: Easily integrates with many learning management systems (LMS), enhancing its utility in educational settings by simplifying the workflow for students and educators.

Pricing: Get in touch with the team to know more.

Why are student feedback tools essential in academics?

Student feedback tools are crucial in today’s academics; I’ll explain why!

As we already know, it’s very important to know how education influences students and how well the quality of education is measured to understand where you stand in the long haul of teaching. With a student feedback tool that suits your needs, you create an environment for better learning opportunities. It acts as a channel between students and educators, continuously improving teaching methods, curriculum development, and overall student engagement. Here’s why these tools are so necessary.

Here’s exactly why you need a student feedback tool in your arsenal.

  1. Student feedback tools help educators enhance the overall teaching quality of the curriculum.
  2.  Regular feedback helps identify strengths and weaknesses within educational programs, promoting the ongoing enhancement of academic standards.
  3. You can easily take control of student engagement by giving them a voice to respond and engage, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
  4. The feedback you collect through student feedback tools will give you critical insights, helping you align your curriculum to meet industry standards better.

What should you look for in a student feedback tool?

When choosing student feedback tools, consider several key features to ensure they effectively meet the needs of educators and students. Here are some important aspects to look for:

  • You must first look at the user-friendliness of the tool because the easy-to-use or chat-like interface will provide a greater impact in response fates and engagements.
  • Check whether you can customize the tool the way you want. This includes tailoring question types, themes, and the overall workflow.
  • The anonymity option will also be a bonus point when it comes to students sharing vulnerable feedback. On the sunny side, pupils with mental health issues can easily resort to giving feedback so that educators can get on it promptly.
  • Look for tools that offer proper research and analytical capability. You should have an easier way out of gathering data, performing statistical analysis, and generating reports to help you make necessary decisions and changes in the way you teach.
  • Make sure mobile compatibility is on point.
  • The feedback you collect from the surveys should integrate properly with your learning management systems, so make sure that it’s properly checked.
  • The tool should handle the needs of different class sizes, from small groups to large lectures, without compromising performance or user experience.
  • Customer support and technical help are crucial. The tool should have a good track record of uptime and be supported by helpful customer service.
  • Tools that facilitate collecting and disseminating feedback results to students can enhance transparency and trust in the feedback process.
  • Ensure the tool adheres to relevant data protection regulations and standards to safeguard sensitive student information.

Selecting a student feedback tool with these features will help maximize the effectiveness of the feedback process, ultimately contributing to a better educational environment and improved learning outcomes.

Wrapping Up!

I hope you found what you came looking for! Here’s to the best teaching experiences and finding the right tool that will make your work more fruitful!  May these tools fuel your journey and make your “happy teaching” even happier.

Keep inspiring young minds!


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