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Qualtrics Login Guide : Steps to Follow and Common Issues

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

23 May 2024

6 min read

Having trouble logging into your Qualtrics account? Or are you looking for new, more secure ways for a smooth Qualtrics login?

Unlike other survey software, Qualtrics is quite tricky to use, given that it mainly caters to enterprise businesses.

It’s easy to feel lost and encounter issues, especially when there are different types of Qualtrics accounts and different ways to log into an account.

In this article, we give you step-by-step instructions on how you can log in to your Qualtrics account and cover all the login issues Qualtrics users commonly encounter.

What is Qulatrics?

Qualtrics is a comprehensive software platform used for collecting, managing, and analyzing data from online surveys. It’s utilized by businesses and researchers for a variety of purposes, including market research, customer feedback, product testing, and employee engagement.

Qualtrics offers robust features for survey creation, distribution, and data analysis, making it a popular choice for both academic and business applications. It helps organizations understand customer needs, improve products, and make data-driven decisions.

Qualtrics Login: Steps to Identify and Log into Your Qualtrics Account

The first time you log in to any application, you will be asked to change or reset your password. The same holds for Login as well.

Your IT admin would have given you a temporary password, and the first step in logging into your Qualtrics account is to change the password to something only you know.

How you log into your Qualtrics account depends on your type of Qualtrics account.

Qualtrics Login Steps to Follow

1. Check the Type of Qualtrics Account 

Your Qualtrics account could be that of an organization you belong to — The company you work for or your university.

In that case, you can log in with an organization-specific URL. If the organization you are affiliated with has a license with Qualtrics, make sure you use the correct URL to log in. It would usually be in the format

You could get this link from your co-workers IT Team, or retrieve it from your organization’s employee portal.

Qualtrics Login Types

You can log into your Qualtrics survey account either through Single Sign On (SSO) or the Standard login. 

-Single Sign-On (SSO)

On using your company’s branded Qualtrics URL, you might land on your organization’s login page. This indicates that your organization uses Single Sign-On. This convenient login method lets you sign in to many different websites with just a single username and password. Use your organization username and password for Qualtrics login.

-Standard Login

Suppose your company doesn’t have a Special Qualtrics Login Method. In that case, head on to the URL to log in to your account.

Apart from enterprises and universities, users can use a free version of Qualtrics. Qualtrics offers a free version of its account with basic features for users to understand their platform. Free users can also log in from their Qualtrics login page.

2. Two-Step Verification

Qualtrics Login

With all the cybersecurity breaches and the increasing importance of data privacy, organizations have stepped up their cybersecurity safeguards. Two-step verifications have thus become the norm.

Do not be surprised if your company has added this extra cybersecurity measure! You will be asked to verify your account by having a code sent to your email or using an authentication app to retrieve it. Let’s take a look:

-Email Verification

As a part of email verification, a code will be sent to your email to verify your Qualtrics Account.

-Authenticator App Verification

Qualtrics will provide a list of recommended authenticator apps like Google Authenticator Duo Mobile and a QR code you can use to scan. You can always enter the displayed code into the app if your QR code doesn’t scan.

Other options

Other options include offline backup codes. This can help you ensure proper Qualtrics login if you are offline or lose access to your primary 2-step method. 

Qualtrics Survey Login Issues

Sometimes, you may face some issues while logging in. Below, we have summed up some common problems encountered by Qualtrics users and different ways to solve them.

#1. Your Account Has Expired

When your account expires, the data within the account remains safe. Once you contact your Brand Administrator, you can access your account. A brand administrator is a Qualtrics user who can moderate the company license and change the features of your account.

#2. Disabled User Account

If you view this message upon Qualtrics login, it means your organization has disabled your account. The data within the account is safe but just temporarily unavailable to you. Don’t worry; contact your brand administrator to get the access back. 

#3. Branded URL

Most organizations use Qualtrics with a license, which is your company’s custom or branded URLs. Qualtrics does not have www in its branded URLs

 If you use SSO, use Qualtrics with this branded URL. SSO is a unique system that lets you log in to different websites, your employee portal, and Qualtrics with the same login credentials.

When you type in your branded URL, there are possibilities of two scenarios:

Scenario 1

You land on your organization’s portal and can log in just like you usually do, with your organization ID.

Scenario 2

In this case, you land on the Qualtrics login page with your organization’s logo. So, you will need to determine whether it’s an SSO. If you can log in with your company portal login, you can rest assured that your license uses SSO.

In the instance it doesn’t work, your organization may not be using an SSO.Use your email address to log in. Still can’t log in? Click on “Forget password” to reset it.

At last, you can log in by following all the Qualtrics login steps. To cross-check whether your organization uses SSO or not, go to your account settings and click on the Recent Logins Section. Check out if there is a # in your username- If there is one, it means your organization uses SSO. The value after # is the organization ID for logging in through SSO.

But, you don’t have to keep using Qualtrics; if you experience these issues, there are better Qualtrics alternatives around; all you need to do is look around.

Seeking a straightforward alternative to Qualtrics? Meet SurveySparrow. Sign up with your email and explore its features for free today!

Qualtrics alternative

#4. Support Portal

Unable to log in? Chances are you won’t be able to access the support portal either.

Click on the “Can’t log in or Don’t have an account” option below the support portal. Qualtrics support will assist you with Qualtrics login issues in case none of the above steps works.

#5. Password Resets

Sometimes, you might forget your password, and there arises a need to reset your password. The way you reset your password depends on your account type.

While using a standard Qualtrics survey login, click on the forgot your password link.

For SSO Qualtrics login, always reset your passwords at the organization portal and not on the Qualtrics Home Page.

 Get Qualtrics Login For Linked Accounts

Multiple accounts with the same username on different brands will result in linked accounts. Upon logging in, Qualtrics will ask you to choose from the list of accounts.

How do your accounts get linked? Perhaps you were entered as a participant in a previous survey, and your participant and standard account got linked due to the same username both of them had. Change either of the usernames with the help of a brand administrator to get accounts unlinked or reach out to Qualtrics Support.


In conclusion, accessing your Qualtrics account is a breeze with the simple steps outlined in this blog. By following the login process provided, you can effortlessly gain entry to your Qualtrics dashboard and unlock a world of powerful survey and research tools. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to Qualtrics, this guide ensures a seamless login experience.

I hope you found this helpful guide! If you’re looking for a modern experience management platform that’s easier to use, please check out SurveySparrow.

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