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Jingle Bells, Twinkling Stars, Find Out What Our New Features Are!

Aiswarya Menon

25 January 2019

3 min read

Yay! The favorite time of the year is here! And, we can hardly contain our excitement.

How are the Christmas preps coming along folks? As the snow blankets everything around us, carol songs fill the air, X’mas trees light up our spirits, one can’t help but secretly look out for the white-bearded old man on his reindeer sleigh with a big bag of presents.

We have made a list, checked it twice, and brought some Christmas goodies for our users, naughty or nice!

Reports: Bigger & Bolder

The whole process of data collection is triumphant only when one can transform the unrefined data collected into polished information. SurveySparrow’s robust reporting system has undergone a glossy makeover to give you even more profound insights into the survey results. With advanced filtering options & hidden questions feature, you can winnow data and precisely extract out the data you wish to analyze. Oh, you must be thinking what those filters are? Here’s the list:

  • Specific answers & questions
  • Particular time period
  • Survey share method
  • Survey completeness
  • Details of respondents
Employ advanced filters to winnow the data you require effortlessly.
Advanced filters to sift out refined data

Don’t wish to see a particular question? You can hide it using the Hidden Questions feature. Sift data, fix the pieces of the puzzle, and get the big picture!

Open Sesame!

Well, we aren’t going to the Arabian lands to open a magic cave hidden with gleaming treasures. So wondering what the hullabaloo is?

We bring you the password protection feature to ensure that your surveys are secure, confidential, and visible only to select audience. Say you wish to send a feedback survey exclusively for the members of your team- what you need to do is enable the password protection feature in the survey settings, set the password, and hit the share button. As the respondents click the survey link, they’ll be prompted to enter the password first, which only upon validation makes the survey accessible.

Password protect surveys to make it confidential & selectively accessible.
Secure surveys with password protection

Give the key to just the people whom you want to unlock your surveys!

 Every Thought, Each Feedback Counts!

Including the text-input type of question in your surveys is one of the best ways to know the thoughts & views of your respondents. This gives them an opportunity to put across their opinions unhindered. To spice things up further, we have roped in not just single-line but multi-line text input. The respondents can let their thoughts flow like a brook uninterrupted and you, in turn, can collect all those valuable information without missing even a speck of detail.

Gather every bit of information from your respondents via multi-line text input.
Multi-line inputs to gather in-depth responses

Number Field Validation

Let’s picture something. You are conducting a baking competition for kids of age group 7-17. You must ensure that the children who apply fall into the said age-group, right? With the number validation feature, all you need to do is enter the range of the age group. Only the entries within the set range will be valid.

Number Validation ensures that you receive values, as inputs, that is between the set range.
Validate if the values entered fall in the set range

That’s a wrap for now! We shall see you next year.
From all of us at SurveySparrow,

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Aiswarya Menon

Product Marketer at SurveySparrow.

Happy engineer turned happier writer. Stumbled into the world of writing, irrevocably in love with it!

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