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50 Funny HR Memes of All Time | Work Humor

Kate William

20 September 2022

13 min read

Adding flavor to your everyday work life is so important. We need to de-stress. Take a break now and then. The way businesses operate these days, have changed big time. Every manager out there understands the importance of taking care of one’s mental health.  And that’s why we’ve created a timeless list of 50+ Funny HR Memes — get ready to roll on the floor laughing 😆

One such option to adding flavor and fun in the workplace is to share memes. They can easily lighten the mood as they are always relatable. These 50 funny HR memes will surely tickle your bones if you have worked in an organization. Enjoy them! 

1. Rating themselves a 10 on performance reviews 🥇
funny hr meme 2

How do you review your performance when you are the one who reviews everyone else’s? Aah, the kind of soft power that being an HR gives you. But evaluating hundreds of employees, answering their queries, and responding to their apprehensions during a performance review can be an emotional drag. At the end of this ordeal, your HR does need a pat on their shoulders. 

2. When “that” person gets promoted ✔️
funny hr meme 1

HRs know who is good and the rotten eggs in the organization. When Iron Man makes faces, you know the decision isn’t right. No one wants a poorly performing employee to climb the ropes. We love Downey Jr so much that we managed to include him in one of our HR memes. In fact, we could have a series of memes dedicated only to this man. Wouldn’t we all love that! 

3. Strategy, please 🥲
funny hr meme 3

What can a one-person team achieve? Creating a strategy is the work of a set of people and there is a lot of thought and effort that goes into it. Sometimes, you do feel bad for the HRs. You need at least an extra person to share your burden. Coming up with a strategy from scratch can be so overwhelming too, isn’t it? 

4. HR Machinery 🚀
funny hr meme 4

Undoubtedly, your organization’s HR team is one of the most hardworking set of people out there. You might not be able to see the results, but if everything is running in chaos, that’s when you need to assume that things are not in place. Without a well-oiled HR machinery, your company can run into issues. 

5. May the force be with you 🔋
funny hr meme 5

Pretty sure this funny HR meme would get you cracking. Relatable, ain’t it? This is a nightmare for everyone who works at a full-time job. The dread of being unemployed, having to sit through several interviews, and preparing for one, can be taxing. HRs are the ones who have to handle these layoffs. Imagine the kind of stress that they undergo when they share bad news with an employee. 

6. Employee wellne$$, peeps! 👀
funny hr meme 6

Providing employee benefits is the responsibility of the HR team. It would be fantastic if you could convince your HR team that in-office spas are great for everyone. You might want to be a little nicer to your HR executives to get what you want. 

7. Cool cool cool, no doubt, no doubt 🆒
funny hr meme 7

You might have encountered HRs who are sticklers for rules and never cut you slack, but there are uber cool ones. They won’t hassle you for not wearing your ID properly, they let you be. These HRs treat you like adults since they expect you to finish their work with minimal fuss. That’s your dream, right? 

8. You’re rich now, aren’t ya? 💰
funny hr meme 8

You do not want to mess with the HRs while doing your payroll. No one wants one or two zeros missing in their monthly salary. Well, they technically cannot do that, but imagine if they did!

9. I dare you, I double dare you **********

Everyone who is familiar with Samuel L Jackson knows that when he asks you to do something, you do it, no questions asked. The number of employee engagement surveys you have been a part of is directly proportional to the amount of joy you get from seeing such employee engagement memes. Are you all feeling engaged there? 

10. Pitstop, pitstop! 🏎
funny hr meme 10

Many equate the job of HR with engagement activities alone. Oh boy, if only you could be more wrong! There are so many daily activities that getting even one wrong can pinch employees like yourself. You might want to be careful about saying that being an HR is an easy job. 

11. Replying to the mail sent in 1966 ☎️
funny hr meme 11


Yeah, your HR team is bundled with an incredible amount of work. Please don’t expect immediate responses to emails asking if they could add a Giant Jenga game to your office’s Relaxation room. That’s probably the last thing on their minds as there are pressing issues that needs to be handled immediately. 

12. Where’s the cover to the letter, yo? ✉️
funny hr meme 12

This time, a friend of mine asked, “Are you asking me to take a printout of my resume, put it inside a cover and send it to HR?” when I asked him where’s the cover letter. Dumbfounded would be an understatement! Can you imagine the kind of questions your HR gets asked every single day? 

13. Ooooh, coffee machineeeee ❤️
funny hr meme 13

Imagine what could be done with the HR budget! New coffee machines, Karaoke box, foosball tables, and whatnot! 

14. Bad-get 🫠
funny hr meme 14

But then you realize that the budget is a pittance- you are agape with a dwarf-sized sadness and a lot of shock.

15. Diddd youuu knowww?? 👀
funny hr meme 15

No one knows the happenings in your office better than your HR. Hearing the grapevine from the HR office can be the best thing for someone who loves gossip! Who doesn’t want to hear that Stella from Operations is getting fired for forging her hotel receipts? But yeah, don’t be that gossip monger. 

16. Why you say you hate us on Instagram? ☹️
funny hr meme 16

Getting caught saying on social media that you hate your job and your boss is one of the worst things that can happen to an employee is a big no-no! The poor cat knows she will have a tough day at work. No one wants to be in her shoes. 

17. We’ll be in touch ✋🏼
funny hr meme 17

Oh, HRs are notorious for saying this dialogue, aren’t they? You can’t blame them, though the onus is on the management. This isn’t one of those funny HR memes we promised you in this piece- this is sad for someone who has been trying hard for a long time to land a job. 

18. Swipe in, swipe out — that’s all we ask 😒
funny hr meme 18

We all have that strict HR lady, don’t we? She just cannot see a poorly filled timesheet. 

19. Please swipe in & out 🥰
funny hr meme 19

Well, some of them are nice about the timesheets though. 

20. Code red, code red: Back to the office ❌
funny hr meme 20

How many of you were dreading the “Let’s return to our offices!” email? Didn’t we all have fun working from home? I guess it’s time to get back to reality and accept that it was a time in our lives that we would never get back. 

21. Did you check our 44th reminder? 😤
hr meme 21

What do you make of employees who ignore every piece of communication that an HR sends across?! How infuriating would it be! Ease your HR’s life by being nice to them and respond to their Slack messages and emails.

22. “We have the coolest wallpapers” 😎
hr meme 22

Handling hiring, recruitment, payroll, training, and a bunch of other things will result in a laptop with icons spreading across to the next desktop. Staying organized will be a challenge, no doubt about that. 

23. “Can you show up?” 🥹
hr meme 23

Finding highly talented employees is such a difficult proposition these days. This is the perfect talent acquisition meme that we could think of. 

24. Bazzzzingaa 💥
hr meme 24

No one wants to be on Sheldon’s enemy list. Get those HR digital tools to make your office a better place to work-from-home. On a side note, imagine having someone like Mr. Cooper handle your company’s HR team! The number of infractions he will find every single minute. I am sure there will be a mass resignation. 

25. “Recruiter viewed your profile” 🌶
hr meme 25

You are looking for a job and your dream company’s HR team is in the ‘Who’s viewed your profile.’ That would be a wonderful way to start your day, isn’t it? The last two years have been witness to a spate of layoffs, price increases, and mass firings. The joy of landing a new job is a fantastic feeling, isn’t it?

26. I’m done ☹️

hr meme 26

When having a nice day isn’t just possible because you have all the work in the world. You need to tell Lisa that her leaves are canceled, take three back-to-back interviews for a senior position, and talk to the boss about a new strategy to increase retention. Also, 2021 was as bad as 2020. 

27. Nothing like a team building session 💯

Team building activities are supposed to be fun. But it certainly isn’t a rosy walk in the park for your HR team whose responsibility it is to get it right. Team building can either be great, or can end up being a series of poor decisions. 

28. Staying late is my middle name 😩
hr meme 28

Team building activities can be a huge headache for HRs as they are the ones who work on it. The above meme is the perfect example of how HRs need to slog the extra hours to get it right. What’s your favorite team-building activity?

29. Here we go again 🫡
hr meme 29

“Can we please talk about what to do in this situation?” I am sure this is the conversation that happens every minute in HR circles. Every time they convene a meeting, they have something important to discuss. 

30. Push, push 🙌🏻
hr meme 30

The above human resources meme perfectly represents the importance of HRs in your organizations. They keep your business floating, and you might not even recognize it. 

31. “Me? I’m fineeee” 🙂
hr meme 31

No matter how important they are, they are still under-appreciated. You might want to be more appreciative of what they do for the organization. 

32. “The buck stops with us, babe” ⚡️
hr meme 32
“Yeah, the buck stops at the HR’s office.” You know it, we know it, everyone knows it. 

33. Ah, a purple! 🟣
hr meme 33

Finding the purple squirrel is one of the most important objectives of every HR out there. They only want the best for the organization. 

34. Pivot. Pivot. Pivot! 🫡
hr meme 34

Guess who is fixing things and helping employees make career pivots- your HRs.

35. Code Red: It’s a Monday 😵‍💫
hr meme 35

Guess how your favorite HR looks on a Monday morning with 80 unread emails, 17 requests for time off, 13 rescheduling requests, 9 meeting requests, 2 exit interviews, 3 new onboards, and 5 meetings scheduled in the first half. 

36. Do you have a minute? 🫣
hr meme 36

Getting a “We need to talk” from your HR is a nightmare. Haven’t we all waited with bated breaths whenever we receive an email addressed only to us? 

37. “We can send you some cookies too” 🍪
hr meme 37

HRs had to make do with a lot of things because of Covid-19 and the lockdowns that ensued which forced everyone to work from home. Having to celebrate birthdays virtually would have been a huge letdown. Hey, that was a nice chance to make your employees feel cared for and appreciated. A virtual celebration just takes away all the joy, doesn’t it? 

38. “Ah, there’s a fire again” 🔥
hr meme 38

Guess who is putting out fires every day? Your HR team. Yes. Your HR managers are a big asset to the organization, they ensure that every issue that pops up is doused as deemed fit. 

39. “I’m God” 😎
hr meme 39

Haha, we are going to leave this at that. We sincerely believe this is one of the best HR jokes, but rooted in reality. 

40. “I recruit & I know things” 😌
hr meme 40

Oh yeah, your HR knows everything, so does Dwight. 

41. That time of the year again 😩
hr meme 41


What a sigh of relief when a major chunk of your work gets done! Annual reviews can be daunting as the HR needs to carefully place their arguments, respond empathetically, and review what the employee says. A simple misstep and it can result in an employee feeling left out or under-appreciated. No organization wants that. Phew, we can totally relate with Homer Simpson’s happy yelp there! 

42. Again? Really? 😳
hr meme 42

Here’s a funny HR meme that always gets us cracking. The gentleman in the meme doesn’t say much, but we know he is ecstatic about completing the employee engagement survey. 

43. But, you said…? 😦
hr meme 43

Your HRs are not that gullible. They certainly know when you are trying to hoodwink them into believing something. It is difficult to be smarter than HRs at their job. They know the loopholes and the workarounds. You might want to be upfront and honest with them or get a lawyer to address your concerns. 

44. Experience matters 😂
hr meme 44

I think it is unfair to blame the HR for how the Job Description (JD) is framed. The management team is the one that should be cognizant of the fact that you cannot expect a 20-year long veteran in the field to apply for a junior position and take a pay cut. Who would do that?! You might want to raise your hiring standards and have a handle on what to expect. 

45. Now Hiring 👀 
hr meme 45

Don’t we all hate to hear “Why should we hire you?” during an interview. It is a good question to ask during an interview. But isn’t it annoying the way it is phrased, most of us feel so. 

46. Money, Money, Money 💰
hr meme 46

A little more tact when you are negotiating your salary, please! If you can hold your nerve during those moments when the all-important negotiation is going on, you get to grow your bank balance fatter. If you falter, that’s a lower salary than what you wanted. That’s sad. Be tactful. Stay patient and nice, and most importantly, do not budge. Keep your leverage. 

47. You’re H(F)ired 🥹
hr meme 47

No. No. No. No one wants to be in this position. Getting fired when you least expect it is one of the worst things that can happen. The only good thing out of getting fired is a fat severance package. That’s the only saving grace. But imagine having to go through the motions of being laid off with no severance and nothing to look forward to the next day. Brutal. 

48. Adios, b****** 🫡
hr meme 48

The only time you will be happy to get fired is when you hate your workplace. And if you do hate your company, then this is how you’d feel waking up the next day. It will help if you were to get a big severance check, but hey, it is a good day after all. Maybe you needed this push to start your own company or becoming an independent consultant. This is one of those times when the adage “When one door closes, another one opens,” seems like something you should believe in. 

49. Aah, social 🙂
hr meme 49

People get fired these days for what goes on in their social media. You don’t want to write politically charged posts that doesn’t speak the right thing or a racial comment directed at a minority group. So many things can go wrong when you don’t know when to shut up. 

Sharing your personal views on social media posts invites the scrutiny of a lot of people, including your HR and future employers. You don’t want to say anything that will show you in a poor light, or portray you as a tone-deaf person. 

50. Layoff alert 🚨
hr meme 50

Being part of a mass layoff is super bad because many talented people like you, with similar skillsets are looking for a job at the same time. When there’s too much demand, potential employees will use this opportunity to lowball. We pray that you, the reader, never become a part of any layoff. 

Bonus meme: 

hr meme 51
This is how HRs feel every year, not just 2020. Every day is a challenge. THIS IS SPARTAAAA!

Wrapping up…

We hope you’ve enjoyed these funny HR memes. The internet is a treasure trove of such memes, and we are sure that you were able to relate to mose of these memes. Sharing such funny memes lifts the spirt of everyone and helps you reduce the tension and stress that you get as a part of your job. Share these memes with your colleagues over a cup of coffee, because you need your daily dose of caffeine, don’t you? 

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Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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