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9 Samples of Feedback Forms for Customers That Work


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30 May 2024

7 min read

Looking for some samples of feedback forms that you can use to create your own?

Companies understand that it’s crucial to gather feedback from their customers. Over two-thirds of companies gather and act on feedback from their customers.

However, most companies struggle to collect actionable feedback from their customers. Part of the reason is they fail to create effective survey forms.

In this article, we’ll:

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

9 Samples of Feedback Forms That Work in 2024

Let’s look at a few good examples of feedback forms from top brands.

#1. Volotea

volotea feedback form example

Volotea, a low-cost European airline, understands that it operates in an increasingly competitive environment and asks its customers to provide feedback about their experiences after flying with them.

#2. Ting

ting feedback form sample

This simple NPS survey from Ting helps them measure their customers’ satisfaction with their phone service. To understand why their customers chose a specific score, Ting asks a follow-up question: “Tell us a bit more about why you chose this number?”.

You can create a similar NPS survey with SurveySparrow. The difference is that you can add an open-ended follow-up question within the first question. This lets you find out the Why? behind the rating.

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#3. Apple

apple feedback form sample

Apple allows customers to provide feedback on any of their products. They also make it incredibly simple for customers to give feedback and seek the support they need.

#4. Yeti

yeti feedback form example

Yeti, an outdoor gear manufacturer, asks customers to provide feedback after they’ve had an interaction with their support staff or made a purchase on their website.

#5. IAM Weekend

iam weekend feedback form sample

IAM Weekend is a yearly conference on the future of Internet culture. After the conference, its organizers sent this short, fun survey to the attendees.

#6. Airbnb


After each stay, Airbnb asks its customers to provide feedback so they can offer suggestions on how AirBnB could improve the current experience.

#7. Mailchimp


Mailchimp provides users with a feedback button along the right side of the screen so they can easily reach out to them regarding product issues or upgrades.

#8. Upwork


Upwork seeks active user feedback by showing a feedback button in its site’s footer. They moved the button to the top after the site had any new changes.

#9. SurveySparrow

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SurveySparrow lets you create conversational forms that fetch you 40% more responses! You can effortlessly create chat-like surveys with the drag-and-drop builder. Plus, the AI survey feature makes everything ready with a single prompt. You can also redo the questions with the “wing” feature.

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Why is it So Important to Gather Customer Feedback?

  • Feedback is an essential part of your business’ growth. Your customers’ feedback helps you quickly understand what they truly need and identify growth opportunities for your business.
  • Optimizing your product and business for growth requires constantly seeking feedback from your customers.
  • It lets you learn about your customers’ problems and helps you improve your product or service, thus making your product more useful to your existing and potential customers.
  • You cannot make meaningful improvements to your product without meaningful insights from your customers.
  • How do you know if your customers are truly satisfied with your product? The only real way to know is to solicit their feedback directly.
  • It also lets you develop a strong relationship with your customers. When you proactively seek out their opinions, you show them how valuable they are to you.
  • As you probably already know, when your customers feel heard and appreciated, they stay loyal to your brand.

What are the Most Popular Types of Customer Feedback Forms?

The type of customer feedback form you pick will vary depending on the information you seek from your customers.

A feedback form is typically used to measure satisfaction and determine whether or not your customers achieve their desired goals.

Here are the three most popular types of feedback forms:

#1. Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

A CSAT form lets you quickly assess how happy your customers are about any part of your product or business.

It typically measures customer satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 means complete dissatisfaction and 10 means complete satisfaction.

#2. NPS (Net Promoter Score Survey)

The NPS survey helps you evaluate your customers’ willingness to recommend your product or service to others.

It typically consists of two questions: a rating question that allows you to assess how likely they are to recommend your business to their friends or colleagues. And a follow-up, open-ended question that allows your customers to provide the reason for their score.

The follow-up question you choose will depend on a customer’s category. Based on the score that they gave you, your customers fall into one of the three categories:

  • Promoters (9 or 10)
  • Passives (7-8)
  • Detractors (0-6)

#3. CES (Customer Effort Score Survey)

The CES survey helps you understand how easy it is for your customers to complete a specific task. Sometimes, it also helps you learn how easy it is to do business with you.

The data you collect using this survey helps you maximize your conversions.

You’ll be able to discover any bottlenecks or the steps in your buyer’s journey that aren’t intuitive enough and optimize them for higher conversions.

What Makes for an Effective Feedback Form?

Here are some tips to help you create an effective feedback form that’s easy for your customers to complete.

#1. Keep it Short and Simple

You need to keep your feedback forms short and to the point. Asking too many questions can intimidate your customers and make them abandon your survey.

The key is to keep them focused until the end of the survey so you get all the feedback you need to make meaningful decisions.

Also, you need to avoid jargon and use plain, engaging language. Use simple, short sentences and simple choices for your answers.

#2. Get the Timing Right

When you ask your customers to take your survey at the right moment, you not only get more responses, but you also get accurate feedback.

That is, timing impacts the number of responses you get and how people respond to your survey.

The best time to send your surveys depends on your survey and your target audience.

#3. Communicate Your Identity

Why communicate your brand identity to your customers through your surveys?

Your customers need to know that you’re the one who’s asking them to take the survey.

Whether they choose to reply to your questions depends on how well they can identify your brand through your surveys.

How you present yourself to your customers is crucial. You need to use logos, colors, and fonts that are unique to your brand. And you need to serve your surveys from your domain so your customers can easily identify you.

#4. Personalize Your Feedback Forms

Each request you make to your customers for feedback needs to be personalized.

Why do people prefer personalized content? As human beings, we’re naturally inclined to engage with content that we find relevant to our unique needs.

Personalization enables you to create survey experiences that truly resonate with your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Different kinds of feedback forms are used to collect different types of responses. You may need a simple response or in-depth information from your customers.

A good feedback form offers real insights into your customers’ thoughts and enables you to know how you’re really doing and the areas you can improve. The key is to use the right approach to collect useful feedback.

Now that you’ve had an overview of all the effective samples and techniques, it’s time to start gathering customer feedback!

Gathering customer feedback is an essential part of running a successful business.

Looking for the right tools to gather feedback from your audience? Here’s our article on the best customer feedback tools in 2024.

Here’s another article that gives you some tips on how to write a customer feedback survey invitation.

And another one that gives you some hacks on how to collect customer feedback effortlessly.

Got any questions about gathering feedback from your customers through surveys or forms?

Any exciting tips or techniques you use to make your feedback forms more effective?

Let us know about them in the comment section below.

Looking to create conversational feedback forms that give you actionable insights? Feel free to check out SurveySparrow.


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